Thankfuls and Cupfuls or is that Cup Full?

Gee. I’m not used to beginning a post this way. How? Did you say how? With music blasting  at me a out of this here latptop. In front ‘o my face. What am I listening to? One of my favorite band’s greatest hits cd. I daresay I never would have thought they would have a “Greatest Hits”. Yes, I am being judgemental. In reality, why shouldn’t they. Personally, I love the idea of “greatest hits”. Here. Take a listen. Excellent. Except for the commercials. WTF?! A commercial after every other song?!? Really youTube? You gotta go and wreck the cd?

Most of the folks I know on the net wouldn’t care too much for these guys. Yes, Christine. It is an acquired taste but I bet I could come up with some “heavy” music even you’d like! Since you have an aversion to bleeding ears, I suggest you don’t click that link up there.

Queen Lizzi I, Host-Ess of the TToT bloghop (of which this is an entry. promise) is someone else who would not appreciate the link of excellent music. As much as I have come to adore her, Cyndi over at Pictmilitude is another who I know would not care for….the link.

Enough! My friend Zoe at Rewritten has been writing an extraordinary blog for – um, you know, I don’t know! I will have to ask her. I’ve lost track at how long it’s been since discovering her blog, which I found btw, after reading some comments she left at the Wakefield Doctrine. Has to be a year or more ago. The Bread Crumb Syndrome. I love it. One can literally follow cyber bread crumbs forever!

Man, wandering is my mind. It’s the music. Yes, it is music! Just ask Laura. Anyway, Zoe’s post today is about the SBOR/BOSR. Why it is so very important. And thank all that is good that Zoe is now the official Emissari-Ess of the 7GVs and overseer of…the Book. It’s in good hands.

No. I’m not stalling. Yes. There are thankfuls preceding these words. And if I count correctly I’m already up to well, more than 10! At least 10. Specifically? More? ….New battery arrived for lapbaby! Now I have the capability of dragging said baby around with me. You know, in case there is a sudden tsunamic wave of creativity that threatens to overcome me and I quick need to find some free wi-fi.

Hey, there’s one other thing I’m pretty thankful for. Having a place to practice writing. The kind of writing I have no clue about how to do! LOL So-o-o… I promise I’m going to read up on how to properly form a sentence, use tense, set up dialogue and, and! develop characters and all that other stuff. For now though, I’m just having fun with my friend Roger at the Secessionist Rag.

We’ve been alternating chapters pretty consistently lately. I published Chapter 22 last week and look forward to Roger’s Chapter 23. It’s a detective story hopefully in the style of Robert B. Parker. Hopefully, getting some legs. Check it out. Leave some feedback if you’ve a mind to. I have a feeling if Roger doesn’t htfu with Chapter 23 I might have to write it myself!




GirlieOnTheEdge Reissues the Ruling: “What’s Done is Done”

Doc Marten BootsReally? Are you absolutely certain of that? Is that why today is such a “rage against the machine” Monday? Resplendent with volume, decibel and energy?  I speak of course of things I intend to line my day.  At the moment however, I sit in semi-darkness, the needle on my caffeine juiced mug hovering at the red line.  Almost empty…

Who says you can’t do anything about the “typical” Monday?  For example, if I were to insist doing just a little extra on the physical exercise front and you know, grunt a little while forcing those last couple of reps, I could potentially set the stage for a very good day=D

Blood pumping, oxygen to the brain, mind alert: check.  Now here’s the tricky part. Does the clothing or the music come first?  Is how I present myself to the world today, this Machine Monday, determined by intent or reaction? If I focus my intent on deliberately insisting I achieve a particular goal, is that not the first step in achieving that goal?  Is it really about supporting accoutrements? How much of any day is simple habitual response to our immediate environment?

Circle back to the concept of energy.  A real thing.  A “not real” thing.  Don Juan Matus would say that “energy that is not being redeployed, is as useless as not having any energy at all.”  And so I would intentionally put on the Docs.  What better symbol than wearing a boot that screams I mean business? LOL

I don’t need to quote a specific source to support the premise life is energy.  We, the universe, are made up of energy fields.  It is no surprise then that the flow of this energy is tantamount to a sense of well being.  It’s not an Eastern religion thing or ancient Mayan thing or mystical European thing. It simply is.  And “all that it is, is what it is.”

Since it’s the first day of the typical “week” for many of us, I challenge you to take a moment today.  The earlier the better.  Stop. Reflect.  Ask yourself: have my actions been infused with energy, with intent?  Has there been anything deliberate in what I have done. Or is today moving along in an easy going, comfortable habitual and safe series of behaviors?

There’s nothing wrong with easygoing and safe.  Trust me, recently I would revel if all was easygoing and safe.  But haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if you changed the EQ?  What might happen if you tweaked the dial on your perception of the world around you just a tad.

Machine Monday question:  Have you engaged the world today?  Sometimes it really can go to 11. Turn it up…

Edge Warriors – Renegades All

“Ren-e-gade (adj.) – 2: having rejected tradition:  UNCONVENTIONAL”

So what is more cathartic?  Saying “FUCK YOU!” (or “fuck you”) to someone or simply and silently giving them the finger.  Case in point:  this morning my SO baited me with a comment as I was leaving the living room.  As soon as his comment hit my ears I spun around fully prepared to say fuck you until I saw him smile.  What a roger!!  I decided instead to give him the finger – with an equally magnanimous smile.  LOL 

His comment of course was a way of “fucking” with me.  He often defends himself with – “gee hon, I was just fuckin’ with you”.  And I know this to be true because I know he lives in the world of a roger

How did it make me feel?  Giving him the finger?  Oddly very good.  It felt good because it’s a thing I don’t often do.  Now yelling and/or screaming,  “fuck you” while driving (with variations to include “what the fuck”, “you fucking moron” – said both ways –   the 1st putting emphasis on “fucking”, the 2nd putting the emphasis on “moron”, etc), that’s another story.  But that behavior has been almost nonexistent since moving from outside the nation’s capitol to this little ole lazy beach town.   

Tell me – who/what determines the ultimate value in a gesture or comment, a song, blog, book, video or movie….. ?  Who/what possesses the “right”, the “correct” interpretation.  Can there be a “right” or “correct” interpretation? (NO, I am not baiting the rogers out there. Honest. LOL) Is method of delivery important? Does it matter whether people know each other?  What the heck is it about communication that stymies some folks? (see, if everyone knew about the Doctrine there would be precious few “communication breakdowns”. 

Today I dub “Tip Your Hat Tuesday”.  That’s right, I’m tipping my hat to all those inclined towards contributing creatively to the world.  To every last one of you, Renegades All.

One person’s edge is another person’s…..

It’s Valentine’s Day and I would like to give one to Pink.  The Wakefield Doctrine!  Is it really coincidence that the kids in the beginning of the video are of the age around which we all become either a clark, a scott or a roger?

To head off the scotts out there – no I am not depressed.  To head off the rogersget over it, people use bad language in songs all the time.  Yo, clarksWell, it depends on your mood doesn’t it? LOL 

There’s been a Rage Against the Machine song circa 1998? playing in my head for days now but the melody from Perfect is stuck on replay in my brain causing a commotion.  Better give them some airplay today as well don’t you think? 


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY clark(s), scott(s) and roger(s)….