Deconstruction. It’s a 6.

Being the clark that I am, when I realized I had not used the prompt word in last week’s Six, “Seven. It’s a 6”, I decided to make amends by using both words in today’s Six… 

Sturdy if not steadfast, the wall had finally collapsed, the slabs of prior construction now lay interred, a testament to time without claim to its past. While smaller pieces lay scattered about like warm cinnamon crumble on a half eaten coffee cake, there was nary a doubt even those would not last.

The foundation, its construction crafted to stand firm against any and all challenge, contained a chance imperfection no engineer could foresee, let alone predict. Amid question and query, debate and deliberation, what now the assessment, acquire a new architect?

Following much deliberation it was decided recruitment would begin in earnest, renewed commitment to reconstruction, all possible outcomes tabulated and figured. Submit all proposals, specifications and plans; though transient the deadline, requirements remain the same – love and persistence, tenacity and vigor, tender of heart always de rigueur.

Dream a little dream. It’s a 6.

Standing in the canoe, still as the non existent summer breeze, she stared straight ahead, the glare of the sun reflecting off the water, partially blinding her. She could make out the contours of the west side of the little island, its expanse of beach beckoning, an invisible tether drawing her steadily towards it; she sat down and continued to row.

Beached, canoe moored safely away from the tide’s hungry grasp, she unpacked her satchel, strapped it across her back, grabbed the canteen and began the sojourn that would bridge past, present and future.

The package had arrived sooner than she anticipated, the letter from Stemple, Fine, Ferguson & Lott, P.L.C. tucked neatly inside.

While she hadn’t been to the island in over 30 years, body memory guided her to the special place they dubbed their “oasis” and there, empty satchel crumpled by her bare feet, she read her husband’s last wishes. Gently tilting the container, like an aged flower girl, she took a first step and then another, walking until there was no more.

The Edge. Still Got the blues for you…a TToT

Gary’s dead. Unusual circumstances notwithstanding, those of my generation will all succomb at some point. Death stands, red brocade rope on either side, hand extended waiting to take our ticket, tear it in half. But the popcorn is free, as is everything at the massive concession stand beyond those red ropes.

Good morning! Hm. I wrote the intro paragraph yesterday morning. What a difference a day makes. Or does it? Do we trick ourselves into thinking “today will be different”? How do we/can we measure, gauge, what I like to call, self-evolution?

Clark, the creator of the Wakefield Doctrine, the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers, and the blog of the same name, hosts the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call in show. (necessary info is on the Doctrine’s home page.) Cynthia Sageleaf is a frequent caller and last night was no exception. It was an enjoyable call and, as is often the case when Cynthia calls in, the conversation extends well beyond the 8:45 pm “end” time. Last evening, while catching up on the most recent developments and acomplishments in Ms. Sageleaf’s life, we got onto the topic of “change” and “self development”. How does it manifest? When, can we, as the subject take note to it’s effects in our lives, other lives?

You may be scratching your head and thinking, “damn! what stimulating  conversation…not!” lol…and yet, it is! We always have a delightful, engaging, often humorous exchange of life’s observations. Since Clark, Cynthia and myself are clarks, the conversation naturally is centric to how we continue to learn the language and behavoir of the scotts and rogers in our world. As clarks, it is all about understanding. With understanding comes recognition. With recognition comes action. See how that works for a clark?

If you are a clark, no doubt this will resonate with you. If not, remember the basic principle: scotts act, clarks think and rogers feel. What is the Wakefield Doctrine? It is a perspective, it is a tool. It is, for me, indispensible.

Hey Josie! You still there? Order comin’ right up….10 Things of Thankful:

  1. the Wakefield Doctrine. For the obvious, but also as the vehicle by which I made Cyndi’s aquaintance when she called in that Saturday night so long ago:)
  2. The results show the osteoporosis in my spine can now be considered ostopenia. Break out the streamers and balloons. Good news:D
  3. Music. Always a thankful. And not just music but the obvious! the artists who create the magic that provides escape, energy, motiviation, calm, sadness…the emotional engineers in my life.
  4. I am thankful for the encouragement I receive to not give up on writing. To not give up on re-learning to play my bass.

5.  So the picture over there from the eclipse is supposed to be on this side of 5. What the hell. Someday, oneday, if I have some more of them, I will work on the whole inserting pictures into a post. The thankful? I’m not embarrassed by my seeming inability to manipulate basic blog features/functions!

6. Second Chance Thrift store run by my local Humane Society.

7.  Rockin’ Rasberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.

8.  So this is going to sound weird but, I’m grateful that I still notice shit. Let’s face it, sometimes, we all kind of rush through the day without taking the time to remind ourselves to slow down, all the while not having a clue of all the cool stuff we missed out on. Observations of people, places, synchronistic events, weather, the hue of a sky, the timbre of light at a precise moment. We lose the sense of being in the moment.

9.  Dammit! Look at the form this post has taken. See! I should have put the picture at the very end. Then I would have a nice centered list with a fanning out at the end. OMG. What an old person I am. Or, is it the lack of patience. Or thinking that I should be doing something else more important. Higher on the scale of “stuff I want to accomplish”, the worrying about a future that doesn’t exist and won’t if I don’t take the damn time to turn off my brain and be in the moment right now. Enjoy it, take care of it and not look so far ahead. Afterall, there may not be a tomorrow. So, be happy with today. Funny, that also was a topic that came up in the call last night. The idea of time. How to better use it, what causes us to lose track of it in the first place and the helpful methods for staying “on track”

10.  Today. Not tomorrow. Today. I will not tire of reminding myself and you, that today is our gift. Let’s not squander it. That doesn’t mean it has to be filled with activity and “doing stuff”. It simply means we should engage and participate in “the moments that make up a dull day”.

Edge-ucation in the Ring of Life. TToT Time

Someone tell me “what” Roni is. A clark? scott? roger? This is the very first music video I watched of him. It was tough finding personal interviews. Granted I haven’t tried too hard but I did find one. Actually, it’s a combination of a 46 second clip of one interview and a longer 2nd interview. Between these two there should be enough “evidence” to determine how Roni relates himself to the world.

So what do you think? Me, I’m thinking there’s enough in the first clip. Maybe. The 2nd clip? He’s wearing sunglasses. Damn! Can’t check the eyes/eye contact. What else? Personal pronouns. Couldn’t really note those because the interviewer seemed to do most of the talking. (hidden clue!) Body language?

This morning was one of those open up the u tube and see what was “hand picked” for my viewing pleasure today. Where Roni Benise came from I cannot say. I’ve not searched flamenco or spanish guitar in, well, got to be over a year. Who does not LOVE the YouTube. It’s both amazing and dangerous, addictive and exhilarating.

Today, I’m all about keeping it simple. The thanks?:

– The TToT Blog Hop. If it wasn’t for this hop, would I write anymore?

– 1 week ago today, I left the “Room of Refuge”. There was a deadline. Deadline met. I now reside in what I now call a “Room of Re-Direction”. If I give into it, I ponder the wonder I did not grow to choose/find myself in the rogerian worldview. How much “easier” life would have been! (not really but gee, it’s how I feel sometimes:D)

the Wakfield Doctrine. Life tool extrodinaire. I’ve come to realize I can do a heck of a lot more when it comes to relating myself to the world and those around me. Because, well, ya know. Know how another relates themselves to the world and you’re halfway there!

– 8 or so miles up the Beltway! That’s right folks. The bain of driving existence (one of them lol) in NOVA is the Capital Beltway. The new digs are 1 mile off the Beltway and have cut my commute (morning only) to a more reasonable 40 minutes. On a good day. Wish I could say the evening commute was substantially better. It is, but not by much. No, really, I’m thankful for being a little further up the Beltway!

#’s 5-6 – My job and my car to get me there. I could complain that, between my commute and workload the last couple of weeks, I pretty much have no time except to sleep, but I won’t. That is for me to figure out. One step at a time.

– Clark’s contribution to the on going “collaborative” story over at Roger’s Rag. His “chapter” has risen the bar for my own self. Participating in story writing is a challenge to say the least!

– 2 Mile Run

– this weekend’s weather. We boomeranged out of a momentary lapse of seasonal confusion back to more consistent time of year weather 😀

– One more day. It is the only day. It is the first day. It is the last day.

Meet Me At the Edge.

This, my first post of Year 2015. Pink Floyd shall speak their words and they shall be mine. For today. The first day.

I’ll see everyone here, at the Edge, later and again, for the first time and maybe the last. I’ll see you here for all that can be, might and will be. The Edge is the place of possibility, the frontier of dreams.

Post Script: What you see up there? 2 paragraphs and a vid? That was my New Year’s Post at 9:20 am this morning. Until I decided, “naah – too easy, selfish…” So I’m back. In the spirit of full disclosure (‘cuz that’s what I decided 5 minutes ago, that this year was gonna be about) I’m going to tell you everything about me at this very moment and what I plan to do after I hit the Publish button.

…. it’s beautiful today. Bright sunshine (to allow for full disclosure). The high temps should reach mid to upper 40’s. I walked earlier today. It was quiet, peaceful. Nice start.

Just got out of the shower.  I started thinking about what I should do first. I don’t want to hole up in the apt. As a clark, this is very tempting. I could read, write, watch a movie…No-o-o! The world isn’t inside, it’s out there!

Btw, I’m not sitting on the bed writing like I always do. No sir. I’m standing up, bending over slightly. The laptop sits in front of me on a drafting table. I face the large, red curtained window, sun streaming in. (you know, to shine on full disclosure).

What to wear today. Same old same old? Of course not! This is 2015! My mind is made up. I will wear my gray, 100% cotton, Size 5, Union Bay, cargo pants. (they feel like nylon to me).

Unmentionables – courtesy of Candies. Both pieces black w/white lace. (you’re sharing details of your intimates?! are you mad? whadya mean commitment to full disclosure? wtf!)

Maintenant, what to wear on mes pieds? Easy. Black, Madden Girl Motorrr boots with ever soft lavender plaid lining. Yes. They’re a 12 eyelet, zipper up the back pair of “combat” boots. What else for this clarklike female to wear out into the werld on this first afternoon of 2015?!

After I slip black socks over my Essie painted toenails in Macks (a very lovely shade of red) , I shall lace up the boots and choose my shirt and sweater. The color scheme today seems to have manifested in tones of grey/black. A splash of color is in order. Nothing garish. Subtle is the word of the day. 1st layer (there are often layers, even with full disclosure) will be a white v neck, 3/4 sleeve cotton shirt over which I will wear a 50% angora, 50% lambs wool, peach colored sweater. Toasty soft.

I will leave the confines of these 4 walls wearing my black, full length woolen Forecaster of Boston, coat. Simple, straight lines, it has a velvet collar and 2 side pockets. I can’t won’t wear clothing that does not contain pockets. Pockets hold not only hands when they’re cold (or self conscious) but any number of useful things. Or found things. Like seashells. (in the spirit of full disclosure, I would often stuff my pockets with treasures of sea glass, shells and such when once I walked upon beaches.)

On the hands? Fingerless gloves of course. It’s about dexeterity. Life is about dexterity.

Time to hit the Publish button. Time to leave. It is about here but for this Girlie? This year it’s about Out There. See you next time we meet at the Edge.