Gifts Abound! Who Needs to For-Edge?!

Yesterday was a total surprise. The “men” of weather had been proselytizing a rainy, downpour ridden, stormy day. And, I was looking forward to it. In anticipation. I awakened early with a hungry, nay, lustful¬†feeling about the impending first day of the weekend.

It was one of those mornings I’d had at least 3 or 4 posts half written in my head. Perfectly written I might unashamedly add. At least in my mind’s eye ūüôā It was a day I more or less planned to “hide out”. Rainy days are perfect excuses for that, are they not? That was the “option” (don’t believe in “plan” for the obvious – do they ever work out? does anyone ever really have the “plan b”? no. no they don’t).

Without getting into it, because it would take a gazillion words to even try to explain/express it, I’ll simply say the weather was reflective of how I was feeling. However! I wasn’t without galoshes. (no, I don’t really call them that and never have in irl…but I like the sound of it lol)

Friday night was my first night back in the room of re-direction. I’d been house sitting for my niece and her family since the previous Sunday. The after effects of my little “vacation” can be found in those gazillion words I referenced above. In spite of swirling, billowing, spirals of retrospection threatening to turn into a funnel cloud (would have preferred a funnel cake) I slept pretty well.

Damn! if you’re not right! This is rather boring. OK. Go ahead. You can tell me. I can take it man. I can take it! So what the hell am I trying to spit out here? (See?! See?! This is what happens when you stop writing. You lose any modicum of ability you thought you may have had and then struggle with a case of the stupids.) What I’m trying to say is that yesterday I anticipated the day going one way and the day had other ideas. Well, there was one pre-planned event. The First Ever Live TToT Video Bloghop at 10:30 am EST. And that, my friends takes FRIST on this my list of 10.

TWO – Already stoked by my alter-ego (name kept secret to protect her identity) I was happy to join in with Zoe, Val, Michelle, Kristi and Clark. Later joined by Lisa and then Joy. It was great to see some of the old crowd from Friday vid chats of old and absolutely fantastic meeting Kristi and Val.

I left the chat a little before the 1 hour mark. Had some errands to run and figured I could beat the expected torrential downpours, get out early and back in plenty of time to “hide out”, ie read. Write. Read. Write….

THREE – that I didn’t pan-z out and not go because of the threat of severe weather. Hell, I’m alive aren’t I? Isn’t that the point? Go out… feel and experience weather and outdoors and….life?

FOUR – switching it up a little. Sure, errands are errands but I actually had thoughts of doing other things like visiting a Rare/Used Book Shop I spotted not far from where I now live. Or stopping into a consignment shop I discovered by accident a couple of weeks ago (except on the opposite side of “town”). Even though I didn’t do either of those two things (I was practical instead, dammit) I’m thankful to have had those thoughts almost commondeer my day. Had the weather been different? So too the day.

FIVE – feeling happy, in spite of driving in torrents of rain (my timing was bad. or maybe it was the rain’s timing), that I was getting the nagging, Saturday errands out of the way…because……I could get back early enough to laze out on this dark and stormy gift of a day to write and read or! maybe *gasp* watch television.

SIX – I may not have been commondeered by spontaeous thought but I was by my new landlady and her 8 year old daughter. Due to our different schedules we don’t see each other during the week. After I put some of my “errands” in the fridge, I eagerly made my way towards the stairs. It was time to get into “hide out” mode. I walked through the living room where mother and daughter were comfortably hanging on the couch in perfect rainy, Saturday form. We started to chat. To my complete surprise her daughter asked me if I’d like to watch a movie. Hm…rainy day… movie. But what about the “hiding out?”. I didn’t give it a second thought! Suddenly, my rogerian self, all chatty kathyized, said sure! We settled on an ancient movie, Hook. We ate popcorn, the kid fell asleep and I had a very enjoyable afternoon.

SEVEN SEAS Рeventually, I found myself in the r-o-r.  You know what?  I found that the feelings from the morning Рthe ones of loss, escape and imagination had been magically supplanted by rain and unexpected invitations. My desire to indulge in reservoirs of creative despair no longer had a place in the day.

EIGHT IS ENOUGH – had to write that. I don’t remember who mentioned the now late, 8 is Enough Dad in their TTOT post last weekend but how eery that Dick Van Patton died this past week. OK. Don’t know what the h dbl l is going on but I think I’m still feeling like, like, I think I’m feeling…like being social *surprise gasp*. But I’m a clark!

NINE – weight. As in I believe I have a new weight below which I won’t go. The new and improved range is 110-112. Go me!

TEN: Another sunrise, another sunset. Another opportunity.

1 Ferry. 2 Trains. I Made It To The Edge.

Yesterday, I’d set the alarm for 5:30 am. A whopping 75 minutes later than every other day. Should I have been surprised I barely heard the tiny alarm bells ringing not 2 feet from my ear? My body could have slept for another hour easily but….it was a day I’d “planned” (to a certain extent). I found quite quickly my “plans” had fallen apart. The ink had barely dried when I discovered my timetable of events got all kinds of blown to hell.

But! I had a “plan” b. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but in case you don’t remember. I eliminated the word “plan” from my vocabulary some years back. I don’t normally use it in conversation. If pressed I will refer to it (the concept of “plan”) as an “option”. ¬†Option sounds more…flexible. More amenable to alteration without the implication of failure. Ya know?

I stepped out into an early morning mist. Spring it seems was being stubborn! Harboring the sun behind dark, pillowy clouds, she spat on the earth in disgusted bouts of selfishness. Sluggish, the clouds hung heavy and threatened their own retaliation. I would not be dissuaded. No sir.

My frist T-ful is that once I embarked upon the non “plan” nka “option”, the sky gradually cleared it’s throat¬†(where did that come from? gross!) to reveal a gorgeous sky of youthful blue. Hey! You know this is a Ten Things of Thankful, right? I mean, it may be late but it’s still the weekend!

Blues skies, blue car. What more could a Girlie ask for as she heads out and away from the city on a Saturday morning. First stop, hair cut. Been 6 months since my last one. Now that my office has moved to MD, I don’t have the convenience of going down to the 1st floor anymore to get my hair done. 2.5″ off the length, 1″ off the top. I love it! That was going to be my #2 but I’ve got to amend that. No wait! I’ll retract that amendment and raise you my #3.

I’ve only been going to this stylist for about a year. It’s not like we’re best friends. But I get her. I like her. And she’s a clark. With a strong secondary scottian aspect. And so we relate. When she was ready for me, we greeted each like long lost friends. We chatted a bit about what to do style wise. She remembered that the last time I was in to see her was under sad circumstances. She remembered I’d had a death in the family. I didn’t expect that. Here’s the thing I’m grateful for. Her hug. So out of the freakin’ blue. Once finished doing my hair, she walked me to the front desk to check out. We had the parting chit chat, “no, I’m good on the products yada, yada” and suddenly she walks over and gives me a damned hug. I hugged her back. I don’t know why she did that but it was nice. Maybe she could sense I needed one. I don’t know.

4. Did I mention the weather? And that I was driving away from the hustle bustle? However long or short I headed towards Leesburg and turned on to the Rt 15 bypass. I’d heard about a little ferry that ran across the Potomac River to Maryland. I’ve got nowhere else to be why not! 5 miles off of Rt 7, I hung a right on White’s Ferry Rd. a narrow, winding road that cuts through expansive farmland. Very much a country road. As I approach the part with a sharp curve I see a deer standing in the middle of it (the road, not the farmland). She looks at me and doesn’t get out of the way until I’m almost on top of her. It was breathtaking. So pretty. So peaceful. Road and doe.

5. I’m thankful I enjoy driving and seeing new places. Most importantly, I’m thankful I drive well. I used to think that maybe I was a race car driver in a past life. lol Not that I drive really fast. It’s not about the speed.

I’m only at 6 and I’ve got a rambling 670 words! Even I’m falling asleep. OK. Let’s get all scottian and put this baby (and Girlie) to bed. Number 6! Being all caught up at work. I’ve been doing the work of 2 since my partner in crime semi-retired. She will be working PT from home beginning tomorrow. Yeah. I’m jealous ūüôā

7) Sunday. I slept until, what? 7? If not, it was close to it. This weekend has been a challenge. It’s been a weekend where I wanted to see what I couldn’t. Except once you want a thing it looms larger than life inside your head. Unless you can distract yourself and somehow still be prepared. Without trying. No! That was not very scottian at all! LOL

8) I drove to Manassas today to sell my car (the now extra one). I drove there not having a ride back to Alexandria. I didn’t let secondary factors keep me from my primary objective. If you don’t ask the question, you can’t really know the answer. Sometimes you get surprised. I asked for a ride to the Vienna Metro. I got a ride to the Vienna Metro. Which brings me to the 2 trains. Orange Line to Blue Line.

And my #9. The train rides were good. I like riding trains. They’re very much like tubular time capsules, little escapes hatches. For you hockey fans? Seems the Caps were playing tonight.¬†I know this only from seeing no less than 30 people standing on the platform in pretty much the same team jersey. Apparently a lot of people like No. 8. (hold on. did a google search. aha! it’s the playoffs). Can’t seem to drag out the scott in me so I shall slog on. I’ve saved the best for last. You see, once I arrived at the Franconia-Springfield station, I was still without a ride. Well, my dr. told me a year ago I needed to walk. So today I did. I’m guessing 5 miles or so. It may have taken me 1.5 hours to walk from the metro station but you know what? I’m so very thankful I’m physically able to do such things.

Last, but never least, is my #10 thankful for another day. As I walked this evening, I realized how lucky I am. In spite of less than optimum life circumstances, all of what I needed today was made available to me. If you look in the right direction, there’s a good chance you can see what it is you can’t always see…



Don’t go all Edgy on me Frank….

I love the movie Scrooged. ¬†I often borrow lines from it, most of the time morphing the original (line) into one of my own. ¬†Today’s title however speaks not of Frank Cross but of Frank Sinatra. ¬†One of my Mom’s favorite vocalists back in her day. ¬†Ole Blue Eyes. ¬†He was from her neck of the woods. ¬†Jersey.

She was a young woman once. ¬†Incredibly intelligent, fiercely independent. She walked to the sound of her own drummer, which is to say, marching band. ¬†She was a clark. ¬†I know what that means ‘cuz I’m a clark. ¬†But you may not so here’s the link to the Wakefield Doctrine.

She found herself, at what back then was middle age, about to have another child. She thought she was done with all that. ¬†Not. ¬†To everyone’s surprise, Kathleen was going to give birth one last time at the age of 42. ¬† To yours truly.

Let’s face it. ¬†I was a total surprise, yet she would always remind me that I was special because she and my Dad planned me. ¬†I think it was her way of making me feel better for being teased for having “old” parents. ¬†And who knows, maybe it was true. ¬†I like to think so.

Today is your birthday Ma. ¬†Martha Jean over at the FB posted a pic of the family when it was just beginning. ¬†She wished you a happy birthday. ¬†I don’t get it, the wishing dead people a happy birthday on a social media site, but look at me. ¬†I’m writing a blog post (“I’ll fill you in when I see you. ¬†Yes, yes I know technology and such has advanced. ¬†No, I know for a fact you would not like the kindle or e-books or any of that stuff”) today pretty much doing the same damned thing!

I’ll be thinking about you today and taking a spin ’round the kitchen on your behalf.

…world without Edge, Amen

100_2106….no Bear, do… not…. turn….. towards…. the light!¬†¬† My beloved Bear.¬† Recently retrieved from¬†secure, sublime?¬†confinement storage.¬†¬†Why?¬† Having slumbered peacefully, lo these many decades, I wonder: does¬†he now feel threatened?¬† Teased?¬† Tortured¬†by the thought that once again he’s been brought to the land of the living?¬†¬†

Bear has been in existence for what, 50 years?¬† Sure,¬†he’s lost his physical eyes.¬† (he doesn’t really need them to see).¬†¬†Sure, his body¬†shows some¬†wear and tear (he pretends he’s an octogenarian) but nothing a little rehab won’t take care of.¬† (what? whadya mean I’m being cryptic? wtf, was just trying to revive an old draft…fine…I’ll move on…)
A while back Man and I watched the movie Ted.¬†¬†Funny movie.¬†¬†Touching movie.¬† Sappy movie.¬†¬†Silly movie?¬†¬†Made me laugh.¬†¬†It’s on my list of all time funny movies.¬† We watched Ted¬†2x in 2 nights.¬† For me to do that,¬†a movie¬†has to be good.

Why did we watch it 2x?  My rogerian other half fell asleep pretty much at the beginning.  He thought Ted looked silly, that the premise was stupid (he told me later).  So he fell asleep within 10 minutes of putting it in the DVD player, drifting in and out for the entire length of the movie.   So I watched it by myself.   I laughed by myself.  

Next day, after my roger reluctantly gave in to the premise of a movie with a talking teddy bear¬†as one of¬†it’s stars, we watched it together.¬† And laughed together.¬† Who knew¬†this movie would shine a brighter light into the¬†worldview/personal reality of a roger.¬†

Enter the Wakefield Doctrine.¬† the Wakefield Doctrine, the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers is a personality theory.¬† It’s a life tool that allows an individual “to know more about the other person than they know about themselves”.¬†¬† More importantly,¬† it can shed some light on our own selves.¬† “the Doctrine is for you, not them” as we say.

See, the Doctrine provides a vehicle by which anyone¬†can traverse the land of self-evolution.¬†¬†It’s a method of self development that is fun, if not challenging.¬† To understand the whys... if you are so inclined…clarks lol.¬†¬†scotts, they don’t often have this conflict… fuck you! lol¬† Which leaves our rogerian brethern,¬†the most populous group.¬†¬†Bottom¬†line?¬†¬†the Doctrine gives anyone who is looking the opportunity to understand their own¬†behavior and the behavior of those around them.¬† Period.¬† Don’t we all want a simpler, less complicated life?!

I’m a clarklike female.¬† Go read about my¬†people.¬† My other half is a roger.¬† Yeah, go do the same thing.¬† We walk through different worlds he and I.¬† Mine is based in intellect, his¬†in emotion.¬† Not a bad mix¬†most of the time.¬† This movie, as it turns out, is one of my roger’s favorite movies this year.¬† He enjoyed it immensely.¬† However!¬† Remember,¬†he told me that when I first picked it up and gave it to him he looked at the cover and his first thought was this is going to be stupid.¬†(for a later discussion or perhaps tonight: ¬†rogers’ dismissal of clarks and what it represents) ¬†

As a clark, I’m not inclined to automatically dismiss a film as being silly because, well…it’s a fucking movie!¬† Aren’t¬†they sometimes about fantastical things?¬† Aren’t they about what could be?¬† Aren’t they vehicles of storytelling like the fairytales of our childhoods?¬† Well, my very own¬†Ken Burns can we watch the Dustbowl yet again? Man, finally realized that.¬† (“I’m just saying, Johnny”.¬† LOL)

Which brings us to the concept of personal realities.¬† Yes, they are different.¬† And yes, they are the same.¬† This Doctrine thing.¬† Damn, if it isn’t amazing.¬† Case in point, we have lived in the same house for a little over 10 years.¬† It was originally a¬†12 acre parcel that was split and sold in 2 parcels.¬† We bought 2 acres and¬†the house in May 2003, our neighbors bought the remaining 10 acres, stables and barn in July 2003.¬† They subsequently¬†built a house and have been living next to us for the last 10 years.¬† (stay with me Frank. there is a point.)

Our neighbors recently sold their house and the 10 acres.¬† 2 weeks ago they held a garage sale.¬† Tomorrow is their last day in the old house.¬† Then the new owners move in.¬† My other half was all kinda distressed about these people moving away because they’ve been our neighbors for the last 10 years.¬† His discomfort, as we discussed with each other, had nothing to do with missing them.¬† In fact, we were not overly friendly with them.¬† A thing foreign (people have always liked us!) to us but hey, we are in a foreign land. lol¬† Anyway, my Man’s discomfort had to do with the fact that life as he has known it for the last 10 years – the life of neighborly conflicts and annoyances and all that made up the last 10 years with these people was going away.¬† A part of his world was changing.

rogers do not adapt easily, readily to change.¬† They will tell you this themselves.¬†¬†Emotion figures prominantly in the world¬†of a roger.¬†¬†On several levels.¬† My roger was feeling all¬†emotional over the neighbors moving¬†because he was grappling with the fact that a portion of¬†his world,¬†his daily consistent construct (his¬†personal reality) was about to change.¬† Be different.¬† It wasn’t that he would miss these people, it was because they would no longer be part of the landscape he has known for the last decade.

I’d be lying if I said that rogers and their personal realities, their emotion based way of dealing¬†with life doesn’t¬†fascinate me immensely. I often talk about the Wakefield Doctrine at GirlieOnTheEdge and today I seem to have been going on¬†and on and on.¬† Lets’ face it, I’m no Considerer, (she of many words but you always finish reading them fame),¬†so I’m¬†going to¬†continue this conversation tonight on the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Call in Show.¬† Live.¬† 8:00 – 8:45 pm EST.¬†

If you’d like to join me, if you’re a roger, know a roger, or simply want¬†info on the workings/elements of the personal reality, aka worldview¬†of rogers (or clarks and scotts) call this number¬†1-218-339-0422 between 8:00 to 8:45 pm EST.¬† The lady will prompt for this¬†Access code: 512103#.¬† I’ll be there in the¬†car’s¬†dashboard and will happily¬†slide over to make room.¬† Let’s talk. ¬†

Edging like a roger till I’m in like flint…

Hey clarks!¬†¬†roger up!¬†¬†If you want to get ahead,¬†start cultivating your rogerian aspect pronto!¬†¬†Emotion, man.¬† It’s all about emotion.¬† Get hungry for….emotion!¬†¬†(“of course we do….no, we don’t have ice water running through our veins….damn straight we feel…..”)

Ideally, for clarks to¬†interact successfully¬†with¬†rogers, we¬†clarks need to be aware of, and be able to easily identify, the¬†cues¬†given off by rogers and act accordingly.¬†¬†No thinking about it, as in “how do I react to that! or “should I ask that question now?”¬†¬†Instead,¬†feel the appropriate response.¬†¬†It’s¬†not simply reacting to a¬†roger, and it’s more than simple identification with the roger.¬†¬†If you are a clark, you must transcend from listening as a clark to feeling as a roger.

Interfacing (to use a somewhat modern term) with rogers is about being in a place emotionally that generates within your own (damn)¬†self, questions.¬†¬†What kind of questions?¬†¬†Questions¬†the¬†roger(s),¬†can relate to on an¬†emotional level.¬† Questions that will engage the two of¬†you in¬†the commerce of emotional currency.¬† Trust me, you’ll know¬†when you’ve¬†¬†had¬†this exchange of emotional currency.

¬†The Wakefield Doctrine tells us that clarks think, scotts act and rogers?¬† They feel.¬† So go for it!¬† Do it!¬†¬†Try using¬†emotion¬†as the catalyst for¬†(the) action.¬†¬†How clarks utilize emotion is what creates¬†(the) energy.¬† And isn’t that what it’s all about for we like people?¬†¬†Energy?¬† So,¬†clarks – ask yourself today: ¬†“can I¬†use the energy that¬†results from seeing the world through a roger’s eyes, from¬†engaging the world¬†as¬†a roger?”.¬†¬†

Here’s my Monday challenge¬†for all¬†you clarks:¬†¬†Try tapping into your¬†rogerian aspect¬†and walk through the world today as a¬†roger would.¬†¬†A world where feelings are the name of the game,¬† and emotional currency is¬†king.¬†¬†¬†¬†

GirlieOnTheEdge and the Wakefield Doctrine… what Edge?

It’s almost mid-week.¬† New folks¬†continue¬†showing up over at the Wakefield Doctrine and man,¬†there have been¬†questions!¬† So I’m posing one here, this morning.¬† My question¬†for¬†people still sitting on the comment fence is:¬†¬†¬†“Will the Wakefield Doctrine, the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers¬†work for anyone?”

Valid question.¬†¬†We all ask at one point or other if a thing will work for “anyone”, the¬†translation of which is:¬†will it work for me.¬†¬†Here’s the thing –¬†we¬† live in a “gratify me immediately” world.¬† Technology is such that the idea of actually having to “work at something” is a foreign concept.¬†¬†And when it comes to anything that smacks of “self-improvement”?¬†¬†If it’s¬†not presented in a smells good, tastes good and look what famous person is doing it format …..¬† Catch my drift?

the Wakefield Doctrine?¬†It’s a personality theory simple in it’s¬†presentation, nuanced¬†and humor filled in it’s “conversation”.¬† It’s also an extremely valid, verifiable life tool.¬† Boiled down like a southern peanut, the Doctrine posits¬†there are 3 predominant, characteristic ways in which to view/experience life, relate to¬†the world.¬† How we act/react in that world is what defines us as predominantly a clark, scott or roger.¬†¬†

The premise of the Doctrine? OK, but¬†just a tidbit, ‘cuz I know¬†I have something Girlie to write about…..somewhere.¬†¬† According to the Doctrine,¬†at an early age (between 3 and 5 or 6)¬†each of us chooses¬†a predominant “worldview”.¬† That of a clark, a scott or a roger.¬† “What’s that mean exactly?”¬† It means that we are all born with the capacity to view/experience life in one of 3 predominant ways.¬† That of a clark (the outsider), a scott (predator) or a roger (member of the herd).

While¬†we all have the capacity to¬†view life through the eyes of any of the 3, we have only one predominant way in which we relate to the world.¬† ¬†The other 2 (sometimes referred to as “aspects”)¬†don’t go away for most of us.¬† For most of us, these other 2 aspects linger, hang out within us in a somewhat latent fashion revealing themselves in particular circumstances or situations or when we’re around particular people.

For example, being a clarklike female,¬† I often¬†find myself acting scottian in certain situations and rogerian in others.¬† For me the cue is¬†often the other person.¬† It’s nothing I plan on or suddenly decide “hey, think I’ll go all¬†scottian on Jeff today” or “man, I bet if I get all rogerian I can get the scoop on what’s going on with Patty and Joe”.¬†¬†For me,¬†it’s what I call a body reaction first, conscious mind reaction second.

I’m predominantly a clark, that is how I relate first¬†to the world.¬† As a clark.¬† But I¬†can also find myself, however briefly, seeing the world through the eyes of a scott or roger.¬† Which is to say I can mock (good naturedly of course)¬†a person in a group situation with great humor, garner laughter (but no hard feelings), walk away and then wonder how I just did that.¬† Or emote/commisserate with someone and find myself getting invited to dinner by an almost perfect stranger, someone with whom I have a “friendly” yet not overly personal relationship. (after which¬†my clarklike self surfaces and I think “holy shit!” what just happened there?!!” LOL)

Here’s the deal:¬† if you know how someone¬†looks at life, if you understand how they relate to people/situations, how they react in certain situations,¬†you can understand their behavior.¬†¬†You may not like their behavior but at least you will understand it.¬† It is the understanding of the why¬†people do what they do that is one of the coolest things about the WakefieldDoctrine.¬† It takes away the confusion, solves the mystery if you will of why people act the way they do.¬† Go ahead, try those clarklike glasses, don a pair of scottian Ray Bans or sport some¬†rogerian spectacles.¬† I guarantee you will start to see the light.¬†

The catch?¬† With any theory, program, exercise or tool that smacks of self-development (or what I refer to as personal evolution), there comes a price.¬† the Wakefield Doctrine, the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers, as a¬†life tool, allows you to answer the questions of why you act/react the way you do in certain circumstances.¬†¬†It explains why you are drawn to certain people, have particular interests/hobbies and why the other people in your life (or anyone)¬†are they way they are, treat you the way they do.¬† So?¬† So¬†now you have¬†choices.¬† But with choice comes responsibility:¬† stay in this relationship?, work on this relationship?, cultivate other aspects of yourself in order to move up in business?,¬†switch careers?, relax more?,¬†work more?,¬†go for the brass ring?….you get what¬†I’m sayin’ here.¬†

So ask yourself:¬†¬†“how do¬†I relate to the world, what is that relationship?” ¬† Am I¬†predominantly¬†a clark, a scott or a roger?¬† Then look at the people around you.¬† Take your time (‘cuz it will take some) and have a little fun figuring it out.¬†¬†Sit back,¬†watch how people interact with each other.¬†¬†One day the lights come on and when they do you will never NOT see the clarks, scotts and rogers.¬†

Understand the world you live in, understand the world someone else lives in and you understand….the world.

How I started my day….and why I missed the Edge.

Good morning. ¬†Saturday it is.¬†This post is gonna be the¬†“300 words or less” kind of post.¬† Yeah, gonna go that route.¬† Why not.¬†¬†The world is populated mostly by rogers – those fun loving, emotion hording folks roaming the planes of our planet, both virtual and “terra cotta”, and they like the 300 word thing,¬†so heregoes.¬†

For me, it’s¬†about expression.¬† Self expression.¬† But there are times¬†when even written expression¬†can be¬†as difficult as verbal expression.¬† So what’s a body to do?¬† Why the difficulty?¬†¬†Instant replay tells me it seems to boil down to sudden and unexpected bouts of emotion.¬† Eew!¬† The damned “e” word.¬† Is this making sense to you?¬†¬†If you answered “yes”, then you are a clark or at least¬†familiar with the Wakefield Doctrine.¬†¬†Or perhaps¬†a¬†scott with a secondary clarklike aspect or….a roger also with a secondary clarklike aspect and who’s got nothing better to do at the moment. (“No, honey, we don’t have to leave yet. Bill and Nancy’s¬†cookout isn’t until 2:00”)

In my post yesterday, I¬†referenced¬†clarks as the “outsiders”.¬† I graciously borrow(ed) this term¬†from the Wakefield Doctrine.¬† It’s a simple¬†adjective¬†that describes¬†how clarks feel about themselves in relation to the world.¬† You know, the one “out there”. lol.¬† Notwithstanding,¬†“outsider”¬†requires a comparative by it’s very nature.¬† Outside of/to what?¬† Well, outside of the group, the herd, the collective, the….you know…..everyone out/over there!

“Almost at 300?”¬†¬†Simply put,¬† I was caught up this morning¬†in pure emotion by way of reaction.¬† Reaction to a thing “out there” that confirmed that my individual reality (that of a clark)¬†is what it is not for what I am¬†doing but rather¬†for a lack of doing something different.¬† Something else.¬†

P.S.¬† This doesn’t doesn’t apply to the word count!¬† I will be continuing this conversation tonight over the airwaves on the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call In Show.¬† Starts 8 PM EST.¬† Call in.¬† It’s simple.¬† Just follow the instructions and you will be connected to a carload/dashboard of regular folk hangin’ on a Saturday night…..1-219-339-0422.**¬†Doesn’t hardly cost a thing.¬† Monetarily.
**In case no one catches the corrective comment left by clarkscottroger: When prompted, enter the number 512103 followed by the # sign.¬† See!¬† Like I was trying to tell you! I was blinded by the emotional content shit goin on today and I completely¬†forgot that most important detail!! Now there’s more to talk about tonight!

Back down?! From the Edge?! You ka-rayzee?

I know!  Bigger than life right?  Known among the illuminatinot as the Cat, it is rumored that he is chauffered about in a black Lincoln Town Car.  Windows tinted so dark that  even an exploding super nova could not illuminate a thing inside that car. 

Now, most of you are probably¬†scratching your heads wondering what in the world is happening at the house of Girlie.¬† Truth be told too much.¬† Or not enough.¬† Depends upon perspective really.¬† Speaking of, I could have cropped this pic of the Cat¬†a little better but I think it’s fine the way it is.¬† See, sometimes reminders need to be given¬†larger than life platforms in order to¬†achieve a more potent, more specific¬†desired effect.¬†¬†

The rumblings¬†that have been¬†shifting¬†my¬†tectonic plates¬†have increased¬†such that the cracks in those very plates have reached chasms large enough to swallow¬†the aforementioned Town Car.¬†¬†I’m talking major, cataclysmic¬†life changes here. ¬†So what’s a body to do?¬† and in what capacity?¬† Do you¬†panic? Do you get angry? Do you withdraw?¬†Act out? (hey, I can write an obscure post once and a while if I want to dammit!)

the Wakefield Doctrine.¬†¬†That’s a¬†hint people:¬†go to the Wakefield Doctrine.¬† No, it’s not a magic cure-all.¬†¬† It’s a tool.¬†¬†A¬†personal and¬†extremely efficacious tool.¬†If properly cared for, it¬†will last a lifetime!¬† See, depending on your perspective,¬†you know, whether you …..think……act…… or feel),¬†you will be able to navigate any sort of disaster (natural or manmade) with an ease (well, after a little while lol)¬†and know that on the other end of it, and after the cleanup crew has left, you have survived and arrived at a place that is….different.

Today is¬†a different day……¬†

Lemmy, Ozzy – nice? Edge-y…?

…”and a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”…, sure….

It’s about perception.¬† It’s always about perception.¬† OK. Let’s get it out of the way early.¬† According to – wait for it – The Wakefield Doctrine,¬† an individual is either a clark, a scott or a roger.¬† What this means simply is that there are 3 ways in which to view or perceive the world.¬† We look at life through the lens of either a clark, a scott or a roger.¬† Got this¬†so far?¬† (Good, ‘cuz¬†I just want to get to this post.¬† Like the song enough to¬†want to use it so I have to come up with something.)¬†

“Nice”.¬† A lovely adjective that can be applied first to clarks,¬†occaisionally to rogers and rarely, hardley ever, to a scott.¬† (“Harsh? No, no it’s not.”)¬†The act of being nice is¬†viewed¬† as: strength (by a clark), weakness (by a scott), naivete (by a roger),¬†¬† What?¬† You want me to explain the previous statement? You know, if you would have been following the links and familiarized yourself already with the Wakefield Doctrine, this wouldn’t be so darned difficult!¬† Stop!¬†¬†From now on when I refer to the Doctrine or clarks, or scotts or rogers, there will no longer be any in depth, lengthy or helpful explanations. Fuck that!¬† Click on the link and figure it out your own damn selves!!

See? ¬†That wasn’t very nice.¬† And it wasn’t very clarklike either. But what of it? Was anyone harmed in the process? Could one say it was not so much the message as the¬†delivery of that message?¬†Having said that, being¬†“nice” often¬†comes at a cost.¬†¬†Sometimes,¬†“being nice”¬†is simply¬†a reflection of¬†a person’s¬†desire/hope for behavior¬†that never quite makes it to the public stage as they say. ¬†And at other¬†times¬†“being nice” is a¬†sublimation of¬† more instinctive behavior.¬†¬†We’re all guilty of that one¬†–¬†you know, for the greater good and all that bull. ¬†But is¬†it fair to do this¬†?¬† Is it caving to societal (can you say rogerian) “peer pressure”?

¬†Here’s what I think, (this coming from someone considered to be one¬†the “nicest” persons on the planet.)¬†¬†It’s¬†in large part¬†about self awareness.¬† Honest. Consider the motivation(s) behind¬†someone being nice –¬†a)¬†manipulation,
 b) escape (insert person, situation, challenge here) c) naivte.  But really, what of it?  You are correct. I did leave one motivation out. Why not be nice?  Why not be pleasant?  Why not take time to actually see and hear someone outside of your own damn self? 

Word of caution: beware/be wary of/ be aware¬†of being nice.¬† There are negative ramifications if, in being so (nice), one obfuscates the proper/more appropriate¬†response to (insert person, situation, challenge).¬†¬†This deprives¬†any and all involved of a more¬†genuine experience…..¬†

Whoah Nelly!¬† What am I thinking getting all heavy and leadlike on a Monday morning!¬† Bottom line:¬† it takes no more than a fraction of second to stop and consider what is the nice thing to do, what is the proper thing to do and what is the generous thing to do.¬†¬†For self and others…..

Let’s talk about it, edge-wise that is….

Let’s talk about the Wakefield Doctrine, the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers¬†from the Edge¬† perspective that is.¬†¬†“What is it you ask? What is¬†the Wakefield Doctrine?”¬†¬†¬†Well, I gave you the¬†link¬†1 sentence ago.¬†¬†Go there, start looking around – you know,¬†the about page,¬†the pages devoted to the¬†3 “personality types”¬†that surround each of us every day.¬† Then come back here.¬† The basic premise is so simple even a scott can¬†comprehend it!¬†

Was talking recently¬†with the Creator of the Wakefield Doctrine, the Progenitor clark.¬†What?¬† What is the basic premise? Geez, do I have to do all the work? (yeah, ‘cuz I’m a clark) Alright, one last time….the Wakefield Doctrine is predicated (this last word, found in a clark’s vocabulary,¬†is an everday kind of word for a clark,¬†sort of like “fuck” is¬†to a scott’s everyday vocabulary, rogers¬†like this word too, just not as much) on the premise that by knowing how a person views the world you can know how to act/interact with that person because you will¬†know how they will act/interact with those around them and to the world in general.¬† Yes? No? Alright. Wait for me here. I’ll be right back with something that may help….¬† No! You know what?¬†Not today. I’m getting kind of tired of trying to explain this stuff Lucy.¬†In a nutshell:¬† everyone you¬†come in contact with¬†is either a clark, a scott or a roger.¬† Respectively, we think, do, and feel.¬†Respectively, clarks, scotts and rogers¬†are alone but never alone¬†because we have¬† infinite information at our fingertips;¬†always hungry¬†but luckily¬†have a¬† perpetual pampa upon which to feed and finally,¬†members of a collective community no matter where¬†we are and that bag we always carry?¬†It’s the past. Can’t leave home without¬†it.

It’s Thursday and I haven’t written anything good in¬†a darned¬†long time…
You know, something light and airy, witty, winesome, (“that’s what I wrote, winsome”).¬† Hell, I’d take cute even but honestly, I don’t know if I am capable of writing anything “cute”.¬† No one can write “cutely” can they?

I’m thinking¬†I better stick to Doctrine¬†talk (mostly)¬†over at the Wakefield Doctrine.¬† I know that one day I will stumble upon something comfortable and co-zee to write about consistently here at the Edge.¬† For now,¬†I guess I will have to experiment.¬† clarks are rather famous for¬†“looking for the answer(s)”.¬† Everywhere and anywhere.¬† Just not here.¬† Today.¬†¬†¬†

I’d better get going now but listen,¬†Spring Line 2012¬†has¬†been¬†previewed.¬† I was there¬†and I’ve¬†got my¬†scottian suit.¬†Truth be told I’ve already worn it a few times.¬†¬†Feels¬†good, it feels real¬†good….yo! Lunchbox!¬† Let’s do lunch!!