One Step Leads to Another Until She Edges Out 6 Sentences

Hey guys! Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge’s 2nd attempt at 6 Sentence Stories. Hope you don’t mind – I took a snippet of a chapter I wrote for the ongoing Detective Story from hell over at the Rag. It’s been in limbo lately which is a shame. Clark contributed a very nicely written Chapter 35 and that’s where we’ve been stalled. Gonna rectify that real soon. Real soon.

Be forewarned! The 6 sentences below contain some harsh language and some may find it offensive. But it is from a piece of fiction afterall ūüôā


“Finally, a return on all those BodyCombat classes I suffered through at the Dorchester Ave. Gold‚Äôs Gym.¬†No, I‚Äôm not talking Shaun T here, just your regular old, mixed martial arts, kick your ass kinda workout. It‚Äôs what got me up those steps twice as fast as my PI Guy, God bless his overweight soul.

I hung a quick left at the top of the stairs and nearly went head over heels trying to dodge an ill placed laundry basket of humongous proportions (Martha Stewart Рmy sister is not!) and stopped dead in my tracks just outside of Jenn’s bedroom.

Fuck, yeah‚Ķno kidding we needed to see this.¬†What sick ass motherfucker‚Ķ.amazing what a little adrenalin will do for one‚Äôs vocabulary and, as if on cue, Roger just as vehemently vocalized pretty much what I was thinking.”

Ta Ta… Ten Things of Thankful from GirlieOnTheEdge

Yo! I just accepted a challenge! And thank God I took the call. At this moment, I’ve realized my hands are slick with “wasted” time. It’s Saturday, I’m just off a whole lotta sleep last night ‘cuz, uh, foot/leg pretzel action (old people stuff) Thursday night and, in general, only 4 hours of sleep a night all week. I know. ¬†Waah, waah for me, whiney ass Girlie.

The call? Was a literal one. Here’s the convo:

Me:”Good morning”
Caller: “Yeah”. (whatever, whatever…did you write your post yet?”
Me: “No, was just getting ready for work”
Caller: “…you really….”
Me: I stopped the Caller in his tracks and practically yelled “Shut up! I accept the challenge!! No need to say another word.”
Caller: “Alright. Talk to you later.”


First and foremost that I had a safe trip last Monday. Traveling the hi-ways and bi-ways from Rhode Island to Virginia. It was cool.

Second but not necessarily. Me! That’s right. Even though it took an outsider to remind me that life is now and that I was being such a girl, I realized wtf! of course I can write a TToT post and get it out in what? 30 minutes? What is 30 minutes when you run in negative time anyway. Right? Right? Am I right?!

Third ‘o mine is this – I woke up again. If I can keep doing that, I’m off to a good start. After that is the real challenge. Like this here thing I do today. (see #4)

#4. As usual, as in the best laid plans of …. I’m getting a post out because you know, I don’t write much anymore. Not much anyway since 2013.

Five-O. The Rag story. And my character Janice. Gots to work on the next chapter. I miss Janice!

Six. My friends and readers that come to GirlieOnTheEdge. I do appreciate the read and comments. I keep telling myself there’s a trick to getting around more. To reciprocating. Presently I don’t have access to the internet from when I leave to when I get in. That’s about 12 -14 hrs a day. Hm….everybody else manages to do it….

7. Same friend and readers for writing! And keeping up with their blogs. In spite of being woefully behind, I love that I can click on anyone’s blog and find humorous, insightful, entertaining and educational words. 24/7.

Eight, ocho, huit. the Wakefield Doctrine.

9er. A place to live, a car to drive, food to eat. Not a bad start.

10 spot. Right now. Today.

If you’re lucky, you know someone who will remind you – tomorrow doesn’t exit.


It’s an Edge-u-cation…Awards and Such.

A couple of weeks ago Lizzi Rogers, the Considerering Queen of all things sparkly-twinkly nominated me for a Sistahood Blogging Award. It really made me feel good. And I had every intention of responding in kind. And nominating others and answering and sharing and such. And! The draft sits almost completed in the dashboard.  Why?

Then! I was reading the always delightfully written The Meaning of Me by, newly to the FB, Lisa L.¬†(psst… reading – if you want to call it a “habit”, autombile – more control…how sad I was the day my older sister got married – there’s a family famous pic of 8 yr. old Girlie cryin’ her eyes out as her older sister left for her honeymoon) and discovered she also nominated me. Man, I was feeling great. Warm and fuzzy like.

Surely, as I reflect on my week I may count these 2 events. I so wanted to write the “acceptance” posts. I so wanted to read so many, many posts written by Zoe Ivy and Lizzy and Jen and Joy and Lisa, Christine, Dyanne…. No writing, no reading. It’s been all work and no play.¬†

Lizzi and Lisa. You guys. My first thanks.

Next comes my little men. 5 & 10. I stopped by their house on the way back from work last weekend. We spent some time playing football, playing with Legos, some nintendo and watching a tiny bit of Cars 2. At some point 5 asks “Aunt Denise? Can you spend the night?” Yeah, that’s a thank you:)

No snow. Man, that should count for all 10 Thank You’s!

I don’t normally share in the certain personal stuff. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, my biopsy came back negative. Thank. You.

Hey, I got this. We’re up to #6. Which is…I’m thankful my co-worker received and accepted a job offer. I was so happy for May. She deserved the opportunity. Although I do not know her well, I know she is very intelligent, creative, and most deserving of this opportunity. I wish her well. I’ll miss her.

In spite of dragging my feet, I’m extremely thankful to be co-writing a story over at the Secessionist Rag. I’m “up” for next chapter. I know what it is I want to write, just not sure of how to write it lol.

You know, it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have the internet and computers. It should be a re-cycled “Thank you” on the circuit. Just think! What would life be like without computers and access to all our new friends we’ve made because of technology? Yeah. Technology is my #8.

Music. I can’t ever not be thankful for music in my life, daily. It’s what keeps me going, what keeps me sane. It bolsters my mood, makes me smile, gives me joy, expresses for me that which I cannot express my own damn self. Sometimes:)

Another day.

Be present. Be good. Do not let fear dominate. Today. It is both the first day and the last day. It is the only day.

Me, My Metaphysical Self and I

I just scrapped the 538 words I wrote last night. Inadequate. I struggled for 500 words to find the “right” ones. To describe an event, a concept, an accomplishment, a marker of sorts. I, who never fully developed her musical side, must rely on words. And those my friends are few and far between lately.

What can I say? I was rumaging through some old papers and found a scribble. The title of this song.

Been having some computer issues lately. It’s been of some concern. When my keyboard seemed to be going out to lunch the last couple of days, I thought it time to take my laptop to a shop for some “same day service”. People shouldn’t lie. Anyway, for $20 I got someone to tell me:1) yes, I do need a new battery (that one I figured out on my own), 2) the sound I was hearing off and on was an alert that my keyboard was….in distress. So for $60 and a 2 day sleep-over, the Geek guys could verify the malfunction and replace my keyboard.

No sleep-overs for my lapbaby. Last night. I don’t know how. I fixed my keyboard my own damn self. But like I said, don’t ask me how. I can’t tell you. What I can tell you is that I was in a rare state in which my body was calling the shots. By 9:50 pm last night I was typing. And actual letters were appearing on my screen:)

If ¬†it’s not too late, I’d like to submit my entry for the TToT hop along. You know, I’ve never “followed the rules” of the hop. Hell, never followed any of the “rules”. I understand that the thanks should be for things in the preceding week. Let’s give this a shot.

1) Johnny, while I type. Except now when I listen to him it’s different. “Cuz he’s dead.

2) The enduring ability to believe. In things I cannot readily see. Until I “see”.

3) Music in general. Music everyday.

4) For doing a good stand down job (ironic humor?) of flat ironing my hair today. Needless to say, I won’t be doing it again any time soon.

5) Geez, how could I let this be #5….fixing my keyboard.!! So let’s count this as 6, 7 & 8. You all know what book allows me to do so.

9) Almost! Almost getting completely caught up at work.

10) Allowing myself to be open to the idea of a complete change of venue. Jobistically speaking.

Kitchens are for dancing, so says GirlieOnTheEdge

September.¬† A hugely popular month for all sorts of things –¬†most schools begin a new year, the season folds into fall midway…. and it’s a popular month for nostalgic indulgance.¬†(No, I will not have¬†the Green Day vid at the end of this although I do love that song. lol) ¬†Happy memories, sad memories, exciting memories.¬† There is a myriad of emotion swirling around¬†like crunchy, wind blown leaves this month.¬† So let’s call it Memory Month!

I have RCoyne of Rag of the Year fame to thank for today’s title.¬† He left a comment yesterday¬†on¬†my Aug. 31 post “Hey Ma! Never knew you were so Edgewise….Thank you” in which he reminded me of a very special activity.¬† I am sure he will not mind me re-posting¬†his comment¬†here:

“Happy are the downsprings who know that kitchens are really for dancing in.
( That was in a fortune cookie‚Ķwell, at least should be in a fortune cookie.)”

The exact origins of the “kitchen dance” ¬†may very well be laid at the feet of my mother (no pun intended!), and yet the romantic in me thinks (and hopes)¬†that it¬†is¬†generational in nature.¬† Passed down, daughter to daughter.¬† I am certain that my¬† sister has “educated”¬†her own¬†daughter in this most¬†propitious activity.

What exactly is it?¬†¬†It is¬†the unique expression of/indulgance in/escape from the moment that is.¬†¬† And sharing that moment with someone else.¬†¬†It’s the invitation to¬†take a¬†little, slow¬†Astaire¬†around the kitchen.¬† Room dimension is immaterial as¬†Albert’s got nothing on the time/space continuum¬†when 2 people¬†begin dancing in the kitchen. ¬†

In¬†younger days, the dancing¬†was most often indulged in around the holidays or special occaisions¬†and, more often than not, in stockinged feet.¬†¬†It’s a thing that was/is¬†spontaneous,¬†it’s the¬†invitation to someone to move with you within a space not defined, a space without limits and where the music never has to end.

“Don’t forget to dance…don’t forget to smile… don’t forget to dance…if only for awhile…..don’t forget to dance….forget it for awhile….”¬†


The Edge of life lessons, tough love and the Cat…

There may or may not¬†be a select few who, upon arriving at today’s post,¬†will question the wisdom? the audacity?¬†of writing a second post headlining…..the Cat.¬† Known in¬†certain circles as Arthur, he is,¬†(like King Arthur of the Knights of the Round Table),¬†a legend.¬† The origins of this legend?¬† A small, southern Rhode Island community circa¬†early 1980’s.¬†¬†All I can say, dear readers,¬†is that the feline in question (for those who have witnessed)¬†is a¬†Diety among Dieties.¬† And someone you do not want to¬†mess with!¬†¬†¬†¬†

If¬†you have any doubts about what I have written thus far you have to go no further than¬†here .¬† I dare you to ask the Ragman¬†how it was he¬†found himself¬†in the parking lot of The Wakefield Mall this past Saturday night,¬†a little before 8:00 pm EST,¬†standing, waiting beside his car. ¬†He¬†will tell you he¬†was there ostensibly to physically participate in the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive¬†Call In Show.¬† “No, he¬†did not¬†step¬†into¬†a black Lincoln Town Car with tinted windows¬†but he might as well have….”

If we are lucky enough, there will be a person (or the Cat)¬†who crosses our¬†path and demonstrates for us¬†that¬†life, reality itself¬†isn’t always, shall we say, linear.¬† They¬†will lead by example,¬†show us the ropes and in the case of the Cat, demonstrate that Magic is as real as the keyboard I am using to form these sentences.¬†

You see in the picture,¬†the Cat¬†(Arthur)¬†and his young acolyte (Jamaal).¬† (“Why yes, fortune¬†did look¬†favorably upon¬†Jamaal the day Arthur took him¬†under¬†His¬†paw.”)¬†¬†You know what is amazing?¬† Never,¬†during his brief¬†tutelage, did¬†Jamaal ever¬†question or complain about his training.¬† Not when he¬†found himself¬†snatched up by the scruff of his fluffy little neck,¬†dangling¬†precariously from¬†Arthur’s mouth (for purposes of relocation more pleasing to the Cat); not when he¬†found himself¬†flung (in a single swipe¬†from the larger than life paw) to the far side of the couch because he was blocking the Cat’s view of the T.V. (“hey, it was the playoffs for goodness sake.¬†¬†what’s a Diety to do?”)¬† In¬†Jamaal’s¬†young and formative mind,¬†hanging from the jaw of¬†the Cat¬†now and¬†again or¬†being “helped” to the other side of ¬†the couch was simple payment for life¬†lessons learned.

Lessons such as “the act of looking is not the same as the act of seeing”.¬† Or that “not seeing¬†a thing doesn’t necesssarily¬†mean it¬†does not exist”.¬†¬†It is¬†true that very early on Jamaal learned to¬†never lose sight of the Cat, even while engaging in something as simple and congenial as taking¬†nourishment together.¬†¬†You can’t¬†see it in the picture but our¬†little acolyte, without lifting his tiny head is, in fact, periodically looking¬†at his Mentor.¬† You know, just in case….¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

¬†[did someone over¬†at that other blog¬†make mention of good¬†bass playing?¬†I got your bass playing right here buddy.¬† right here.¬† oh, btw, there is more to come.¬† and heads up – it’s gonna take a big ole lint brush to¬†clean up all¬†the cat hair]¬†¬†¬†

All I need is some shelter and a shot – at the edge

…¬†throw in a little “alone-time” and I think we’ll be alright.¬† Funny thing that – “alone-time”.¬† If you happen to be in a relationship with a roger, there is the challenge of¬†trying to qualify the idea of being alone, as in “go away, I’d rather you not be here for awhile because I need some¬†time by myself,¬†without you“, in¬†such a way that the roger¬†does not feel bad.¬† I know!¬† Such sensitive creatures they, but be that as it may, it is about them after all.¬† LOL¬† (“yeah, yeah, I’m getting to the topic of today’s post”)

rogers v clarks:¬†¬†how does each view “the herd”?¬† Come on.¬† Isn’t that what¬†you’ve been dying to ask but are afraid to ask?¬† (“um..sure, that’s it, been tugging at my brain foreva!”) ….here’s the deal.¬† I think I know how a roger sees the “herd”, the like members of our immediate world.¬† But it’s as a clark,¬†as a¬†blue monkey as they say over at the Wakefield Doctrine.¬† We be all intellectual about it.¬†¬†Deep down though, I know¬†it’s not the same.¬† clarks will look at the “herd” and see individuals with like qualities who happen to belong to a huge group.¬† (“herd” is the Wakefield Doctrine’s¬† term¬†for “acceptable” society – you know, the normal people!)¬†¬†clarks¬†will look at a members of the “herd” relating to each other personally, as individuals.¬†¬†rogers on the other hand,¬†being the emotional ones, have a whole other perspective.

Where did this all come from?  Well, the Progenitor clark and I were in a little discussion this morning and got to talking about rogers and clarks.  That basically sowed the seed that resulted in my question leading off paragraph two.  The beauty of the Doctrine, and why there will always be a carryover at GirlieOnTheEdge , is that it forms the basis for everything.  It explains everything.  Need to figure out why people act as they do, why they treat you the way that they do, why they react to stimuli differently?  The answer is found within the Wakefield Doctrine a/k/a the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.  Seriously.  A day does not pass wherein I do not notice the clarks (not many), scotts (a few) and rogers (they are everywhere!) around me.  [If you are new to the Doctrine just remember: clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel.  And really, that is at the very crux of the answer.]

Man, I am so getting lost in my thoughts. (new¬†Doctrine people: clarks are all about living in their heads, their giant brains, thinking, creating, extrapolating, projecting (all possible outcomes…to everything)/entertaining themselves, etc.) Now¬†here’s the deal: ¬†a roger, and maybe I am going out on a limb here, looks at¬†other members of the “herd”¬†impersonally.¬† They¬†look to¬†the”herd” in such a way as to¬†validate¬†their own status as belonging to the whole yet at the same time in such a way as to reinforce however that they are at the center of their own world.¬† Being the center of their own world supercedes membership in the “herd”.¬† The “herd” has value but in a distant, twice removed, remote, historical¬†fashion.¬† Just as¬†rogers¬†use clarks¬†to validate/reinforce¬†their membership¬†in the “herd”, they use other rogers to solidify themselves as master(s) of their universe,¬†the captain(s) of their own ship.

The phrase “it’s not you, it’s me” takes on a whole different meaning when you apply it to rogers.¬†¬†rogers are at the center of their own individaul¬†world(s) despite /in spite of their need to feel a part¬†of a collective,¬†uniform¬†community.¬†¬†They need the consistency, the numbers to validate their own “individual” selves.¬† Other rogers,¬† other “herd” members¬†act merely as reinforcement to their own sense of being at the center of it all –¬†at the center of their own world.¬† Is it accurate to say that rogers de-personalize the herd while at the same time confirming/validating it’s existence?¬†Heck, do they even like¬†their¬†comrades¬†in conformity?¬†What is their emotional connection, if any, to the “herd”?¬† What is the rogerian perspective on the “herd”?¬† How do they use them, each other.¬† Fascinating……

Confused?!¬† I know!¬† I was looking for a simple way to ask the question:¬† how do rogers see the members of the “herd”?¬† What is their perspective? Do they like other “herd” members in the way we clarks¬†might¬†think they do?¬† Am I out of the park to say that rogers¬†use/need clarks to validate themselves within the herd but then reject the herd on an emotional level?

Way back, I wrote¬†an interview style post with another clarklike female, Molly M. a/k/a Seven Ravens.¬† I enjoyed it¬†immensely so I just got to thinking… I need to interview the Progenitor roger here at GirlieOnTheEdge.¬†¬†He is, after all,¬†the “source code” when it comes to the rogerian¬†perspective¬†( there are only 3 ways in which to view the world, 3 realities –¬†that of a clark, scott or roger).¬†¬†The roger btw has his own place of original verbocity called The Secessionist Rag (damn! the clues are everywhere!)

I have been around rogers my entire life and am much relieved to have the Wakefield¬†Doctrine as a tool to navigate that world.¬† And yet, and yet,¬†I sometimes find myself struggling for a way to explain it simply and succinctly.¬† I know¬†organically, “osmotically”¬† a lot about the rogerian worldview but¬†it is¬†through the lens of a clark.¬† Most assuredly, I now handle rogers better, take less offense and in general “manipulate” (in¬†the good way. lol)¬†them better, yet I will still get surprised now and again.

Well, I think I have rambled on sufficiently¬†to warrent¬†a request to have first hand, verification, confirmation,¬†refutation(?), proliferation and any other “ations”¬†of¬†any and all of what I have spoken of here today.¬† What say readers?¬† If anyone wishes to join me in asking the Progenitor roger to guest write a post or agree to an interview here at GirlieOnThe Edge, I would love to hear from you.¬† Buttcha know what? Even if I don’t hear from¬†my legions of fans,¬†let me go ahead and extend the¬†offer¬†forthwith to the man¬†with the rag of all rags¬†to bring¬†his easy chair and other¬†such accoutrements to this place and set a spell.¬†¬†¬†

Edging closer to…..

What? The life you’ve been dreaming about for….the last 50 fucking years?¬† What’s up with that?!¬† Now that we’ve moved on from the topical shit let’s get back to the real nitty gritty.¬† My nitty gritty.¬† Why the hell not?¬† Am I writing this for a readership.¬† Hell no!¬† What readership?! ¬†I don’t see no stinkin’ readership. (sorry,¬†my friends don’t count as “regular readership”.¬† but¬†keep writing¬†guys ‘cuz I sure need the encouragement).

Where was I in this rambling, rapier¬†rampage of revolt….. Whew!¬† I’m tired now. That took a lot out of me.¬† That and having my resident roger* talking to me while I write.¬† Gee, I guess I am going to have to stop now.¬† It’s either that or stop the roger in the midst of talking.¬† Not¬†an easy feat as some of us well know.¬† (we luv ya but when you have¬†diarrhea of the mouth, as mom used to say, well I have to all but put a fork in my head)

Speaking of being “done”.¬† Isn’t that something.¬† Sitting down in a blurry of a hurry with that fleeting scottian edge I spoke of over at the Wakefield Doctrine earlier this morning, I now find myself loosing something.¬† But am I loosing it or is it being drained?¬† There is a difference.¬†…I…am……g¬† the e…n….er…………………¬† H-a-v-e¬† to get back….u..up.¬† A song has been thrust into my oratory orafice and destroying my train of thought.(where the hell is the conductor!)¬†¬†

This video.  Tell me it is not a perfect theme song for rogers? LOL

Now here’s a clarklike take¬†of the Isley’s song in that most memorable Kill Bill series….and a rather appropriate ending for this¬†Girlie today.

* “definition”¬†of these luvable lugs over at the Wakefield Doctrine¬†