#Ten Things of Thankful, Girlie Style.

Greetings and salutations! I’m Girlie and you have found your way to the Edge – GirlieOnTheEdge. Welcome. This blog has been around a long time. It has grown, evolved, waned, almost disappeared…trying all the while to hone it’s voice. GirlieOnTheEdge began as a way of sharing. Like a ham radio operater, I sent words out into the airwaves hoping someone might pick up on the frequency and discover my words.  Words that always contained a message. Of hope, encouragement, humor (no, really! I wrote some humorful words once upon a time lol).  It was also a voice to share a life tool that to this day totally blows me away in it’s spot on perspective into why people act and do the things they do.  Amazingly helpful to me, how could I not share that with other people. That’s right! I’m talking about the Wakefield Doctrine aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers. Numero uno folks. How can it not be?! It has helped me navigate the crazy world of relationships – family, co-workers, friends….

Scrolling through my posts, as time and life wittled the wood of this place, there remained a constant. I would almost always write a 10 Things of Thankful post. As my readers know, it’s a bloghop offered by our recuperating wordsmistress Lizzi Lewis. She of Considerings fame shared a thing that has touched the lives of countless folks. Dos y dos Lizzi 😀

3. A safe return last weekend from my homeland.

4. Having a huge smile on my face when I went in to work after being on vacation. The office was decorated for Christmas! And that always makes me smile.

5. For my family. I am one lucky Girlie.

6. The generosity of friends. Old friends. Lifelong friends.

7. Canines!

8. My health and the wealth in my possession that is not of material or financial form.

9. the Cat.

10. Right here, right now. This day. A gift to me one more time.

Let’s step outside of ourselves today, get out of the way, and look around. Pretty amazing, eh?


Just Remember This… It’s a TToT.

‘Morning. I have blown my nose, rid myself of tears. Why? Well, because I listened to the first vid. Since I was an itty bitty Girlie, I’ve felt an “affinity” for all things French. The very first time I sang the French national anthem in grade school, something stirred within me. Something on a molecular level. Past life “memory”? Who knows.

I first watched Casablanca, at my mother’s urging “you have to watch this movie…” When this scene played, when they started to sing, my body reacted. The floodgates of emotion opened and I felt something grip my soul. And so I cry every time I hear La Marseillaise. To this very day.

This is a post for Lizzi’s bloghop. The one that has survived and persisted lo these many years. If you want to get an idea about how long, just go to Clark’s post. To the 4 individuals who wrote the screenplay for one of my favorite movies of all time, Thank You.

All the people involved with that movie – did they think their creative endeavor would survive time? Did they dream that their work would go down in history as one of the best films of all time, that their words would be repeated by generations of people yet to be born? That it would affect millions of people? The longevity of works of art, of the creative mind. Perpetual inspiration, non? Thanks to the internet, there is a dearth of creative work that will go on in perpetuity. Huge thankful. Huge.

I have many thankfuls, always. Each day. The weather so far, cool but not cold,  sun… finally finding jeans that look decent on me. (well, no one has told me otherwise. but would they really? lol) And a huge thankful shoutout to a fellow clark who is blazing her clarklike trail with great success. Thank you Cynthia. She has encouraged me to write, she has always been supportive and I am thankful for her friendship.

To Val. Thank you Val! for creating the FB page, My World at the Moment.  What began as an exercise between two people was shared and the creative process was engaged. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Engaging the world? Participating. Reaching out. Experiencing the world, not reading about it, not thinking about it…To everyone who has helped me to persist in that endeavour, THANK YOU!

The past cannot be altered. We become who we are in spite of it or because of it. It is our choice.


….and the Edge goes “click, click, boom”

Click, click, boom….yesterday someone told me I looked like Gwyneth Paltrow.  As in dead ringer for.  Uh, sure buddy, sure.  Once upon a long time ago, people thought I looked like the flying nun, you know, Sally Field.  Click, click boom.  Perception’s a funny thing, eh?  What is it that allows one person to see an individual in a particular light and the person next to them ask “wtf? she does not look like _____!”  So what is it? A look in the eye? Tilt of the head? Shadow of a smile?  Certain simple affectations?

Click, click, boom….yesterday I wore 2 conflicting earrings (alas, I have only 5 holes in my ears at this late age).  What does that mean?  No time to explain except to say that that, in and of itself, is not at issue.  I’m a clarklike female for god’s sake  so wearing matching pairs of earrings is not typical.  In my mind, it was an experiment. Hauling out historically significant pieces of jewelry to see if I could affect a “change” of some sort. Just for the day. Physical tokens of youth gone wild. LOL

Click, click, boom…Last week I had 2 different people refer to me as “dude” and “man” respectively. Both men.  Both times while doing my library volunteer gig.  What’s up with that?  I’m a woman of  advanced age now.  What do people see that they are comfortable using “dude” and “man” conversing with me.  Living in the country of Florida (oops! that’s living on the planet that is Florida) it’s not unusual (Tom Jones) to have young male (and old alike) customers use the term “darlin” when addressing me at work at the foodstuffs store.  Totally different. 

So how important is history?  No, not that history.  I’m talkin’ personal history.  What kind of question is that?  Popped up in my brain like bread out of a toaster.  Can you move forward in life without the bondage that is personal history?  I mean, you have to look at what it means – personal history.  Depends on perspective doesn’t it?  Cherished artwork or deleterious luggage.  Maybe a little of both?  Can you alter who you have been, who you will always be?  Can you be more than what you are?  Can you change your perspective, your outlook, your worldview?  Click, click, boom…. 

Back down?! From the Edge?! You ka-rayzee?

I know!  Bigger than life right?  Known among the illuminatinot as the Cat, it is rumored that he is chauffered about in a black Lincoln Town Car.  Windows tinted so dark that  even an exploding super nova could not illuminate a thing inside that car. 

Now, most of you are probably scratching your heads wondering what in the world is happening at the house of Girlie.  Truth be told too much.  Or not enough.  Depends upon perspective really.  Speaking of, I could have cropped this pic of the Cat a little better but I think it’s fine the way it is.  See, sometimes reminders need to be given larger than life platforms in order to achieve a more potent, more specific desired effect.  

The rumblings that have been shifting my tectonic plates have increased such that the cracks in those very plates have reached chasms large enough to swallow the aforementioned Town Car.  I’m talking major, cataclysmic life changes here.  So what’s a body to do?  and in what capacity?  Do you panic? Do you get angry? Do you withdraw? Act out? (hey, I can write an obscure post once and a while if I want to dammit!)

the Wakefield Doctrine.  That’s a hint people: go to the Wakefield Doctrine.  No, it’s not a magic cure-all.   It’s a tool.  A personal and extremely efficacious tool. If properly cared for, it will last a lifetime!  See, depending on your perspective, you know, whether you …..think……act…… or feel), you will be able to navigate any sort of disaster (natural or manmade) with an ease (well, after a little while lol) and know that on the other end of it, and after the cleanup crew has left, you have survived and arrived at a place that is….different.

Today is a different day……