I’m Just a Girlie…and Thankful at the Edge

Greetings on this howling, sleety Saturday morning. I’m Girlie, your hostess for this post. And, hopefully more frequent, subsequent posts. As a clark, I have the ability (most times!) to push back panic. To step aside and let the blast of whatever emotion threatens to send me off and onto a path of distraction. You see, I have once again found myself, on this 17th day of December, having done nothing – nada – nunca for the upcoming Christmas weekend! In my defense, there was an event that caused the world to turn on its axis (and not in a good way). In spite of that, I am here to give thanks, for there is so much for which to be thankful.

Lizzi’s post was the first TToT I’ve read today. She is the creatoress of this bloghop and imo, an exceptional writer. I am thankful to have met her aquaintence both in the vw and irl.

I am grateful and thankful for the circumstances however, fortuitious?, that led me to my present place of employment. Tack on #3 to this as I’ve recently been touched by the generosity of my co-workers, the inclusion into the community there. It’s a good feeling.

4th day of…Advent calendars. THANK YOU Phyllis. You know you can never stop sending them, right? 😀

5th of bourbon, NOT! Nasty stuff, bleck!! To be part of trying to make another’s life…better.

6th on the MerryGoRound is the mild weather overall so far and excluding the last 3 days and…well…the fact that winter is almost over! I agree with Clark. Once the days start getting longer we are on the road home, baby 😀

7th wonder. I have people like Cyndi and Val and Lisa and Kristi and Zoe, Kerry and Pat who check in on me pretty regularly. When I’ve participated that is 🙂

8th I am thankful for the reminders of how short life can be. The reminders to live in the present. The reminders that to give is to receive. Not just now, during Christmas time, but always.

Nine No, not a certain nephew’s favorite movie that a certain aunt gave to him and his brother 🙂 It is the 2nd to last, but assuredly not least, thankful. My parents. Their lives were all the example I ever needed in order to live a good life.

10. Always a thankful..each day I wake up and do it again. My own groundhog day, it’s the opportunity to get it right, do it better, be...better.




Thank you Liila. I Am “Just a Girl”

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. The real first line that came to mind this morning? “Well fuck me!” Not in the literal sense of course, but in that “holy shit, you’ve got to be fucking me, no way in hell” kinda way.

Nasty intro I know but guess what? Sometimes life is “nasty”. Sometimes a “wake up call” or the “light going off” or the “just for a split second” happens and well, you react. Like I did a few minutes ago.

What happened? I’m sitting on the bed looking at the clock. 6:09 am. I’m telling myself I can get out of here by 6:30. The Pope’s in town and traffic is supposed to be a bear. I fire up the way back machine and as is my morning habit, I write my words. They were “heavy” today. Infused with the intent of living a life that is not this one, that is more the other one. You know, the one I almost had, the woulda, coulda, shoulda had. The one I’m living right now on a parallel timeline.

Fine and dandy. This morning’s words were about intentions, will. I insist therefore I am, ya know? I close out and open the Google. 1st up is e-mail. Only 2 waiting for me. It was the second that dropped me. Seems someone repinned one of my posts. Liila repinned I’m Just a Girl.

Trust me when I say the significance of this e-mail sitting in my in box this morning is by no means a fluke. No…nosir. Magic, coincidence, synchronicity, a “sign” – whatever name you attach to events that illicit an immediate “holy shit”, in the gut response, ya better run with it people. Run.

As I must now. Today is the only day my friends. The only one that counts. Don’t waste it. Embrace it.



“I’m Just a Girl….”

Here we are. Well, here I am. Hopefully there’s a “we”. It’s the weekend and I have certainly fallen into the M-F work, S-S r&r schedule quickly enough after being out of it for so many years. Funny that body memory thing.

And thank god for the body! If I had to rely on my mind all the time, well, I’d be in big trouble. LOL  I’ve always been one of those who believe that “the body knows first”. My philosophy is to trust the body/instinct first. When too much time elapses, the brain has a way of filtering and more or less messing with the matter at hand.

Isn’t it amazing that a single event can be interpreted by a single person in multiple ways? Throw in the fact there are 3 ways in which to relate to the world x those multiple ways and you have yourselves a HUGE variation on life. Huh. I’ve got a “variation on life” happening big time at the moment. It all began October 22, 2013 but it has yet to solidify. The mold hasn’t set yet. Ingredients still being thrown into the bowl.

Of which the Super is this weekend. In New Jersey! Let me join the chorus….open stadium?! in New Jersey?!! Um, it’s dead of winter. In New Jersey. What were they thinking!!!! Ya know, today is Saturday and I am well within the limits to submit a TTot post. I believe this hop is still hopping. I mean, I’m actually posting on a Saturday morning. Instead of say, Sunday night…Kristi:). So first on the list i-i-s-s:

1) All the committed, disciplined people out there I have come to know who write every day, every other day, multiple times a week and give me the inspiration to try one more time.

2) Guess this should have been first but I’m thankful to wake up another day.

3) Thankful this list doesn’t have to be listed in order of priority.

4) That Lizzi thought to send me an invite to the Friday Night Vid Chat even though I’d given up that there was one. I tried sending an invite to the other host but gee Clark, did you not see it? did you not think to send ME an invite?!

5) That the unknown hair stylist I had an appointment with last night was conservative with my tresses. Spinning the wheel for a stylist can have disastrous results. Now, next time I see her, I’ll be more trusting:)

6) If Abby, (see above) is to become my hair guru, then what could be more convenient than taking the elevator down to the first floor in the building where I work?!

7) That part of what I pay for at what is to be my hair salon, is a lovely back massage while my hair is being washed. Who knew they made such chairs with weird roller things that move up and down your back. Feet up, massage…nice end to a long week.

8) I’m going to have to go with the Wakefield Doctrine. In fact, it will always be on the list of 10. It has provided an enormous open window.

9) Flat irons, a gazillion different hair products. You know, so I can vary the hairs on my head. Funny, last night Abby gave me a stylish, conservative look. One fitting my chronological age. As she was moving my hair around at the crown I suddenly saw how easy it would be to use a little mud/gel/pomade and get a funky metal 80’s doo going. Hey, I’m a clarklike female. Whaday expect!

10) My imagination. To have a vision of all sorts of me based on how I fix my hair, the clothes I wear and the shoes I put on my feet. To have a choice on how to walk through the world on any given day. Not tethered by the pressure of the herd, nor fueled by the demands of nature….I am, after all just a girl…..