Live your life. It’s a 6.

Energy and enthusiasm burst like a pinata at a child’s 10th birthday party spilling over, like ripe gossip, into the waiting room of young people whose dreams of the future were as streamlined as the tablets they carried, the modern day portfolio. “Jenna Boyd? Jenna Boyd? They’re ready to see you now.”  Willing her eyes to appear normal in size (wide eyed doe facing down raging grizzly is what she felt she looked like), Jenna Boyd, recent graduate (of the University whose Bursar’s Office accepted 1st born children) followed the smartly dressed assistant to Ogilvy’s Chief Marketing Officer, New York Office, down a hallway and into a conference room bigger than her 2 bedroom apartment. “Please Ms. Boyd, make yourself comfortable…would you care for a beverage?” Jenna felt her throat tighten, hours old breakfast beginning to gurgle in her intestines as she seated herself at the enormous Meyer Wells red elm conference table but soon began to envision herself contributing to the creative endeavor that is global advertising and marketing. It was at that moment she decided this interview was hers, her career would begin here – in which of Ogilvy’s 132 offices in 83 countries she hadn’t a clue, nor did she care, she was taking that important first step in embarking on a new phase of life, it was her beginning.