Miles from nowhere. It’s a 6.

Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way and sometimes it’s found in the most unexpected places. Today’s Six is a continuation of my Six last week. Hope you enjoy 🙂


She reached for the newspaper that lay half open on the kitchen table, a small coffee stain in the crimped upper corner of Page 3 grabbing her attention as she carefully eased her body into the chrome trimmed art deco chair she’d recently purchased at the vintage shop a few blocks from her office. What was happening?

She read the article’s title again, it’s 14 pt typeface a visual megaphone – “Local Defense Attorney, Presumed to have died in her sleep last Friday Night“ – the logical part of her brain, seduced by something as yet unidentified, caused her to wonder aloud (so she thought) who of her colleagues had died last week and how was it she didn’t know?

Was it Barb Jacobsoncould have been her, Barb’s getting on in years and she’s been under a particularly heavy caseload these last few months and that’s on top of heading up the prosecution team in a high profile case; surely it couldn’t be Anita Denny – but I suppose even at her young age it could, she’s had as bad a caseload as Barb, poor thing

She hadn’t noticed the earworm, “Space Oddity” and Bowie’s lyrics “This is Major Tom to Ground Control, I’m stepping through the door, and I’m floating in a most peculiar way” playing on loop.

Trying desperately to find a toehold in a reality her mind was screaming was a dream, she heard her father’s voice from the living room (though she knew she heard it, she couldn’t actually say she “heard” it, at least not in the typical way), “this is a fine kettle of fish you’ve found yourself in, I think you’d better figure it out sweetheart.”


Bygone Days. It’s a 6.

“I don’t understand, we were so close. She had always shared her deepest thoughts with me, her dreams, her frustrations, her fears. We had a connection I thought would last forever… I was her only confidante… she’d found comfort, security with me and now- now I feel totally abandoned, neglected and so very, very lonely. Not exactly how I imagined the rest of our lives; I miss her!”

“You and me both, Pad, she hasn’t picked me up in, well, I can’t even remember when, seems she spends more time with that other one, that machine.”

“No machine can do for her what you and I have all these years, Pen, not a one.”