Casting call. It’s a 6 Sentence Story.

In those immortal 4 words….”hey ho, let’s go!”  Not taking no for an answer. I enjoy writing (mostly) and I’m not going another week without joining in the fun. I know you all can relate to sitting in front of a blank screen until you realize, the longer you sit there, the screen is simply reflecting what’s in your head. Scare-ree. I’ve gone the last 2 weeks without posting a SSS and I’m simply not going to let it go to 3, so here go’s nothing. (hey. that would have been a cool joke, huh? nothing, empty space for the 6. yeah, yeah, so that’s a little weird. blame it on the heat! that’s right. 92 degrees today. yowza.)


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She screamed, in a tone we all knew intimately, not frantic, not angry but….sprinkled, you might say, with a dash of desperation…

“Can I please get a volunteer!!! All I need is a single volunteer to stand in for a short story. What do you say??!”

No one moved, statues all, no one responded, absolutely no one presented themselves forefront and center to offer their services and absolutely everyone, for some odd reason, was staring at me, Lyndon Landever, 8 year old from Cornwall, Connecticut, who pretty much keeps to himself and who for sure hasn’t had much experience out there, in fact, I haven’t had any.

So why they thought me so special I can’t tell you, well, except maybe… maybe it’s because about 2 weeks ago, after school, I discovered a portal to another dimension on the east end of West Cornwall Covered Bridge, but in my mind, that doesn’t make me any more qualified than any of the other guys, to be her volunteer today…. so it’s kinda looking like she’s out of luck again!