Evening interlude. It’s a 6.

Eyes languidly opening, as if pried by miniature, cushion tipped crowbars, I attributed the difficulty waking to the late spring evening air that flowed freely from my open bedroom window; I questioned if perhaps I’d been dreaming, vivid dreaming? But there it was again – a repetitive, peculiar sound, no, more a repetitive grating noise, like a human fingernail raked slowly over the slate of a 3rd grade classroom chalkboard, fingertip all white alabaster dusted. Scooching up against the pillows, willing myself to a state of semi-consciousness I fumbled for the metal chain of the banker’s lamp, then remembered I’d forgotten to replace the bulb.

Chi-chi-chitttttt – holy mother of…. head turning all Linda Blair like, I gazed in horrific amazement at 2 eyes in the far corner of the room peering out of a ratlike, but not, body, black fur blending into the nighttime as if it stepped out of the darkness itself; neither of us moving, until it screamed an indescribable bark. Like a missile launched prematurely, my body shot out of bed in a single levitation and I stood, frozen.

Feeling a cool breeze push at my shoulders, I turned towards the open window, the window whose torn screen I’d forgotten to replace, the window through which my nocturnal visitor gained entrance and who was now screaming to be let out….


“Standing With My Toes Hanging over the Edge”…It’s a Six.

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and a vaction edition of the Six Sentence Story. Our Hostess Zoe, aka Ivywalker puts on a bloghop each and every week and invites any and all to share a story, poem, limerick, anecdote (catch my drift?) that contains no more and no less than 6 sentences. I have found it to be an enjoyable challenge! This week’s cue word is Craft.

The thin girl, wavy, flowing hair resistent to being contained under the starched bonnet, was barely out of her teens but in this time period she was considered a young woman, an adult subject to the laws of the small minded community to which she was born.

She’d been brought before the council to answer for what she was accused – crimes against humanity and Christianity and all things holy and good, witchcraft – and while older women were the majority accused, she stood as an example that no female was exempt from accusation.

A life had been saved, a young life she saw no reason to be sacrificed to the impenetrable ignorance of religious fervor that permeated the day. She had been taught how to cultivate and mix herbs into healing potions and linaments, medicine surely as effective as anything prescribed by the so called “doctors” of the day by Agwi, an island slave who’d been brought against his will to this fledgling colony.

Bridget couldn’t remember the first time she met Agwi, it felt as if she had always known him, and just as certain was the feeling, the knowing, that there was something extraordinary about the dark skinned slave.

She was tutor to the young boy whose parents, Agwi served, and so it was that a friendship almost magically was able to grow and flourish right under the noses of those who would surely have disapproved, association with a slave was tantamount to the worst crime save for witchcraft.

Under Agwi’s careful, albeit clandestine tuteledge, Bridget learned the craft of medicinal herbs, homeopathic remedies and ways in which to soothe ailments so prevalent to the times but tragically there was no cure for fear and ignorance as she now stood before the tribunal accused of consorting with the devil himself instead of being praised for saving the life of her young student.

“Every Form of Refuge Has It’s Price”

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I write sometimes. Not enough though. I have another blog. Did you know that? Languishing in cyberspace 2 years ago this month, a couple of the vids have disappeared. Nada. Nunca.  Kinda like me. (Inattention is not a good thing.)  I had big plans for tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines. But I’m thinking, in a rather self-indulgent way, that blog 2 will have to wait a tad longer. I’m barely keeping up with this one, the Rag story (been months! since I’ve written a chapter there) and the occaisional poems/lyrics.

I’m coming off an anniversary (Thursday) and as expected, been quite reflective these last 48 hrs… what did I expect…what do I expect…what have I accomplished….what is it I want/need…how do I get it…is there really time or has the card been punched too many times.. Embedded in these thoughts always is a thread of thanks. I cannot weave a single day without the use of it.

Hm. Now that turned out to be a darned good segue into a Ten Things of Thankful list wouldn’t you say? So what do you say? I say let’s start the listation! (as the Creator of the Wakefield Doctrine might call it)

First and foremost! Thanks to Everyone who stopped by my last post and shared. Please forgive me for not getting over to your house (s) yet. I’ve had the best of intentions but it’s been one of those weeks. My Mom always told me: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions“. (now why on earth would my Mom keep telling me that? lol)

Second to none. Being confused! Let me explain –  Monday last was my nephew’s 11th birthday. Thinking he was being taken out for a birthday dinner, I drove by the house after work to drop off his card. Lo and behold, dinner out wasn’t until the next night. So I got to go in, set a spell, watch him blow out his candles and enjoyed a most excellent piece of chocolate cake!

Third time’s a charm. Have I mentioned I have a Kindle? 🙂

Four corners of the Earth. Is how far I feel I’ve commuted this week. It’s been rough. I’ve dubbed this “accident week” on the Beltway. And not just one accident. Doubleheaders! Thankfully, none fatal that I’m aware of but every day this week there have been backups. My thankful? That I wasn’t part of any of these accidents!

Hang Five. I’m thankful for the ability to ratchet up the energy (most times, not always) more times than not. Hm. Ya know….today isn’t one of those times LOL oops!

Sixes and Sevens. Never heard of this phrase. Kinda cool. I will re-state for the record my thanks for being able to access such an enormous reservoir, reserve, repository of information at the mere click of a mouse!

Crazy Eights Since it’s almost Hallowen, I  linked to the trailer for a scary movie. No, it’s not a thankful 🙂 as I’ve not seen it, but it is a reminder of the time of year it is. My most favorite season. Fall.  It’s been pretty awesome so far. I actually had to use the AC in my car 2 days last week! Warm weather at the peak of fall colors is….incredible. Taking my walk break at work under canopies of golden delicious apple leaves mixing with red delicious and orange crush – beautiful. I’m thankful to have such a pretty place to walk.

Nine. I smile at this. It reminds me of my 2 young nephews that I will be seeing later on today. 9 is a movie I bought for them a while back. The younger one really like it. That made me happy. I’m most thankful to be able to enjoy this part of their childhood. There will come a day when hanging with adults won’t be cool.

10-4. I woke up again today. Definitely a good start.

**Thanks to the Eagles for the title to this Post. Be careful with the legal tender my friends.