‘S a 6.

She woke from fitful dreams, dressed in layers of assorted clothing, a hat, and gloves. Her physical shelter provided walls to shield the elements of nature, though this particular evening, provided none against the cold of harsh circumstance. Bundled, she withdrew beneath covers, warmed of body if not of soul; allowed her mind to wander at will. She walked upon deserted beach dotted with sparkling sea glass, allowing soft, moist sands to ground her as she stepped eagerly towards the surf. Coaxed further, cool ripples drew her ankle deep as the salty swash continued to tickle and tease. She loosed her clothing, each piece dropped upon the shoreline, a breadcrumb, offering to the ocean; she walked on, freely.

Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories!
Close your eyes. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly… use your vehicle of choice and travel to the place where the door stands slightly ajar. Reach out, push the door open slowly. Listen for the lowing of words wandering plain and field until you hear the ones that call to you. Gather them, arrange them such so that you have 6 sentences. Herd them into the corral that is Inlinz in this coming Wednesday’s  It’s Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up post. There, we’ll ride through creative landscapes one Six Sentence Story at a time.

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Return here, link your post Wednesday night through Saturday late…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 😀


The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.” ―  Ursula Le Guin

Ten Things of Thankful, Christmas New Year’s Day Edition

Hey. It’s late…holy shit! 10:30?! Where in the world did this day go? Who am I trying to kid. It’s been here all along. No. No tricky metaphysical mumbo jumbo. No sir. Not from me. Not tonight 😀 Although, if ever there was a night for such things…

See what I tried to do? lol I had every good intention last night but clearly I was on the road to hell. (no, nothing fun, Kathleen’s favorite, the “road to hell is paved with good intentions”). It’s been the “holiday season, whoop-de-do (and dickery dock)” and as such…busy. But holiday or not, Josie Two Shoes has not failed us. As every week for longer than I want to recognize, she hosts this bloghop of bloghops, the Ten Things of Thankful.

OK. Let’s stop talking and open some presents!

1  The wind howling, screaming, challenging me to get up. It is, afterall, a beautiful day.

2  the Wakefield Doctrine. Check out this Doctrine Christmas post from 2013. Excellent.

3  Last Saturday night’s call in call with Clark and Cynthia. What?! We were still talking over an hour after the official end time? lol

4  Speaking of Clark and Cynthia. Thanks Clark for sharing this and thank you Cynthia for the obvious. Excellent 🙂

5  For co-workers who are generous and fun and a pleasure to be around.

6  Music. Especially this time of year.

7  Everyone in the virtual world who writes, creates, shares. Don’t stop.

8  A week ago today, my morning commute. Stopped at a red light I heard the sound of geese. The very large V formation approaches from my right. I lean in to my windshield to look out so as to follow their path as they cross over and above. (ironic they had the green light!). Cool. But wait!  They weren’t finished.  2 other V formations, 2 more skeins of geese flew overhead. It was going to be a good day 😀

9  I am so very thankful for good health, a roof over my head, a secure job, a wonderful vehicle to get me there or anywhere I need or want to go.

10  This day. The only day.



It’s an Edge-u-cation…Awards and Such.

A couple of weeks ago Lizzi Rogers, the Considerering Queen of all things sparkly-twinkly nominated me for a Sistahood Blogging Award. It really made me feel good. And I had every intention of responding in kind. And nominating others and answering and sharing and such. And! The draft sits almost completed in the dashboard.  Why?

Then! I was reading the always delightfully written The Meaning of Me by, newly to the FB, Lisa L. (psst… reading – if you want to call it a “habit”, autombile – more control…how sad I was the day my older sister got married – there’s a family famous pic of 8 yr. old Girlie cryin’ her eyes out as her older sister left for her honeymoon) and discovered she also nominated me. Man, I was feeling great. Warm and fuzzy like.

Surely, as I reflect on my week I may count these 2 events. I so wanted to write the “acceptance” posts. I so wanted to read so many, many posts written by Zoe Ivy and Lizzy and Jen and Joy and Lisa, Christine, Dyanne…. No writing, no reading. It’s been all work and no play. 

Lizzi and Lisa. You guys. My first thanks.

Next comes my little men. 5 & 10. I stopped by their house on the way back from work last weekend. We spent some time playing football, playing with Legos, some nintendo and watching a tiny bit of Cars 2. At some point 5 asks “Aunt Denise? Can you spend the night?” Yeah, that’s a thank you:)

No snow. Man, that should count for all 10 Thank You’s!

I don’t normally share in the certain personal stuff. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, my biopsy came back negative. Thank. You.

Hey, I got this. We’re up to #6. Which is…I’m thankful my co-worker received and accepted a job offer. I was so happy for May. She deserved the opportunity. Although I do not know her well, I know she is very intelligent, creative, and most deserving of this opportunity. I wish her well. I’ll miss her.

In spite of dragging my feet, I’m extremely thankful to be co-writing a story over at the Secessionist Rag. I’m “up” for next chapter. I know what it is I want to write, just not sure of how to write it lol.

You know, it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have the internet and computers. It should be a re-cycled “Thank you” on the circuit. Just think! What would life be like without computers and access to all our new friends we’ve made because of technology? Yeah. Technology is my #8.

Music. I can’t ever not be thankful for music in my life, daily. It’s what keeps me going, what keeps me sane. It bolsters my mood, makes me smile, gives me joy, expresses for me that which I cannot express my own damn self. Sometimes:)

Another day.

Be present. Be good. Do not let fear dominate. Today. It is both the first day and the last day. It is the only day.

Today Sounds like GirlieOnTheEdge

100_2660I really can wait “’til tuesday” next.  So I’m gonna put it out of my mind and focus on today. Tuesday prior. Speaking of Tuesdays, today’s musical vid is one of my alter egos from the 80’s, the clarklike female, Aimee Mann.  Even you neophytes to the Wakefield Doctrine can’t miss this one!  You don’t need to watch an interview to figure her out!  Hair, clothes…faraway look..

Talented.  Damn.  Loved the band back in the day.  In between my metal mainstays was Aimee.  Big as life, looking cool, doing what my fantasy brain dreamed I’d like to be doing.  It’s fun to pull out the old stuff once in a while. And listen to music that, once upon a time, lined the shelf I called life.

Hey! That reminds me. Need to hit all the Twisted Mixtape Tuesday bloghop posts today. You should too!  They’re cool and you get to listen to music from all over the decades.  Any and all genres.  Need a little time travel?  Go to Jen’s place.  She started it all.

Tuesdays in the 80’s were sort of the beginning.  ‘Til there was an ending.  That might have been the beginning of something lifelong.  Relationships….  Sometimes destiny pivots on the drop of a dime where they’re concerned.  A twist here, turn there – kaplunk goes the tender.  No worries.  Youth recovers.  Allows for new beginnings.  Time marches steadily on.  The life soundtrack continues to grow, evolve.  Such is the nature of youth.

What if you’re not young.  Any more.  New beginnings.  Do they ever go out of style?