How many? Let me count the TToTs.

Good Sunday morning and welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I’m feeling thankful posting this, this morning as I know there will be a mad rush this evening by some folks like myself, who have suddenly discovered the weekend is drawing to a close lol. I will always advocate for a 4 day weekend 😀

Kristi, of Thankful Me, posts a link every Friday giving us me plenty of time to share in my thankfuls for the week or heck, the thankfuls in general. It’s an exercise well worth the investment of time and more often than not, when I decide to put “pen” to paper, I’ve already forgotten half the thankfuls I’ve noted during the week. Not a bad dilemma to have though. So, let me see what I can retrieve from the memory banks…

TToT  Weather. This past week (with the exception of 1 day) right up until and including today. Gorgeous. Sun. Sun. Sun.

TToT  A great haircut yesterday.

TToT  Having the house to myself today. Nice.

TToT  I’m extremely grateful to be able to say I have established a walking routine/habit. It’s been 8 weeks of consistency now. While once upon a time I walked every day, I came to realize that over the last year, I gradually stopped being so consistent. Got to watch out for that kind of stuff 😀

TToT  As a continuation of #4, I am thankful that my brain is already prepping myself for a new routine/habit….going to the gym. Again! I somehow got out of the habit of going at least 2x a week lol. It’s now or never.

TToT  Music. Access to it. What in the world would life be like without those who make the music we listen to and love. How would we express ourselves.. comfort ourselves.. energize ourselves.. dance….

TToT  A reliable vehicle, a secure job.

TToT  As a continuation of #7, the opportunity given me by a co-worker’s absence. What’s that you say?! Every year, the woman that works at the desk next to mine goes on vacation for a month (good for her!) The thankful is, while I enjoy her company and conversation, it’s been really nice to have my own little “private” work corner.

TToT  Elvis. Yeah, Elvis. As a result of linking to him up there in #4, the ‘Tube is on auto play. So who doesn’t love Elvis, man? Like a river flows….

TToT  This moment. This day. For however long it lasts….

Hm…wherever did MTV get the idea lol 

Whatcha gonna do? It’s a 10.

Repeat after me: “the world is a feeling, and I’m responsible for how I feel“.  At this very moment, it’s 4:49 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Have no idea what time it will be when I actually post this but does it matter? Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I was taken to the Edge rather unexpectedly this afternoon by none other than Mr. Barry White. Allow me to explain. See, in my perpetual effort to mix things up, mess with the routine gods, I’ve taken to doing my grocery shopping for the week on Saturday. Preferably, early in the day. This entails a trip to the grocery store and a second, separate trip to the Korean market. Groceries unloaded, put away? Check! Sidetracked by phone call, I finally head out to the market. Damn, way later than I thought but hell, it’s a beautiful sunny day. I get in the car, crank the AC  (not really, but “crank” sounds more dramatic). I knew right away Otis needed to be ejected and a more appropriate CD loaded for this venture. But who would that be? I rummaged around and spotted the Barry White Greatest Hits. Alright.  

As the first strains of “Love’s Theme” began to play, my mouth widened like the Grand Canyon and time simply suspended itself. Nothing in particular, and everything, elevated me to a place that, at one point, caused me to laugh out loud. I felt good. Funny. When that song came out it was played constantly on top 40 radio. I would hear it every morning on the school bus and I always thought the same thing: god, this song sucks. Now? Hell, who, when in the proper mood, doesn’t love Barry White songs? OK. Maybe, just maybe Barry is considered chick music but who isn’t dancing out of their seat with this one 😀 But I digress. Today’s post is a sharing of Ten Things of Thankful. Kristi, of late insomniac, is our host exemplar and provides the link to a potential for the extraordinary.

TTOT  Autoplay option on the YouTube. But do tell. How does one go from Barry to Johnny Cash/Joe Strummer duet to Disturbed? lol  P.S. How the f%&*# does Lynard Skynard follow Disturbed?? OK. No more peeking to see what the autocrats of the autoplay are cueing…

TTOT  Sunshine and music and cars and keyboards…

TTOT  Walking.

TTOT  the Wakefield Doctrine

TTOT  Six Sentence Stories. I really enjoy this blog hop. Always enjoyed this hop.

TTOT Being more cognizant of the “traps” I once allowed to steer my thoughts and feelings.

TTOT  Being able to laugh at what I just typed up there. Jeez Louise!! I qualify as an older person fo sure.

TTOT  the Writers Club created by Clark. I’ll be heading over to the club a little later this evening. Maybe I’ll see you there?

TTOT  As I stepped out last evening to walk, skies still uncertain of their mood, I smelled the first inkling of the first of fall. It was quite humid and there was a quality to the smell of the air that spoke of the next season.

TTOT  Not a thankful is seeing a HUGE Halloween Candy Display in the grocery store. Excuse me, but last I looked, the date was August 4, 2018.

TTOT  This day. The only day. It’s mine, it’s yours. Find your smile, your grand canyon. Dance…

Darkness on the Edge and Other Places. Darn right it’s a TToT!

I had intended to post a Ten Things of Thankful post this weekend. Thank you Clark for a great TToT and for reminding us of the origins of this hop. Seeing as this is the last week the TToT will be hosted by Josie, how could I even think of not posting!  Thanks to Lizzi for bringing it to us 🙂 Many thanks to Kristi for being the new administratrix, curator, overseer. We are in wonderfully capable hands 🙂

It’s 8:48 pm. Just got off the phone with Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine. He’s been hosting a call in show, the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Call in Show for…a long time! Good convo. Had a little bit of everything, talked about writing, flash fiction, raccoons, rogers, Ted radio talk.

Don’t know about you and where you live but here, in the DC area? Gorgeous weather lately. Warm, sunny, n-i-c-e. Cool, huh Kristi? About time, eh? lol Hey Kristi! Guess who Alexa cued up just now? Oh yea, our favorite band and an oldie but goodie. Of course, Fade to Black. Never too old. Never.

I feel like just writing but I realize there is protocol to follow and so without further delay and/or rambling, my thankfuls are as follows:

  1. Metallica! At this moment, because it’s playing right now, the instrumental in Fade to Black.
  2. The 1980’s. The music. The heavy, glorious metal and the fact that life for me was all about bands and musicians. I was fortunate my circle of friends were musicians. Life revolved around music. It was good.
  3. A visit to my hair stylist. Nothing better to lift your spirits (if you are of the female persuasion) than getting a haircut and highlights on a beautiful Saturday morning.
  4. House sitting. So this house sitting gig comes with Alexa in the kitchen. Luckily for me, my niece and nephew in law have good taste in music…that’s right. They dig 80’s metal. Alexa’s got all the right stations cued. I can sit and write this post to Motley Crue, Cinderella, the aforementioned Metallica, Skid Row… 😀
  5. My car.
  6. The love of driving.
  7. I am thankful for getting a damned hold of myself after my first night house sitting. I know I have company in my almost phobia/fear of dolls. The big ones. The ones that are 3′ or taller. With faces. Damned straight. No good. None of ’em! My first night, Thursday, it was late, I went to the lowest level, the family room, to get something. Wtf! Youngest nephew had left his oversized, stuffed Superman doll laying across the sofa cushions. Painted face and all. I’m sleeping up on the 4th level. Not a huge house but still, 4 levels. No carpeting on the stairs. See where I’m going with this? lol The bed faces the door which of course, duh, opens to the hallway. The stairs are to the right past a bedroom and the upstairs bathroom. I could not stop my imagination. What if I looked over and saw Superman standing in the doorway? No. Not a great night sleep lol
  8. Thankful I remembered Superman was a positive role model. If he decided to walk up 3 flights of stairs to see me in the middle of the dark night, why, surely that was a good thing. Right?
  9. Positive examples of practice. Positive examples of people developing their craft. New writers showing up at Six Sentence Stories. Hey Marti! Deepa! See you next round! And old friends. Good to see you May 🙂
  10. I am thankful each day gifted. What can I gift in return…. 

Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

Hello everyone! Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Every Sunday I post the prompt word for this week’s upcoming Six Sentence Story bloghop and each Thursday writers share their creative selves in a mere 6 sentences. It’s fabulous! I look forward to seeing all the usual suspects and maybe a few new faces like Marti’s. I totally enjoyed her SSS last week and hope she returns again this week 🙂

So let’s get to it. Rules:

Write 6 sentences. No more, no less.
Can be any genre.
Use this week’s cue/prompt word.
Head back over here on Thursday to link up.
Read, visit, share, enjoy 🙂


“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”
–Robert Frost

Sidewinder. A Six Sentence Story

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and my Six Sentence Story

Sidewinder Sally sat sadly at the large, place setting for one pedestal kitchen table, its dark oak oval jutting vertically from the cool mint of the green wall.

Cynicism had found a new home as self-imagined wrongdoings ran rampant among the bitterness, the by product appearing like a light coating of dust begging for a rag.

Her half eaten, lightly buttered rye toast, once an enjoyable morning accoutrement, had become a daily burnt offering to those creatures of nature (emboldened by the myriad of such offerings flung regularly from the upper deck of the 2 story cottage) who came to dine on the expanse of green that was Sally’s backyard.

It’s not fair.. what had she done to deserve this seeming turn of fate’s hands?!

Sally had shut the door so tightly, retreated so far into a landscape strewn with heartache she was unable to recognize gifts of friendship.

Sidewinder Sally sat sadly at the large, place setting for one pedestal kitchen table one last time looking for something inside of her sad, sad self that would unblock the ancient dam, help her shed the first tear for way down deep, she knew there were many.






What was I thinking? It’s a Ten.

Hey. Was clearing out my phone and ran across a picture of myself from November 2015. It was a Friday, day after Thanksgiving. What in the world was I thinking? In this day and age of selfies (thank goodness it appears to have died down…right??), does anyone stop to reflect on why. Why the obsession with pictures of oneself. As a clark, I’ve avoided having pictures taken of myself. In recent years, especially these last few with the increasing quality of the phone camera, it seems I too got caught up in the selfie, videos. Posterity? Was I concerned I’d forget who I was at the time? Was I fearful I’d already lost who I was to circumstance and challenge? Was I trying to capture, in the flash of a picture, a little of who I truly was/am/might become? Thank you for this self indulgence. This morning has been spent inside my head thinking of all sorts of things. Thinking. Thinking about doing. But not doing. Except for this. This post is a “doing” this weekend, engaging in the hop known as Ten Things of Thankful. The successor curator of this blog hop is the wonderful Josie Two Shoes. She is so-o- on top of providing every means and access for those of us of a mind, to share in our thoughts of thankful/grateful/hypo-thankful each and every week. #1 spot? Here’s to you Josie. Thank you. So’s on with this list. I will forewarn you – seems I’m rambling a bit today so word count may be in the millions  hundreds 🙂

…2 I was standing at the printer the other day at work, it is on a table against an east facing wall. In fact, the entire east wall of the large auditors area is window. I looked out and down from the second floor and noticed a woman standing at the bus stop across the street. Thing is, I’d noticed her standing waiting for at least 20 minutes. She may have been waiting for the George Mason University shuttle bus. GMU is down the street less than 1/2 mile from my office. It hit me, while not opposed to public transportation, in fact I enjoy taking the metro, enjoy riding a train at times, I was extremely thankful to own a reliable car. Very thankful for being able to get in trusty blue anytime I want/need.

…3 This is where I slip in a hypo-grat. Was up and down all night long with horrendous cramps in my shins, feet, both legs below the knees. I was exhausted this morning. The thing is, I’m extremely thankful  that I’m able to get up and out of bed every 45 minutes or so to try and walk out the pain, bring my pretzelized legs back to some kind of human shape. It means I can walk, am mobile, have the ability to walk, run, dance.

…4 I’m thankful for everyone who participates in Six Sentence Stories each week. Historians will tell you that the hop began as the brainchild of none other than Josie who then turned over the reins to, missing in 6 action, zoe, or ivywalker if you prefer, of Uncharted infamy. Yo! zoe -ee! Where ya be girl?? 😀 who in turn passed the hop baton to moi. Thank you!

…5 Wisdom I’m able to have access to by virtue of my participation in this virtual world. A few sources of this wisdom? Mimi, Pat, Kristi. The other ones? You guys know who you are. I know you do. Hey! Combo-thanks – I’m thankful to be part of this world because everyone I’ve come into contact has been beneficial to me in some way. Huge thanks.

…6 Geese. Sounds of summer. Breezes on a hot day. Coffee in the am.

…7 Public radio.

…8 The Ramones.

…9 Music, film, art, literature and the internet that can bring them to me with the click of a mouse.

10… this overcast, looks like rain, I’ve got to go to a nephew’s soccer game in an hour (probably in the rain) then his brother’s birthday party at 4, day. I woke up to opportunity and challenge and wonder. Is there anything better than that?


“How do you take your coffee?” It’s a TToT.

Hello all. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I’d invite you to join me for a morning breakfast beverage but well, you know, have to be served up virtual like. OK? Well, alright! Let’s coordinate the Mr. C’s, the Keurig warriors and lest anyone think I don’t remember that some of you are tea drinkers, let’s put on the kettle. (yes, I know you can prepare tea in a Keurig but let’s stick to tradition, eh?)

The more things change, the more they stay the same or as Jean-Baptiste originally said “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”— Got to give credit where credit is due. Hey! coolio segue! Thank you Josie for coordinating, facilitating, administering this blog hop, Ten Things of Thankful. If you guys have been over to Clark’s house already then you have the backstory, the origin of the TToT. Kindred spirits all.

I am thankful everyday and yet, I find that reminders are necessary to keep perspective fresh and current. It also has become apparent to me that reminders are needed for a slew of “things” but this morning, let’s touch on some highlights of recent days.

1  Always a thankful, the hospitality of my sister-in-law and brother. I am home with them.

2  My 1st TToT could not be without the pre-requisite safe travels on the roadways. A hearty TY for that!

3  The auditory sounds of brewing coffee. Not the burping whir of a Keurig machine but the aromatic sputtering from a good old fashioned Mr. Coffee (or other like machine!)  🙂

4  This very exact moment!!!! The sun (no, it did not go all super nova last week. yeah, yeah, I know, the sun doesn’t have enough mass to go super nova. dontcha love the internet!!!). It attempts to break free of the cumulus nimbo stradivarius whatever chains and it’s…it’s almost shining through 😀

5  The beautiful weather today. Not quite. And yet, it is. It’s the attitude, right? Sure, I wanted to wake up to a gorgeous, spring like day with blazing sun but I didn’t. But! I did wake up and that’s a good enough start to the day for me.

6.   the Wakefield Doctrine. Of course! Who doesn’t enjoy removing the guesswork 🙂

7  My health. In particular my brain, that by all accounts, is functioning normally.

8  A renewed sense of self, short term purpose. Roadtrips are good for that. (Wait! does this count as 8 & 9?) Righty, right it does. The SBOR/BOSR 1.3, can’t remember chapter (ask Clark or zoe), says this is permissible. Which brings me to number…

10  Today, this day. The potential of it. The awareness that it is mine to celebrate. Whatsay, celebrate today regardless of sun or clouds or rain? See you out there people.