“Lookin for Some Happiness”. It’s a 6.

Today’s 6 is a continuation from last week’s Six Sentence Stories sampling from my w-i-p, Annaliese’s Dream. Last we knew, Annaliese found out the death of her fiancé was not a fatal accident but in fact, murder…

It was 4 am, a shot glass lay overturned on the coffee table, Patrón bottle nearby, the ashtray filled with cigarettes. I don’t smoke.

I hadn’t been sleeping well since Mr. White and Mr. Orange paid me a visit, sharing with me their dossier on my late fiancé, surefire fodder for the “surreal” file.

Mr. White and Mr. Orange – nostalgia opened the door of the yellow top, and I crawled in, a willing passenger, meter running double time.

Ian and I were huge Tarantino fans long before we met, it was one of those “hey, you too?!”, that and the way we annotated life with music and film references.

We shared wavelength, consciousness, “brainwave synchronicity” is what neuro-scientists now call it, the new-fangled, novel term to describe soul mates.

Soon there will be a TToT…don’t you know…

Good morning. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Intent. Sometimes it manifests as originally conceived and other times it gets hijacked. What do you do then? Run with it baby, run.

It’s all of a Saturday and time to join in the fun of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. Hosted by the lovely and magical Kristi of Thankful Me, it appears I was absent the day she invited everyone to Reunion Month. It still being August (I’m hopelessly hoping August can/will last another 6 weeks…) I’m crashing the party.

TF  Quentin Tarantino movies. Who doesn’t love them 😀

TF  For continuing to participate, albeit minimally these last couple of years, in the virtual world. There are so many people I’ve come to know, whose experiences, words of wisdom, creative writing, encourage me.

TF  I’m thankful today is a cloudy day. I was a little afraid to write those words, lol, but it’s true. I have every intention of washing the car today so, since I don’t have shade, cloud cover will do!

TF  Libraries. They are a valuable resource for so many reasons. Access to the internet is a most wonderful thing, but sometimes nothing beats walking around and wandering in a good “old fashioned” brick and mortar library.

TF  Safe travels for family members as they travel the skies and roadways. If you want to read an incredible “damn, that was a close call” story, check out Kristi’s Six Sentence Story. Only you need to click on the link for the full story. And that’s all I’m gonna say!

TF  For co-workers sharing the labors of their garden. Nothing like fresh veggies from the garden 🙂

TF x 2  the Wakefield Doctrine. And Clark, for not only sharing a perspective that has enabled me to make sense of things, of life but also for his example of what the discipline of daily practice and persistence can accomplish.

TF  Kind of a hypo-grat but, thankful that the blood vessel that burst in my eye wasn’t as bad as in the past. Still, damn ugly and weird to have your eye look like it’s bleeding. And why is it always my right eye??

TF  For waking up today. It’s another opportunity. And reminder that any day may be a last opportunity. So what about it? Let’s make it the best day, shall we?…

Capital Beltway Before 6 A.M.? Can You Say “Noir”?

Saturday morning….time to rummage through the box’o weeks worth of “wtf’s” and “hurrays” and etched on grimaces of “damn!” and “cool!” cuz ya know, it’s TToT time. I guess you could say it’s tea time :D…

…been many an hour since I hit the Beltway on my morning commute. In the dark. Before 6:00 a.m.  I refer to driving the Washington DC Capital Beltway at that hour as “cowboy” driving. Why? Excluding the 2 express lanes to the left (if you’re not in ’em, they don’t count), you’ve got a solid 4 lanes (don’t count the oncoming/outgoing lanes unless one or more cars in those lanes appear to be driving into you) of traffic.

When traffic is “light” (rush hour in a smaller city) and vehicles of a number that allows for “free range” driving (driving at speed and above!) pretty much all bets are off. Speed is a factor… for everyone. I admit to hitting speeds 15 miles (or so) over the speed limit. (btw, I don’t want to confuse anyone with “video game” driving which only occurs during evening commuting hours.) This morning was no exception. Who needs caffeine when you’re “cowboy” driving?

I walked out of the morning routine and the front door into the crisp embrace of dry, 30 something degree air. Lifting my head I looked up, around and marvelled at the brightly starred sky cradling the night’s crescent moon. Tilted ever so slightly, it appeared to recede reluctantly, not wanting to give in to the earth’s rotation.

With a double click, car doors were open, bags and body in.. I took my place behind the wheel and strapped myself in with not a clue as to what would transpire in the next 30 minutes.

I don’t know if it was the speed at which I was driving combined with the headlights of oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway or the glare of headlights behind me…but there came a weird, odd moment when I realized, felt myself, traveling in another place and time. Did time just suspend itself?

Metal box on wheels and me? One and the same. Glancing in the rearview, I left Tyson’s Corner, billboard bright office buildings consuming the skyline with it’s rush of human traffic, it’s busy, busy let me on, let me off, ramps…behind. In pre-dawn silence the bright, whitewashed lane markers splashed onto new blacktop rushing by so fast my eyes were transfixed. And it was so-o-o quiet (yes, even with the radio on). It was the quiet of pre-dawn…

I swear I might have been driving with David Lynch riding shotgun. He’s the first one that came to mind…can’t quite find the words to express the total “noir” of the moment, of that morning 🙂 But I was convinced, I knew, my body knew, what it was these guys of the “noir” genre of filmmaking were all about. Cool.

Now how’s about those thankfuls….

1) New Quentin Tarantino movie out Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve! The Hateful Eight. Samuel L. as a cowboy! Yeegads! Can’t wait!! 😀

2) New Coen Brothers movie out February 3, 2016!! “Nuff said.

3) A reliable car in which to enjoy any and all types of driving no matter where (or when) I am!

4) The generosity of friends and family!

5) The weather. Again, it appears, with the exception of this weekend, that atypical warm will be with us for the upcoming holiday!

6) Reminders….of cirmcumstance. How it boils down to one’s perspective!

7) the Wakefield Doctrine (#6 was totally an unintentional segue into this one, I swear!)

8) Music!

9) An invitation to go to Christmas Eve mass (that totally came out of left field!)

10) Today! My only day.

“Bitch, You Don’t Have a Future”…

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Come now all you cinephiles! In what film can you hear today’s title spoken? I’ll give you a hint. There’s a 2 in it. Yes! That’s it. Fair warning about the link – not for the sqeamish.

What do you think? I’m thinkin’ I’d like Uma Thurman to play me in the Life of Girlie movie. She’s cool, she’s tough, can take care of herself, delicate, she’s not to be underestimated (but is). And…we never tire of watching her dance with John.

Tell me, why is it, that when we least expect it, lines from movies catch in our brain matter like lint on velcro? I had no idea Kill Bill 2 was on TV last Monday. Channel surfing, I stumbled on it by accident. Had I known it was playing, I would have watched it from the beginning.

It’d already run halfway through by the time I clicked over. Watching the fight scene between Daryl Hannah’s Elle Driver and Uma’s Beatrix Kiddo, well, it was that one line that almost, I said almost, had me sitting at my laptop writing.

There was some reason, made up no doubt, that I decided to do something else. Stupid. Destructive. Stupid. Why, when the opportunity is so rare these days, would I not attempt to write something. Anything! I’ve been in a hole. A black hole. One so deep and wide, it no longer is a hole. It’s everything. And I can’t get out of it.

For awhile, the TToT blog hop was the lifeboat, the life jacket that kept me afloat. Kept me in the game, swinging one more time. Alas, even that has been left by the side of the road, a crumpled paper bag weighted by the discards of a dulling imagination.

Along comes Six Sentence Thursday,another buoy bobbing up and down in the bottomless darkness. Hosted  by our very own Ivywalker, it was an enjoyable challenge the 2 or 3? times I particpated. And here I sit. Wednesday night wondering why I cannot think of 6 simple sentences for this week’s word …*sigh*

Perfect” she said, her voice as silky as the garment in her hand. I’ll take it and, if you please, wrap it in the lilac tissue paper and tie the bow…. like this – she took the spool of satin from the young shopkeeper and confidently began to weave a bow in an elaborately intricate design. Gently reaching to take the half tied bow out of her hands, hoping to be able to complete what she had started, he asked, “for someone special?” Eyes gleaming, she shook her head.

Pushing open the creaky front door of her favorite vintage shop, one of many eclectic, small businesses lining this quaint, cobblestoned alley, she stepped out into the October afternoon face turned up to an autumn sun ablaze in a cloudless sky, the air so crisp, so clear, she couldn’t inhale it deeply enough. She walked deliberately, slowly, the hint of a smile creasing her face as she mentally marked this day, the day she was brought into the world, and all things considered, found it most fitting that today would also mark the day she left it… 


Slam-a-ja-amm at the edge of the Wakefield Doctrine…

Now you can call the Doctrine, (that’s the Wakefield Doctrine) and ask Questions about the Wakefield Doctrine tonight and every Saturday Night from 8:00 to 8:45 pm EST ”  

Yes, yes, I have plugged this new old secret of the universe  in past posts.  Simply dial this number: 1-218-339-0422 tonight and when prompted enter this passcode:  512103, “followed by the pound sign”.  The lovely lady may tell you that you just entered an incorrect passcode.  If she does, she is wrong.  Terribly wrong.  Enter the passcode again, as instructed.  You will then be connected live to join in the conversation, real time, on the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call in Show.

“What is this Saturday Night Drive thing?”  Excellent question.  It is an opportunity to talk with various Progenitors, Downsprings and FTODs about the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers while they literally drive around and about the quaint, coastal town of Wakefield fielding calls from around the werld…..

 I dare you to call in…..

If “if’s and edges were candy and ledges, oh what a wonderful….”

Isn’t that how it goes?  No?  Thought for sure it was.  Who comes up with these  immortal little verbal ditties?  So.  What comes first… writing one of these posts?  Title of video/image/song?  Often it is the music/film clip/image that is the primary catalyst and sometimes it is simply a saying gone awry.  Clever little wordplays that pop up in my brain like a warm frosted pop tart. 

And what exactly is it that feeds the creative mind?  What nourishes the nuggets of novelty that one day become poems/short stories/books/film?  I couldn’t get to sleep last night so I turned on the TV. Got stuck on a PBS channel at a program talking about and with various directors/writers/producers about their films.  More particularly the start of their careers.  You could tell the program was relatively old as all interviewed seemed so very much younger than we know them to be now.  Anyway, they finally came to Quentin Tarantino.  He mentioned how quickly he wrote Reservoir Dogs.  Just sat down one day and started to write.  Stopped 21 or so days later and poof!  One of the best films to come out of the early 90’s.  (Pulp Fiction stands beside it vying for the same spot in my humble opinion.)

Does spontaneous creativity trump the sit down, try and tweak creativity?  Of course not!  Because who really cares how a song/film/book came to be.  It is the finished product that carries it all.  Enjoyable/relatable/immortal.  (Some of you may have noticed use of multiple word descriptors with these things:  /.   Totally unconcious on my part.  Was reading the Wakefield Doctrine yesterday and noticed the use there of that literary style thingie.)

What do you think? Can consensus, without subjectivity, really be reached when it comes to art?

Edging closer to…..

What? The life you’ve been dreaming about for….the last 50 fucking years?  What’s up with that?!  Now that we’ve moved on from the topical shit let’s get back to the real nitty gritty.  My nitty gritty.  Why the hell not?  Am I writing this for a readership.  Hell no!  What readership?!  I don’t see no stinkin’ readership. (sorry, my friends don’t count as “regular readership”.  but keep writing guys ‘cuz I sure need the encouragement).

Where was I in this rambling, rapier rampage of revolt….. Whew!  I’m tired now. That took a lot out of me.  That and having my resident roger* talking to me while I write.  Gee, I guess I am going to have to stop now.  It’s either that or stop the roger in the midst of talking.  Not an easy feat as some of us well know.  (we luv ya but when you have diarrhea of the mouth, as mom used to say, well I have to all but put a fork in my head)

Speaking of being “done”.  Isn’t that something.  Sitting down in a blurry of a hurry with that fleeting scottian edge I spoke of over at the Wakefield Doctrine earlier this morning, I now find myself loosing something.  But am I loosing it or is it being drained?  There is a difference.  Oh..no…I…am….loo..s..in…g  the e…n….er…………………..gy.  H-a-v-e  to get back….u..up.  A song has been thrust into my oratory orafice and destroying my train of thought.(where the hell is the conductor!)  

This video.  Tell me it is not a perfect theme song for rogers? LOL

Now here’s a clarklike take of the Isley’s song in that most memorable Kill Bill series….and a rather appropriate ending for this Girlie today.

* “definition” of these luvable lugs over at the Wakefield Doctrine