So Sorry Willie, but Franz Outbid You Today

Good morning from the Edge. It’s still morning where I am. A cold, dreary (the good dreary), rainy but not raining, Saturday morning. Earlier, writing my morning words, I felt it to be a “Willie Nelson kind of day.”  Uncharacteristically, the TV was on (Twilight Zone – figures, huh lol). The first commercial had Willie’s vocals in the background. Kinda set the mood. Willie, Rod….

When I tapped into the YouTube, Franz Liszt’s Liebestraum – Love Dream clip appeared in my group of musical suggestions. Even without a background in classical music, many of you recognize this piece. In my youth, in another age, I played this very piece my own self. How is it we lose abilities, talents and joy while living…life?

At this moment, from my small room on the third floor, I hear the wind blowing outside of my 2 windows – teasing with intermittent howling, very cool whistling sounds. I find it quite comforting.

I’m laughing to myself sitting here upon my “bed”, pillowed back against the wall. Legs outstretched, my laptop resting upon my upper thighs lending a bit of warmth. In more ways than one. Blanketed, nose cold, hood up, my fingerless gloved hands resting on the keyboard, I’m ready to write a list of Ten.

  1. Classical music.
  2. Beethoven. My favorite.
  3. Having once been able to play some of the great classical pieces.
  4. Musical instruments.
  5. Today’s weather. To some, it’s dreadful. For me, today, it’s wonderful! It’s providing a very fall-like, temporary escape. I’m totally loving it.
  6. The knowledge that I will be going out into the day with a huge appreciation for all that I have.
  7. A renewed committment to writing, creating and otherwise feeding my artistic self.
  8. the Wakefield Doctrine.
  9. I still have a job.
  10. Another day.

Enjoy this day my friends. It is the only one that matters.  So, from (me and) Willie –

“It’s been so long now,
 But it seems now, that it was only yesterday
 Gee, ain’t it funny, how time slips away.”


Do We Give Thanks At The Edge?

Damned right we do! For all sorts of things. The usual and the…not so “usual”. Depends on one’s perspective. Define “usual” and “not so usual”? Well, you know – the usual is for glorious, spring (real spring, not the imitation spring) weather. As in bahama beach blue, smooth as glass, skies. Need a sweater? Hm…doesn’t look like I do. But wait! Looks can be deceiving. Better take one. Just in case. Waking up to that? Yes, a thankful.

So begins my Ten Things of Thankful post. I have much to be thankful. I woke up again today. That’s a good start. An opportunity to get it right, make it better, move forward, not slip any further into the abyss. What?! What? Come on now. Surely, not everyone is skipping down Life is Grand Lane? No? Really? Well, wtf! Why didn’t I get the Memo?

The typical, but not less than, thankfuls are the ones that first come to mind. Health and happiness for our selves and our family and friends. A job, if not career. Reliable transportation (that maybe someone just gave you (yippee, yay me!) thanks to a self-less, considerate sister-in-law).

I am counting the above in my List of 10 because they should never be taken for granted. Ever. So often, we sidestep (however unintentional) into a state of self-absorption that occludes our vision. We can’t see the forest for the trees as the popular expression goes. We cannot see our own value reflected in someone else’s desire to spend time with us. Or help us or ask us for help.

I’m thankful, that should I find myself with nothing else to do, I can always take up physics (not!). I delved briefly into physics in college (1 course thank God!). As a clark, how did I avoid getting sucked into that black hole?

“Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality”. (Hermann Minkowski, 1864-1909)

You’ve already picked up on my not putting this in proper TToT format (yes, once upon a time there was an “accepted” format). However, I’m confident that those who read through to the end will have counted at least the requisite number of TTs. Lest I forget, a huge thankful for those who make films such as represented below. And those who act in such films. Thanks be for film and music. Otherwise, what a barbaric and boring world it would be:D

…wait a minute…what? not 10. there’s got to be 10 there…I’m sure I listed 10. ! yes! the Book! phew – how could I forget…the SBOR/BOSR…..we good………..