clarks. Such Self Centered Bastards…(What? This is the TToT?)

OK. Fine! I’ll write that post another day. I mean, why would I talk about clarks being self centered bastards here in a 10 Things of Thank-full post, right?

My song of the week. My “happy” song is this one, the one at the bottom of the post. “Aw, yeah..” And no, that is not Led Z. No riff rip going on here. Nope. Dontcha love that cow bell. lol. Love this song. This song from what, 1986?!

When I was young I would listen/hear music from when my parents were young and think “man, that’s such “old people” music. Well, what in the world is She’s Crafty? Would a teenager listen to the Beastie Boys today and say “man, what old people music”? I think music in general has evolved to the point where the music (some lol) of my youth transcends the “old people” stereotype. It’s often accepted by today’s youth as still relevant. (how’s that for old time “relevant“?)

I resist putting up a formal list of 10 things today. No, not simply because as a clark I do things “differently”. It’s just that I know there are at least 10 instances this past week for which thanks could be in order but I feel inadequate in my ability to describe them. I can’t color them brightly enough for them to shine for you as they do for me.

Quandry. I will always, each day it happens, be thankful I wake up yet another day. Practically speaking that would qualify as 7 thankfuls. No! I am not making light of it. It’s just that I find it difficult, more often than not, to express that which touches me on an emotional level. I live in the world of the rational unlike my rogerian brethern who seem to be able to craft words out of nothing to express their feelings. Or the scotts who slam their words together with such impact you can’t help but read them!

This week there have been simple things for which I am grateful – the touch and feel of the wind on a beautiful day, the sight of a gathering of geese by the side of a pond….I tend to put all my thankfuls in the same basket. The one sitting on the fireplace hearth or on the top shelf of the bookcase. The basket that contains the promise of another opportunity at making a go of it.

I’ve been up for quite some time now. Literally waking with music in my head, more specifically a line from a song. After putting the coffee on, I got back in bed, turned on the laptop, opened the page that holds my “morning words” and started writing. Only my usual morning words started to write like something else. Seems I was writing the 3rd post for tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines. Huh. Go figure.

I’m thankful it’s not now 5:00 pm instead of…holy shit! 11:40 am but I still have the Saturday morning errands to run before I head into work. So…thank you for stopping by and if I don’t return for awhile it’s for not having access to the internet. Sometimes that’s a thankful. Sometimes not.

Here’s to another day. May it be all you want it to be. Enjoy.

It’s the TToT Train. Hold up. I’m comin’…

It’s a long time since this morning when I had all the “ideas”. When the creative words were like morning coffee perking in the pot. But I let them sit. Let them simmer all damn day. Until now. Now? They taste like shit. What’s up with that? If you don’t write them right then and there, they simply go away? I can’t help asking, is it the words that go away or the feeling(s) that produce them?

“Ole’ blue eyes”. He was “it” for my Mom when she was a young girl. Born in Jersey City, NJ she felt a kinship with Frank simply for the fact he was from Jersey too. She knew Hoboken. Now everyone knew Hoboken. When I was young she’d tell me stories about life, her life. As I got older she’d tell me more stories about life, her life. Today, I remembered her telling me about about how she once had a huge crush on Frank Sinatra. “What girl didn’t back then?” she’d ask me.

It’s an anniversary this weekend. An anniversary I don’t necessarily mark the same way each year. Some years it comes and goes like a whisper. Other years, it comes in like a stormtrooper. This year? This year it arrived guerilla style.  I was not prepared. rogers will tell you the horrors of not being “prepared”. Don’t believe me? Ask Kristi. She will tell you straight away I speak the truth.

I am most grateful, not simply for the existence of the TToT, but rather for the fact that the “rules” allow for posting any time of the weekend. Any time. No pressure. And on top of that, people will stop by and visit even days after. Nice. Count that as No. 1.

2. For the rainy day yesterday. For the overcast skies. It was a light rain. And just overcast enough for my mood. Suited me just fine.

3. For the sunshine today. For the “calibre” of light shining. There is a seasonal change to it’s hue.

4. Other clarks. More specifically, for being able to read, speak with, correspond with, witness (to use Clark’s term) other clarks thanks to the wonder that is the “sphere”.

5. Thanks for music. What would I do without it? How would I express myself? How empty I would be. Incomplete.

6. Another day.

7. The Seccessionist Rag. For providing a platform to practice. You know. The writing thing. If I’m not going to read about how to write, might as well just “do it” and have fun.

8. A good job. Most important.

9. A reliable vehicle. Very important.

10. Faith. The ability to believe. In anything. In Everything.


Here’s to us, Ma….



Me, My Metaphysical Self and I

I just scrapped the 538 words I wrote last night. Inadequate. I struggled for 500 words to find the “right” ones. To describe an event, a concept, an accomplishment, a marker of sorts. I, who never fully developed her musical side, must rely on words. And those my friends are few and far between lately.

What can I say? I was rumaging through some old papers and found a scribble. The title of this song.

Been having some computer issues lately. It’s been of some concern. When my keyboard seemed to be going out to lunch the last couple of days, I thought it time to take my laptop to a shop for some “same day service”. People shouldn’t lie. Anyway, for $20 I got someone to tell me:1) yes, I do need a new battery (that one I figured out on my own), 2) the sound I was hearing off and on was an alert that my keyboard was….in distress. So for $60 and a 2 day sleep-over, the Geek guys could verify the malfunction and replace my keyboard.

No sleep-overs for my lapbaby. Last night. I don’t know how. I fixed my keyboard my own damn self. But like I said, don’t ask me how. I can’t tell you. What I can tell you is that I was in a rare state in which my body was calling the shots. By 9:50 pm last night I was typing. And actual letters were appearing on my screen:)

If  it’s not too late, I’d like to submit my entry for the TToT hop along. You know, I’ve never “followed the rules” of the hop. Hell, never followed any of the “rules”. I understand that the thanks should be for things in the preceding week. Let’s give this a shot.

1) Johnny, while I type. Except now when I listen to him it’s different. “Cuz he’s dead.

2) The enduring ability to believe. In things I cannot readily see. Until I “see”.

3) Music in general. Music everyday.

4) For doing a good stand down job (ironic humor?) of flat ironing my hair today. Needless to say, I won’t be doing it again any time soon.

5) Geez, how could I let this be #5….fixing my keyboard.!! So let’s count this as 6, 7 & 8. You all know what book allows me to do so.

9) Almost! Almost getting completely caught up at work.

10) Allowing myself to be open to the idea of a complete change of venue. Jobistically speaking.

Excuse me…have we met?

Giuseppe Gianotti. My new shoe guy. Look at these! Unbenownst at the time, I bought a pair of sneakers similar to these for a song at JC Penny months ago. In fact, I think I presented them at a Friday Night Vid Chat. Mine pale in comparison to these:) Giuseppe has some tres cool footwear. And! his appeal knows no boundary – something for scottian woman as well as my rogerian sisters!

These are sneakers to wear on walks. To parties with just the right ensemble. In my 20’s I might have paired them with a skirt / legging ensemble. Nowadays, I’d wear them with jeans and focus on the top, “upper covering” – maybe a blazer / a little jacket thing. Like the one I purchased that is so colorful and pairs perfectly with my 3/4 sleeve, white, tuxedo shirt. It is black, pink silk lining. Front and back however have colorful appliques of “garden” flowers.

Aha! I should write a list! 9 more and I will have a TT0T for those who design footwear. A most excellent thing to do my being a clarklike female and all. See, for those of you not in the know, what we wear on our feet is just as important as the rest of our “self expression”.  If we are not heard, well then, we will be seen.  Not, mind you in the way a scottian woman may dress for attention. Often they can be seen in short skirts/shorts, high heels…. usually some cleavage. In general, scottian women are about body accentuation.  clarklike females rely on instinct and mood to guide them in their wardrobe picks. For us, it’s a manifestation of our creative nature.

I cannot speak of fashion and not mention rogers. They, my friends are the masters and mistresses of  accessorization. Of matching ensembles. Of pure blending. (yes, they do approve of wool blends as long as the rest of the outfit is of similar weight and or texture. lol). If you want to fit in with “current fashion” you need to take a roger with you as personal shopper. They will insure that you are not “last year”. You will coordinate head to toe, necklace to shoes, purse to watch. You will be one smooth line of color coordinated couture.

Without further ado, here is a list of 9 shoe designers I like. Why not? Footwear is one of my fortes (in my humble opinion). Over the many years, I have had as many, if not more, compliments on my footwear than looks of raised eyebrows. Here they are in no particular order: Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabana (my little flower jacket places me ahead of the curve yet again and on the cutting edge of fashion!), Vivian Westwood…heck I can’t think of anyone else I really like. I just know what I like when I see it:)

That means I am without 6-10 of thankful. Oh. No. But! Those 4 comprise the biggest thankful yet! The thankful for Lizzi for having created the TToT, the thankful that I have met some outstanding people, the thankful that there is always so much reading material for me at the click of a mouse and as always the thankful for the Wakefield Doctrine. (you didn’t think I’d leave out the Doctrine did you?)

Happy Birthday Lizzi Rogers. Happy Birthday!




Old friends, new friends and not giving up….

As is turning into my Friday evening habit, I found myself chatting with folks at the Doctrine hosted Friday Night, It’s Alright, Video Chat-a-thon. When I walked through the virtual door, oh, around 8:15 pm, there was already a crowd gathering.  In attendance were Clark and Lizzi, Zoe, Linda and Laura. Someone named Leigh hung around for a while. Michelle came but left too quickly! Lesssee….Kristi popped in for a bit while Joy arrived a short time after her, ready rumble! (no, not really. that just came out. lol)  I don’t really know Joy. But I like her.

Let’s get back to…music! Any music that makes me smile is good music. 5 fingers + Rob = smiles. Throw in a fun guitar lick and what’s not to like? Friday night on the Chat Laura, after discovering I also liked 5tdp (5 finger death punch), turned me on to a couple of  bands I had never heard of. One of those bands are these guys. Thank you Laura!

Confession time. Laura is the first female I have ever met who loves the same “hard” type of music that so often sets my soul to soaring and my heart a melting. Metal for the mind. Metal for the soul. *blissful sigh*  To top it off, she is the first person to voice what I’ve never been able to explain to anyone – heavy, so called “metal” music can be happy music. It’s true! It can make me smile, give me energy, move me to tears, bring me joy. It does everything music is supposed to do.

There are 10 things here. 10 Things of Thankful. I am.


5 x 2 = TToT GirlieOnTheEdge style

No. We don’t need to know the square or pie of  5 x 2. Just the answer to this one simple equation. 10. Yes. This is a Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop entry.

“You may ask yourself”, why? Why does she have to go and, and….change the format?! Everyone, well almost everyone, adheres to/follows the universally, heretofore accepted format/rule of this most wonderful of blog hops. What makes her think she’s special, huh!?

Well, I’m not special. Just a clark.  My predominant worldview is that of a clark. The world/reality I wake up to every day is that of the Outsider. A noun that attempts to convey as accurately as possible what a clark feels about themselves in relation to the world. ‘Cuz, you know, it’s (the world) “out there”.

The Wakefield Doctrine is not a new thing. It’s been around for a couple of decades at least. What is new is the sharing of it on a mass scale via the Wakefield Doctrine Blog, secondarily through the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call in Show and 3rdly via the increasingly popular Wakefield Doctrine International Video Brunch.

Hey! Without further ado, here’s my 5 X 2 of Thankful:

1) Quentin Tarantino: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, the Kill Bills, From Dusk Till Dawn, Grindhouse, Django Unchained. And others….

2) Richard Linklater: Slacker, Dazed and Confused, A Scanner Darkly, the Before movies (Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight), The School of Rock and for having such a clarklike smile!

3) Robert Rodriguez: El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Sin City, Planet Terror, Machete and… Spy Kids.

4) John Woo: The Killer, Hard Boiled, Bulletproof Monk, The Replacement Killers, Paycheck.

5) Michael Mann: Heat, Collateral, Last of the Mohicans and Miami Vice (’80s TV series)

Heads up people. clarks tend to do things differently. We do not mean disrespect,  we  do not intentionally wish to draw attention to ourselves, we simply have a creative drive that compels us to express ourselves (more often than not) in a manner that contrasts somewhat to the norm.

That’s it for me. There’s a bajillion other TToT Blogs to visit this weekend so I had better put on my best hat, most rugged boots and skidaddle. btw, anyone got directions to TToT’ville?

B-4 the TToT and Before the real Sex and the City there was GirlieOnTheEdge

scanIn 1993 I moved to Northern Virginia.  I went from working as the manager of a music store to working in the civil division of a large county courthouse.  Talk about end of spectrums (no, I did not say speculum!)  This picture shows me and the wonderful young women who befriended me.  Who invited me into their circle.  It was a good circle.  A warm circle.  A fun circle.  Little did I know at the time, we were soon to be branded, by the powers that be, as “troublemakers”. One could ask: did it have anything to do with little ole quiet moi? LOL

It was “Miranda’s” birthday.  To celebrate we drove (I was behind the wheel for this particular escapade down one way streets!) into DC to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Then it was off to the 9:30 Club or was it the Black Cat?  At least that was the plan.  You wouldn’t believe where we wound up.  All I can say is that it was one of those establishments on the wrong side of town, where your parents forbid you from ever going…  It was the best of times:)

If I named these women by their SATC names, FOTDs (Friends of the Doctrine) would know who was the clark, scott and roger?  Can you guess by looking at the pic?  Clark!  You have to wait before spoiling it for everyone!  I’ll give everyone the first.  I’m on the far right.  In the green shirt and what? are those suspenders?  Why yes, yes they are.  Attached to lovely black, pleated, and most importantly, cuffed pants.  Since you know I’m a clark, I’ll let you imagine the footwear.

This, my virtual friends, is my very first TToT post. (sigh)  I know it’s late in the weekend but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I try.  And try I will.  The Hop’s not over til it’s over….(fumble, trip…swearing…now…..think I’m ready….) I feel compelled to qualify my “10 Things” first by saying God forbid they necessarily be in order of importance!  2nd – I’m feeling “funny” doing this and 3rd….hey, wait a minute! this is supposed to be fun!  This is supposed to be a learning experience and God knows clarks love to learn new things.  Throw away the fear…clark.

  1. I’m thankful for whoever, whatever got me to hit the publish button on this.  There are a few who have encouraged me to join in the fun.  Invited me into the “group”.  But it’s you Christine I’m thanking this morning.  Thanks for being my “Charlotte” =D
  2. Technology.  More specifically my computer.  Even more specifically, still being able to pay the “internet bill”!  Otherwise I’d be woefully lacking in the inspiration and encouragement I feel every time I visit someone’s blog.  Every time I share with a person I don’t know, but do, on the FB.
  3. Don’t know why it’s 3rd but if you’d read the disclaimer above….I’m thankful for the Wakefield Doctrine.  Shit damn if it isn’t my tool of tools for navigating life. (so where’s my Doctrine U sweatshirt huh, Clark LOL)
  4. Zoey.  Our black lab.  Who’s been single going on 3 yrs but hasn’t complained. (we told her she shouldn’t rush into a 2nd marriage)
  5. Knock on wood, my health.  Geez.  Loser that I am this is listed as number 5.  But isn’t that a “good” number?  A “lucky” number?
  6. That my rogerian “partner in crime” is so committed to teaching me all the boring music theory I begged him to teach me!  He hasn’t given up and I know he won’t.
  7. Music.  Without it, where would we be?
  8. Books.  Without them how could we be?
  9. Films.  Without them, who knows how far we can see?

10th but not least.  The ever widening group of creative and talented men and women who have befriended me and invited me into their circle.  Thank you.