“If Dreams were Thunder”. It’s a TToT

Good morning and welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I’m Girlie, aka Denise. If you were around many years ago, you know that “Girlie” is not a new moniker. Once upon a time, a very dear friend began calling me Girlie, still calls me Girlie. When I decided to create a blog, it seemed rather obvious to me what to name it 🙂

Many new faces, new friends later I’m still “here”. Just exactly where and what is “here”, I’m still not sure of, lol. One thing I am sure of? The Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. Originally the brainchild of one Lizzie Lewis of Considerings fame, it is presently hosted by Kristie
(I dare you to put me behind the wheel of a car, I’m a road warrior extraordinaire) at Thankful Me. Sharing in thankfuls, in those moments we stop time and say “damn, that’s cool”, is an exercise that allows us to consider that perhaps life is pretty darned good even with the not so good. Hint: got a few of those not so goods? Put ’em on the list and call it a hypo-grat. (Whaa-at?! Ask Clark over ta the Doctrine..he’ll fill you in.)

Shall we?….

TToT  Reminders. No, not the one about picking up the dry cleaning…the other ones. Doesn’t matter when, where, how, they jump in front of us, just as long as we stop what we’re doing and pay attention.

TToT  tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines

TToT     Life outside an office window. Mine.


TToT  Lunchtime walks. See that hill up there? Leads to a park and a pleasant escape middle of the work day 🙂

TToT  So what was I thinking? I was thinking, yeah you have to walk up that hill! lol

TToT  the Wakefield Doctrine


TToT  Fall and geese and color blooming…