Osteo-Edge-osis. Variation on a Condition.

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Today? My Ten Things of Thankful. From last week (mostly!) and this week. “What?! You can’t do that! You can’t recycle an old thankfuls list and post it the following week! Not even hiding the fact that this is not completely fresh offa the press? What gives you the right, huh Girlie?, huh? 

The Book. You know. The Book of Secret Rules aka The Secret Book of Rules (BOSR/SBOR). This is what allows for occaisional deviation from the norm here at the hop that Lizzi built. I site an oft overlooked rule, Rule 13301, Subsection 95, paragraph 05 which states in part: “…the state of being thankful is not bound by time. Therefore, thankfuls in the context of this hop, are not required to be posted necessarily in chronological order. If one or more thankfuls are of an ongoing nature, that is to say, if continuity exists within the parameter of thankfuls and current day, then they may be used at a future date, concurrent with present day thankfuls…”

That being said, I present last week’s unfinished 10 Things of Thankfuls items 1-7 together with this weeks Thankfuls which, btw, include an item from what technically might not be considered occurring within the current, present week. But who cares! Who puts a time stamp on thankfuls. That’s right. No one. The act of stopping each week to reflect on life as it happened, as it is happening, and zeroing in on a few items that stand out in the realm of “being thankful” is nothing short of magical. Like magic, the benefits are not readily apparent, not readily “seen”. But they’re there.

Without further ado, I present the mash that is last week’s and this week’s Ten Things of Thankful, Girlie style:

Since I woke up today, I can post and finish the TToT I began yesterday last Saturday before “life” interrupted. Well, before I allowed life to interrupt. 

Greetings from the Edge. Of what today, I’m not quite certain. Woke up at 4:47 am. Had this been a work day, I would have been flying out of bed cursing that I was going to be “late”. Since it’s Saturday, I took a more leisurely approach. Pretty much same routine, only slower.

Today’s forecast: sunny, high of about 94, humid. Um, yeah…if I’m going to walk I’d better do it soon. At 7:17 am I began my Measured Mile x 2. Do you know it took me 43 damn minutes! Although pretty, it’s a grueling path of hills! The first 1/10 of a mile is the only straight away. After that? Up and down steep…. hills. Good for the body…when you’re in shape!

Which brings me to my First TF. I was reminded this week by my body that: 1) I really need to get back into a regular, more regimented routine of physical exercise, 2) that I’ve lost strength and stamina this last year (see #1). The tremendous thankful is that I can still walk. I’m thankful I can walk. (yes, there’s more that could be said about that and in my head on my walk this morning, the self conversation taking place would have made for an excellent post. But you know how it is sometimes – what’s in the head doesn’t always translate out of the head lol)

TF2 Six Sentence Stories. Thank you Josie Two Shoes and to you Ivywalker for hosting this exciting exercise! Very fun!

TF3 Fans. ( not those kind, although I think I have a couple lol) I mean oscillating, pedestal floor fans. Because….the ac went out this past week, it was in the upper 80’s and I sleep on the 3rd floor. Need I say more?

TF4 Don’t know why I thought of this. Maybe because of #3. That I didn’t go head first down a flight of stairs the other night. It was kinda wild. It was the night my landlord knocked on my door to give me the fan. I’d been asleep about 20 minutes but not too groggy to set up the fan. That done, I decided to go down to the kitchen for a snicky snack. 14 steep, narrow stairs down to the second floor.. naah.. why would I turn on the hall light? (dumbass). A third of the way down my foot “caught” (on something invisible lol). In that slow motion, outside of your body kinda way, I saw myself rather impossibly, self correct. I did not go tumbling (dice) down. Yeah. Big TF.

TF5 Hey, we’ll make it today! As in, I’m here to write and complete the post I started yesterday. Sure it looks like I’m doubling up but who’s gonna complain about being grateful for waking up! Besides, you know there’s a Rule for such “duplicate” citations (n-o-o, there’s a rule for when you don’t have 10 items – Rule 1.3. No one said anything about duplicate anything ).

TF6 Unless someone tells me otherwise, I’m pretty darned grateful I’ve still got my marbles. As far as I know, I’m still operating on all 8 cylinders 🙂

TF7 Music to work, weather to match. It may have been Friday, Thursday?, can’t seem to remember (uh oh, #6, was I wrong? lol) When I left it was still cool outside. Hot and sticky (no, not from my head to my feet, but…. Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go!
Crazy little woman in a one man show..) hadn’t shown up yet. First song out of the box? 18 And Life. Sing Girlie, sing.

TF8 Last Saturday, I babysat the 2 nephews, 11 & Newly 6. Arrived late afternoon. It was a beautiful day even with the heat and humidity. I drove the 3 of us to Five Guys, got burgers, dogs and fries to go, returned  to the house. 11 quickly, efficiently and like he’d been doing this for years, set up the TV tray tables. Ready, set – Movie Time! A most excellent evening with 2 of my favorite young people.

TF9, Part 2 of TF8 Sunday morning some of us got up early (me!). I was sitting in 11 ‘s bed writing this post (the first half) when 6 came wandering in. He hopped up next to me – “what’re you doing?” I was in the middle of getting the vid for Def Leppard and told him so. He scooted closer. As we watched the vid, I told him the drummer had only 1 arm. “Really?!” After much stopping and starting I froze the vid on a decent shot of Rick Allen. 6 was amazed. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it, but for the next 20 minutes, I had myself a living shadow. Everywhere I went, 6 went. Here’s the thing that made my heart smile widest: since their grandfather was going to be taking them to a matinee showing of Antman, we were on a tight schedule. No time for showers. I started to gather my toothbrush, soap…before I headed to the downstairs bathroom, I reached into my overnight bag, grabbed my deoderant and promptly swiped my pits. I was wearing a sleeveless T – no harm, no fowl 🙂 6 never said a word. After I’d “freshened up” and was on my way back upstairs to dress, I passed the boys’ bathroom. The door was open and there was a bit of a commotion. I looked to spot 6 just as he was climbing down from getting something out of the cabinet. “What’re you doing?”, I asked. He turned with the deoderant in his hand and he promptly… swiped his pits.

TF10 Another day. Another opportunity. To live, to love.

Engage, participate. Give, be given. There is only one day.

Soundtrack of My Life?

Up early today. Like every day. “Needed” to hear Doolin Dalton and Desperado from the album of the same name. The Eagles for those of you who do not know. 2nd album, 1973. It occurred to me that there simply would not be time enough to play the soundtrack of my life. At my funeral. And besides, there’s the dilemma of deciding whether to compile the list entirely myself or invite people I know to contribute. To the playlist. You know, when the time comes.

“Girlie feelin’ low today?” you wondering? Naah. A little solumn perhaps. A bit serious. Maybe it’s that time of year. For awhile now, pretty soon after waking up, they’ll be a song playing in my head. Before I turn on the computer, before checking the weather on the TV. Out of the pre-dawn silent, stretchings I will hear either the melody or lyrics or both, to a song. A new song. An old one and frankly, at times, a song from who knows where!

Earlier this week, I was surprised to wake to the internal strains of Quicksand Jesus. Damn! Tell me Glenn I don’t really know the gestalt of that one. LOL What is it. How is it, that more times than not, it’s simply easier to express myself through music? Sure. It’s personal. Totally subjective. Listening to “sad” songs may not be because I’m sad. “Metal” songs are not angry for me. They put a smile on my face.

As a clark, I find the medium of music an absolute necessity. It is the lifeblood. clarks relate to the world from the intellectual, the rational realm. Somewhere along the line, through no conscious choice of our own, the emotional, non-rational was deemed “a red-headed step child” (apologies to you guys. really!)

In the absence of music, either someone else’s or my own, how would I express myself? Writing? There’s that. Solitary. Of the mind. Music. Listening. Of the body. Luckily both are about feelingHere’s to a most excellent weekend for everyone.


…the “party’s over so get the f***k out” and to the edge…

Title and vid for today’s post are from the same album (duh).  Dragged it out and put it on the other day not as a bandaid but rather as a help aid.  Once upon a time, I would play this entire cd before heading into work.  It was a marvelous source of energy, maybe more a source of emotional content.  “Emotional content?”  “Yeah.”

Let’s (try and) drag “EC” (emotional content) out of the closet.  We all know what it is but do we all know why we need it?  Do we all know how valuable “EC” really is?  Emotional Content is the state of being during which wonderful things can be made to happen, it is the state of being during which, as an individual, you can make things happen. 

(“I know, I know.  Getting a little too clarklike….I know, I know….they can read about the Wakefield Doctrine over there and other places….)  But you know what? I don’t care.  If a reader stumbles upon this blog and doesn’t care for the words herein, all that is necessary is a click of the mouse and poof! they can be somewhere else.  I’d like to think that with the proper emotional content, I can more or less do the same thing with various aspects of my life.  No, those “various aspects” won’t disappear with the click of mouse-like fingertips or anything but……

It is possible to change one’s life.  It is possible, with proper emotional content to set the things in motion that have the potential to bring about change in one’s life.  “But what does that mean?!”  If I listen to heavy metal, I can get a new job, a husband/wife…..?  “No, not literally.”  What I speak of is accessing the place within oneself, the one way deep and sometimes covered with life’s overgrowth – and using it to re-shape your immediate day to day, walk-about world.  It is not about just feeling energized.  The subtlety is in the ability to allow your body to do most of the work and let the emotional content act through one’s body.  (Yo! bucko! ya lost ’em on that one!) OMG! (scotts out there just went to sleep .  The rogers?  The ones still reading this post are wondering why they (are still reading this post) because if it’s not on the FB then it can’t be very good anyway.) 

The FB* version of this post:  the body knows first, let it guide you… energy begets energy which in turn facilitates change…focus, feed and sustain…. fight inertia, keep forward motion….and change is more than just a notion* * 

*a mostly rogerian place and a huge scottian feeding ground
**nod to my buddy Lunchbox Lenny and the Progentior roger

GirlieOnTheEdge…gone wild

Hey! Click on the vid first, then come back and read this.  No, wait!  Read this first, then click on the vid and watch it, then come back, click on the vid and read this.  Yeah, that’s it…

Last Saturday night I called in to the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Call In Show.  At one point the Progenitor clark, posed the question, and I paraphrase,  “what if you could go back to a previous timeline, as you are now, and change it.  How would you change it? What would you change?”  Hint: it’s a given that you know about the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers when you go back.  Holy moly! Things would be different.  How could they not? 

Which begs the question, how would life be different?  This requires a clear, and piercing look at what life is like now.  Would you erase what is for what might have been if you could really do this thing?  Would you go back and change only that which you wanted to and still leave the door(s) open that would lead you to the same people only in different roles?  (scotts are not included in this little experiment as they are never dissatisifed with the present – they are only of the here and now – which is not always a bad thing)

Whatever….let’s switch to another “more better”,  idea presented by the clark over at one of his Hub Pages articles.  In his article entitled So how old are you….really?”  he suggests the following:  that at some point we stop “aging” and sort of “lock into”, then hold a mental image of a younger self.  He suggested doing the following:

“…imagine that you are walking along a sidewalk in a small suburban town. There are stores and shops on both sides of the street. This is a small town, and we are in what the locals might call the ‘old section’, meaning that there are no gas stations or strip malls, but there are sidewalks (with parking meters). In any event, the town is small, so the street is only two lanes wide, with very little traffic, so you can see clearly in all directions up, down and across the street. As you walk along the sidewalk, you glance across the street at the reflection in the plate glass windows of a store. You see a person ( you, of course) walking along in that reflection.
The question is, do you immediately recognise yourself?”

Good experiment as it also implies acknowledging how we feel.  And what better describes/represents our feelings than music?  Music encompasses every human emotion and allows for self expression at any age, real or imagined.  Whoever coined the term “mood music” was one clever clark. Most of us define ourselves (everyone else insert “represents” ourselves)  through music whether it’s our own or someone else’s…at some point in life.  Our “mental” age is more often than not defined by a singular genre of music.  Although I love many types of music I have to confess that at heart,  I am a Girlie gone wild…..