3 Stars x 2. It’s 6 Sentence Story Thursday!

Hello, welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Thursday’s special is a generous portion of hand cut letters, gently seared into thin waferlike words, layered over a bed of 6 sentences. Hostess Zoe, of Uncharted, will be serving a full menu of such delicacies at her bloghop, Six Sentence Stories.

Ms. Zoe is most cordial and offers her kitchen to anyone looking to indulge in the culinary art of Six Sentence Story creation. Seating is unlimited and no reservations needed! The only requirement is that your dish contain only 6 sentences with no artificial additives, and in case you are tempted – absolutely, no additional sides. Your sentences may be served grilled, barbequed, sauteed, baked or fried… Ingredients, method of preparation and presentation, all entirely up to you. Come now, join us in a feast of creative camaraderie.

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I’d been wearing sadness so long even the lining had begun to fray, rent from its outer shell.

Still warm, still protection against the elements, what hadn’t I weathered short of my inability to inure myself from affairs of the heart, the temptations of an infatuous fling.

If sadness is the coat, then fear is the belt cinching it closed at my waistline, half way between head and feet, thought and action.

So many friends gone, taken by death, lost to distant geography, I counted my blessings (still) feeling the allure of youth despite appearance otherwise.

Standing in the shadows, wrapped tightly, a low ground fog cooly caressing my ankles, I recognized the platform where I first found sadness.

Startled from my reverie by the distant bellows of an approaching locomotive, its echos carried by midnight’s hush, I turned and reached for his outstretched hand.


After the smoke cleared…there was a 6 Sentence Story!

Hello and welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I missed last week and maybe the week before but today? I’ve managed to scrape up enough letters to whitewash them onto this virtual board and, amazingly enough, qualify to participate in Zoe’s bloghop, Six Sentence Stories. More specifically, I’ve enough letters to make up 6 sentences. Those are the rules. Write 6 sentences of any length, rhyming or not, prose, poetry, fiction or non, just so there’s 6 of them. And oh yeah, you have to incorporate the weekly word cue (or is that weekly cue word?). This week’s word is “smoke”.

Come on! Give it a try. Me? I find it ridiculously challenging. But it is fun and if you can forget yourself for a short time or however long it takes to write a six sentence story, you just might discover something new about yourself! The best part is making the rounds and reading the other stories. I promise you, you will be amazed and impressed and if you’re like me at times, even a little depressed, lol. But practice makes perfect so there’s no time to waste 🙂

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I woke up that morning without a clue of what it was, something was waiting for me like an unwitting getaway cab doomed to stall in cross town traffic.

I smiled at the thought, not about the getaway cab, but those 3 words, “cross town traffic“.

Thank you Jimi, so many of your lyrics are etched, diamond on glass, into my psyche, not even Sigmund Freud himself could figure me out, at least not today.

What’s the old saying, the one about “when the smoke clears”, when you get to see just how close a game of dodge ball you’d been playing?

I took another drag of my cigarette, lovingly held by a tight lipped grin, and stepped confidently off of the curb.

Never saw the bus coming….


Hello all. It’s me, Girlie. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and another 6 Sentence Story. Thanks to Miss Zoe over at Uncharted land, I was able to link up to her infamous bloghop. So, without further ado, I bid adieu.

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It was an awfully bitter cold, windy as hell middle of winter half day, my shoes were soaked like sponges at the bottom of an almost but not quite emptied cleaning bucket.

Shivering from toe to nose, I continued walking, the slush no longer felt as my feet were no longer of the living.

Exposure is what they called it. I’ll tell you what I call it – I call it damned stupidity!

I looked over at my new friend, my new buddy, my soon to be ex-friend, ex-buddy for pulling a stunt like she did, driving right by a gas station not 5 miles back and did she stop???!

Which is why we are walking in mind numbing cold, slush and snow anxious to get to that very same gas station knowing, for a short time, we will be warm and dry… until we trudge out again, gas can in tow.

Sleepy towns and a Six Sentence Storyline

Hey there, welcome to the Edge, GirlieOnTheEdge. It’s Thursday night. The virtual world is all a-buzz what with Zoe’s Six Sentence Story Thursday live and all. So I’m not going to babble on needlessly, I’m gonna get right down to brass tacks.

Rules of the road? Simple. Write 6 sentences. Only 6. Somewhere within those 6 sentences use Zoe’s cue word of the week and voila! you have yourselves an entry ripe and ready for the Six Sentence Story bloghop. Cue word this week is “Ripped”. If you haven’t written one, it’s not too late. Look at me! So go have some fun and we’ll see you ’round the net! 

Still reeling from the news, feet not yet firmly planted on the old terra firma, I delicately picked up the ivory colored, 70 lb uncoated linen letterhead and re-read the typewritten words, words I’ve been waiting decades to read. My agent and long time friend, Langston Fitch, finally found a publisher interested in my book, willing to take a chance, a publisher offering me a contract.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but damn if I haven’t been waiting more than half my life for this, more than half my life to see my book on a bookstore shelf, figures now I’m half blind with cataracts! Who said God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Mine may not be the prettiest face to adorn the back cover of a book but I know it won’t be the ugliest either; it certainly wasn’t scary enough to frighten the lovely young thing I almost ran into down to the post office today, now that was a surefire meeting of beauty and the beast.

As I held the heavy glass door open for her I sensed, in spite of her youth, that she recognized my gesture of chivalry and, as her eyes locked with mine, I damned near felt as if my heart had been ripped right out of my chest…she was…





Even up the Playing Field. Turn that 9 upside down…

Been almost 3 years since Coach, aka Jellyhead, gave Girlie the 411 on contracts and such. And Girlie? Did she wind up getting signed by that other team? Rumor went ’round for months she was spotted on the field hours after midnight (the in-between time when shadows aren’t only shadows). As much as she respected Coach, she needed to find out for herself, who really writes the playbook.

Blizzards anyone? Forgive the cynicism but “bomb cyclone“? Really? There are some mornings I’m not listening to the Ramones or Metallica and instead listen to NPR on my morning commute. Like today. Oh my goodness. So let’s interview a female scientist of the weather/meteorology type and have her explain in her just dramatic enough, incredibly attractive, accented voice, what a jet stream is. Do we not know about the jet stream? Is this new science? Have we not had horrific winter storms ever before? And so she went on to explain about the awful impending bomb cyclone that would ravage our eastern seaboard. No doubt this has been a raging storm, but I so dislike the sensationlism associated with weather events.

Now that you have a sense of my mood this evening, lol, let us try to proceed with writing a 6 Sentence Story, a 6 Sentence anything, something! for inclusion in Zoe’s weekly bloghop, Six Sentence Story. I daresay our hostess is quite snowed in and maybe even working on a snowy 6 of her own. We can hope, can’t we? 🙂

“How the hell can I pitch with the wind screaming like that, let alone so crazylike it winds up hurling the ball way, way left of the plate?

If I told you once I’ve told you 5 million times, it’s all in the curve. You gotta know about the curve, when to use, how to use it, how to control it.. and ya got to have an eye.

Listen, they think you can’t pitch, ya have to make ’em believe you can. This is your last chance anywhere so let’s start again….and remember, too many balks, they’ll boot you like an empty can of chew. The winning or the losing is all about the pitch.”


Travel, Trials, Revelations. It’s a 6 Sentence Story.

Shawn Colvin sings to me, her voice velvety sweet,  a steady drip out of the earbuds into my head. I have Clark to thank initially for sending me this link. Then Kerry “commented” at my TToT. Her link was sufficient to send me on a discovery journey of an artist I was well aware of at the beginning of her career. While I had a friend who was a huge fan of Ms. Colvin back in the day, I simply did not listen to her music on purpose. Until now.

Life. It is about the journey, is it not? Past, present, blended like a vanilla and chocolate soft serve. (don’t believe the guy at the counter…jimmies are not mandatory).

So, it’s all of a Wednesday evening and I sit once again trying my hand at writing a Six Sentence Story. While the link is live now, tomorrow (unless it is already Thursday where you live) begins the official start of  our hostess Zoe’s bloghop. What say we tap out some words for Ms. Zoe. 6 sentences. That’s it. How simple. (no, no I did not say easy lol) But it is fun, so why don’t you try one your own self! This week’s cue word: MATE.

Carried by the years, buoyed by the knowing, the sharing, they stood all salty, crusted like aged barnacles, time puddling around them.

Elements, experience, travel, trials and tribulations, the stuff of which life is made reflected in their gaze, markers of the passage towards the inevitable, if one were so arrogant as to assume it was somewhere distant on the horizon.

Momma, momma I’m comin’ home…hush now don’t you cry, wipe away the teardrop from your eye” are the echoes of sound waves smashing like atoms, bending time.

Matter conforming to the curve of space time or vice versa? Special indeed, who were you really, Albert?

You made the concept of time travel real and for that, I’m going to need a little more mate….

No. No Cannibalism at the TToT Today.

Good morning. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I almost, almost used words from a dustified partial draft, languishing backstage for another Ten Things of Thankful that never went live. Like walking a salvage yard, I couldn’t find the right year, right model for the parts I needed. No never mind. The yard is huge. Huge. I’ll keep walking…

I sit in the room of re-direction. (how much for a #1? cool. throw it in the wagon). Only I’m not alone. Scratching the inside of my cranium for a shred of creativity, I am distracted by another person. Sitting at his table, monitor front and center, his creative energies fully engaged, I hear his words tapped into life with each successive keystroke, his musical selection overdubbing any tracks I might think to lay down. But it’s Oh-kay.

This is at once a thankful, the room of re-direction, but the distractions of another person fully engaged in creative expression at the cost of mine? Should be an anti-thanks, non? But it’s not. It is appears as #2 on the thanks’ometer. I am thankful I call this person friend, mentor, family.

Thank you Josie for hosting this bloghop. It is one of 2 bloghops that have served as life support for my creative self  lo these fleeting years. TT #3? Why the hostess of the other life support system, Zoe who links us weekly to Six Sentence Story Thursday. I ain’t ready to pull the plug ladies. Not yet.

Hey, lookee here! It’s 7:13 pm the same day and guess what? No time to finish. (not again!) I have to leave shortly to ride shot gun with Clark while he drives through Wakefield hosting the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call In. A perfect #4 while #5 is the Wakefield Doctrine.

Guess what? It’s Sunday morning so I can now say I am thankful that Cynthia called in last night and filled us in on her recent adventures. She is a busy woman with many creative projects in various forms of development. I am thankful to know her. And so, #6.

I do not write the thanks in any particular order and so must not overlook thanks for an uneventful (as in safe!) and rather quick drive to RI a week ago yesterday. My expectations were to be driving for much longer because of holiday travel. It was not so. A pleasant 7 hour trip. Thankful #7 🙂 Does a wish for the same on my return trip count as a thankful, lol?

#8. The weather has been great. A tad cold but it is winter in the northeast afterall.

#9. Time spent with my sister-in-law carrying on our tradition of decorating the tree house for Christmas 😀

#10. Always for the day, this day. My only day.