Take it Away Tuesday….

I thought of you this morning Christine. I sat sideways in bed, unable any longer to sleep, clock hands clapping at 3:00 am. While watching the how many people are really awake watching the middle of the night news, they spoke of Indiana. The weather in Indiana. And then Michigan. And then Chicago and Minnesota. Winter’s not so bad here in Virginia. LOL  Stay warm and off the roads girl!

Never in my life have I watched so little television. These last, almost 4 months have pretty much been TV free with the exception of a Bones episode here or there and/or the morning weather forecast. Since my commute is on the long side and since weather can vary over the 40 miles I travel to the office, it’s become habit to get the heads up on precipitation and such.

Today? Well, later today it’s supposed to be 50 degrees. That’s to melt the ice that formed after the little bit of snow that fell overnight. I looked out the window at the obscene hour of my waking to see the evidence. Yes. Mother nature decided to fuck with us once again. Not with a big, ostentatious display of her might, but rather in a less noticed, more sinister way. Nothing like a little layering to skate away on the thin ice of a new day.

Know what? It’s all-right. It’s Tuesday. Take it Away Tuesday. As in….hell, you fill in the blank! As for me, I’ve got to get outside, clear the car windshield and hope I don’t go slipping away…..

A table and some tea cups…comfort at the Edge

…didja ever read a post, while the words fell on the page, didja ever have a time, when the music was just right, didja ever want to go to a past the way it was, didja ever think that then coulda been all that it was…. 

I don’t know.  Just feel like listening to this song.  While I write.   Heard it recently in a movie. Can’t seem to remember the movie…. 

Finally saw the Rolling Stones in 1995 on their Bridges to Babylon tour.  Some fine songs on that CD. Voodoo Lounge tour/CD? Can’t really say except that I like this song.  Funny thing about the Stones.  Never a big fan, I had two chances to see them, once back in the ’80’s (I declined) and once in ’93. (couldn’t get time off at my new job)

The song?  Listening beyond the dark overtones, the melody is -simple.  Sweet.  Melodic.  Memories can be like that…didja ever hear the past…(go ahead. hum those opening notes  lol) 

Today’s title?  Sometimes the most simple of objects can project the past as if it were the screen at a drive in movie.  OK, so this Girlie’s gone all mystic, or is that misty, today.  Maybe it’s ‘cuz I finally finished the Stephen King book I was telling you about a coupla posts back.  Time travel.  The write up on the book jacket refers to 11/22/63 as being about – time travel. 

Except it didn’t really touch on any of the expected paradoxes implicit in time travel.  Much to my disappointment.  I don’t know.  Guess I wanted a little more meat on the bone that was this….. love story.  In the end that is what it was.  A love story.  Not a time travel story.  Duh me.  And I call myself a romantic! (If I want time travel, I’d better reach for some old timey sci-fi books residing on my bookshelves)

Rejoice, regret, lament.  Laugh, cry, scream.  Happiness and joy, sadness and loss walk hand in hand in hand.  Throughout each potential timeline that was, that might have  been, that might still be somewhere, that is.  It all survives and sits like a teacup on a table.  …. excuse me, would you pass me the creamer?