Forever Young. It’s a 6.

“Bu-u-t mo—o-m! I really, really want to go! “

“Your father and I aren’t too keen on letting you go into the city to see a major rock concert – you’re only 10 years old; it’s no place for a kid.”

“But, Mom, I wouldn’t be goin’ by myself, your sister’s going to take me and she’s an adult!”

Caught in the middle of youth’s persuasion, too far past the red light to stop, I played the almost impartial mediator, “ya know, there’s a famous theory espousing the benefits of music on the developing mind of a child; on top of that, he’d be gaining first hand, educational insight into an aspect of today’s youth culture, (*smiling*) besides Sis, his friends would think he was really cool. Don’t worry, you know I wouldn’t let anything happen to him.” 

–  We often never know life’s defining moments until the finger of retrospect taps us on the shoulder pointing to the moments of how we came to be. –

[Editor’s note: music video contains language that may be offensive to some.]