Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories! Time travel. Physicists persist in discovering that which will make it real. One day, it will be more than theory. One day, scientists will validate the theoretical time-dilation effect of Special Relativity and while that takes care of the future, what about the past? Pat over to “A season and a time” commented at my Six this past week saying, in part  – “The music brought back a memory of a beautiful experience from many years ago…” Music. Not everyone has the wonder of time travel through it however, music is magic. Now, more than ever in our collective lifetime, we look for those tools that have the power to facilitate a little magic, provide respite, make us smile and dance and sing. In the words of Ray Davies – “don’t forget to dance.” And write! Have a wonderful week everyone, be safe, and write when you can. I’ll read you soon 😀

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Come back here on Thursday, link your post…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 🙂


“The danger that keeps me just a little frightened with every book I write, however, is that I’ll overreach myself once too often and try to write a story that I’m just plain not talented or skillful enough to write. That’s the dilemma every storyteller faces. It is painful to fail. But it is far sadder when a storyteller stops wanting to try.”Orson Scott Card

Girlie’s Hit the Trifecta

It’s Thursday and you know what that means…it’s 6 Sentence Story Day. Hey Val! What was that you said last week about a “hat trick?” 🙂

His voice kept chiming, like an incessant alarm whose “on” button was set to ring in perpetuity, “hurry the fuck up, you have to keep moving”.

A litany of words that could only, in dire circumstances, be interpreted one way – move forward or die – act or die – make a choice….or die right where you stand today.

And wasn’t that it? Making, no! taking, a stand. Right where I am, here, this day.

I want, no, insist, it be written, documented, put into the record, that in spite of having taken all the wrong roads, avenues, highways and byways, in the end I made the choice to move forward regardless, in spite of everything that was before.

Kitchens are for dancing, so says GirlieOnTheEdge

September.  A hugely popular month for all sorts of things – most schools begin a new year, the season folds into fall midway…. and it’s a popular month for nostalgic indulgance. (No, I will not have the Green Day vid at the end of this although I do love that song. lol)  Happy memories, sad memories, exciting memories.  There is a myriad of emotion swirling around like crunchy, wind blown leaves this month.  So let’s call it Memory Month!

I have RCoyne of Rag of the Year fame to thank for today’s title.  He left a comment yesterday on my Aug. 31 post “Hey Ma! Never knew you were so Edgewise….Thank you” in which he reminded me of a very special activity.  I am sure he will not mind me re-posting his comment here:

“Happy are the downsprings who know that kitchens are really for dancing in.
( That was in a fortune cookie…well, at least should be in a fortune cookie.)”

The exact origins of the “kitchen dance”  may very well be laid at the feet of my mother (no pun intended!), and yet the romantic in me thinks (and hopes) that it is generational in nature.  Passed down, daughter to daughter.  I am certain that my  sister has “educated” her own daughter in this most propitious activity.

What exactly is it?  It is the unique expression of/indulgance in/escape from the moment that is.   And sharing that moment with someone else.  It’s the invitation to take a little, slow Astaire around the kitchen.  Room dimension is immaterial as Albert’s got nothing on the time/space continuum when 2 people begin dancing in the kitchen.  

In younger days, the dancing was most often indulged in around the holidays or special occaisions and, more often than not, in stockinged feet.  It’s a thing that was/is spontaneous, it’s the invitation to someone to move with you within a space not defined, a space without limits and where the music never has to end.

“Don’t forget to dance…don’t forget to smile… don’t forget to dance…if only for awhile…..don’t forget to dance….forget it for awhile….”