Orbital Activity. It’s a 6.

My lover, my life, we walked and ran, tumbled and swam currents weak and strong

Never to imagine youth abandoning our heart, “puis qu’une telle fleur ne dure
que du matin jusques au soir”

Come, lay beside me, travel the years, carefully we’ll comb through the laughter and tears

Two as one staring down fear, friendship forged forever, in stardust it would appear

Howling screaming wind crashing surf, continuo, scorched sand now sent steady, hourglass etched and worn

My lover, my life, let us marvel at all and light the match… nothing left to mourn

*I love the studio version from Elegant Gypsy (turn it up to 11), but this, this shows the beauty and magic. I am fortunate to have seen these 2 perform back in the day.