Minutes Matter in the Morning…

Hey! It’s Sunday morning 7:32 am. At this moment. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. And you know what? The requisite 30 minute wait time has expired and I’m free now to ingest coffee. But I have to put the pot on. Be right back….

See? Didn’t take too long. 30 minute wait time? Oh that. I take a 1x weekly dose of medicine for my osteoporosis. Upon waking I have to not ingest anything except 8 ounces of water (puke) and take a white pill. Since this is a TToT post, surely I’ll include the fact that I am grateful to have had the medical insurance that lead me to this quirk in my weekly routine.

You know, I just don’t know where to begin! The title of today’s post was a quote to my significant other Friday morning. After Thursday evening’s commute, I was determined to get in to work early enough so I could leave no later than 3:30 that afternoon (you’re pretty much doomed then too lol). “…ya know, minutes matter in the morning…”

And so they surely do. They matter in a very special way. I don’t know if it’s the same for scotts and rogers but for clarks? the early time is special. Why just last night on the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call in Show, Clark and Cynthia and I were discussing that very thing. How did you describe it Cyndi?

It’s 8:26 am. I’ve had a few pleasant interruptions this morning so I’m thinking perhaps it’s time to dispense with hopes I have witty words and simply put up my list of 10 9:

9) that I woke up again to this day of blue sky and sunshine. a good start to the week :)

8) got to do it… I’m thankful for not being part of any of the many accidents along the Beltway this last week.

7) my new purse! finally, I’ve found one bigger than the last but not too, too big (it’s actually pretty heavy right now and I haven’t finished filling it lol) at a fantastic price! (so good I was able to buy an almost fuschia colored cashmere sweater. yes. winter is around the corner)

6) music. Every now and again, well pretty reguarly, I’m reminded of how empty and incomplete my life would be without it.

5) the Wakefield Doctrine.

4) knowing so many talented people out and about in cyberland to inspire me. As of late, there are folks trying their hand (me, I’m tying lol) at writing short stories and that’s exciting! Truth be told, I’d thought about it. Especially after a few of ivywalker’s 6 Sentence Storytime over at her place. Maybe? Maybe.

3) Blogdominion. It’s a new serial story. I’m liking the premise. In fact, without partiality I can say, I’m hooked! Hey Val! It’s pretty good so far, yes? :) Hint: site opens with most recent chapter. Just hit the back arrows to Prologue. And don’t forget to vote!

2) the opportunity that is around me given I have the eyes to see, the energy to grasp, the will to make happen

1) this moment… there is no other.

Before There Was a Before, There Was a Now.

Good Saturday, it’s Halloween (1), the last day of October and the very last day of Daylight Savings Time (2), morning! Welcome. I am Girlie (3) and this is my blog, GirlieOnTheEdge.

Like many of you (right?), I’m distressed today is the last day of the savings time. (I need the saving!). But as is the nature of this living thing, there is an end time to events, relationships, seasons. Except! my most favorite season (4) has barely made itself known. Sure, the leaves have experienced their color burstation. Sure, they insist on falling to the ground. Alas, they’ve dis-associated from their tree mothers and eagerly wait to be blown god know’s where. *sigh*

Beginning long ago, in the early days of the “before time”, there came to be 1 day (2 if special dispensation was received) when I knew it was fall. When I felt fall. Not a rational, explainable in words thing. I dubbed that day “The Epitome of Fall” (5). It was a joyous day as I reveled in the knowing, the feeling, the presence of Autumn. I can’t say that I’ve experienced that day yet. I’m trying not be stressed about missing it :)

I awakened from a bizarre dream this morning, cold and cramped. (funny, I was cold in my dream too!). I don’t know why, but my landlord turned off the heat last night. It was 36 degrees outside when I woke up. Given the first reaction perspective, that’s worth bitching about. And then I thought, hmph…at least I have a place to sleep, a room within which to write these words, a place of beginning (6).

Regardless of where we are in life, we have the choice, the opportunity (given we wake up that day) to be present in that day. For there is magic (7) to be had. In that place. Now the persnickety part is being able to access it. Yes. I’m serious. Who will tell me that the routine of each day does not have the ability to dampen one’s imagination? obscure lines that are not hard fast by nature? deter our natural inclination to simply enjoy life?

Routine is life’s number one killer! Routine. LOL I hadn’t planned on writing about the evils of routine today. In fact, there are times I’m grateful for routine. The days, for whatever reason, I need to function on autopilot. Then, routine comes in pretty darned handy!

I’m still a tad chilly. Still have my hood up but I have 2 windows that face approximate East. You got it – the sun is beginning to shine (8). The sky is blue, it’s color turned up to maximum autumnal hue (9). I’d say it’s time to get up, get out and see what there is to see. Time to see…. that which I cannot see (10).

Know, feel, participate, give. We have today. It’s the only day.

Yo! Tape that 6 Over There…

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge does 6 Sentence Story Thursday! I was going pretty good for a few weeks – had the consistency of a well cooked pudding (no idea! lol) And then I missed last week. Too bad too, because I had a really great idea. But there’s a thief on the lose stealing all sorts of time, motivation and creativity….

So here I  am sitting, with outstretched legs, upon buoyant mattress, laptop accross my lap and… I’m lost. Lost among a wordless expanse of white vellum. “Pen” tossed aside, no characters to adorn the skin of trees shorn just for this purpose….*sigh*.

SNAP. OUT. OF. IT! Pull yourself together woman! You can do this! Truth be told, I’ve always been a last minute “term paper person” (LMTPP). During my school years I was never one of those students who began a project or paper well in advance of the deadline. No sir! Me? I was last minute chick. Yup. Leaving it right up until there was no time. Work well under pressure? That’s exactly what I used to tell myself. lol

Now here I am, once again, the night before 6 Sentence Day doing the cramming thing. When will I learn?! You know, I could have written this yesterday had I a mind to, had I remembered. Yesterday, I walked the world of a scott. She would have whipped out a 6 Sentence Story in record time fo sure!

I don’t know why my secondary scottian aspect was running wild yesterday. From the moment I stepped through the door to my workplace until I went to bed. Have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And! I ate a shitload of food! The pizza I split with a co-worker? 5 slices. That’s how many I ate. Out of 8 slices. What the hell?!

Maybe that’s why I’m so tired today. Who, other than scotts, can function at the energy level I maintained all day and into the night and not crash the next day? LOL  Come on! I challenge anyone with a secondary scottian aspect to tell me how long it takes for you to recover being all scottian like. No worries…your secret will be safe with me!

…so much refuse on the landing to the boathouse it was difficult to get to the little widgeon 12. she was so neglected, all barnacled up, her sails not having flown in too long too remember. she needs some time out. time away. time to fly and float – buoyed by waves of blue. who says you can’t stop time…


“Every Form of Refuge Has It’s Price”

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I write sometimes. Not enough though. I have another blog. Did you know that? Languishing in cyberspace 2 years ago this month, a couple of the vids have disappeared. Nada. Nunca.  Kinda like me. (Inattention is not a good thing.)  I had big plans for tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines. But I’m thinking, in a rather self-indulgent way, that blog 2 will have to wait a tad longer. I’m barely keeping up with this one, the Rag story (been months! since I’ve written a chapter there) and the occaisional poems/lyrics.

I’m coming off an anniversary (Thursday) and as expected, been quite reflective these last 48 hrs… what did I expect…what do I expect…what have I accomplished….what is it I want/need…how do I get it…is there really time or has the card been punched too many times.. Embedded in these thoughts always is a thread of thanks. I cannot weave a single day without the use of it.

Hm. Now that turned out to be a darned good segue into a Ten Things of Thankful list wouldn’t you say? So what do you say? I say let’s start the listation! (as the Creator of the Wakefield Doctrine might call it)

First and foremost! Thanks to Everyone who stopped by my last post and shared. Please forgive me for not getting over to your house (s) yet. I’ve had the best of intentions but it’s been one of those weeks. My Mom always told me: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions“. (now why on earth would my Mom keep telling me that? lol)

Second to none. Being confused! Let me explain –  Monday last was my nephew’s 11th birthday. Thinking he was being taken out for a birthday dinner, I drove by the house after work to drop off his card. Lo and behold, dinner out wasn’t until the next night. So I got to go in, set a spell, watch him blow out his candles and enjoyed a most excellent piece of chocolate cake!

Third time’s a charm. Have I mentioned I have a Kindle? :)

Four corners of the Earth. Is how far I feel I’ve commuted this week. It’s been rough. I’ve dubbed this “accident week” on the Beltway. And not just one accident. Doubleheaders! Thankfully, none fatal that I’m aware of but every day this week there have been backups. My thankful? That I wasn’t part of any of these accidents!

Hang Five. I’m thankful for the ability to ratchet up the energy (most times, not always) more times than not. Hm. Ya know….today isn’t one of those times LOL oops!

Sixes and Sevens. Never heard of this phrase. Kinda cool. I will re-state for the record my thanks for being able to access such an enormous reservoir, reserve, repository of information at the mere click of a mouse!

Crazy Eights Since it’s almost Hallowen, I  linked to the trailer for a scary movie. No, it’s not a thankful :) as I’ve not seen it, but it is a reminder of the time of year it is. My most favorite season. Fall.  It’s been pretty awesome so far. I actually had to use the AC in my car 2 days last week! Warm weather at the peak of fall colors is….incredible. Taking my walk break at work under canopies of golden delicious apple leaves mixing with red delicious and orange crush – beautiful. I’m thankful to have such a pretty place to walk.

Nine. I smile at this. It reminds me of my 2 young nephews that I will be seeing later on today. 9 is a movie I bought for them a while back. The younger one really like it. That made me happy. I’m most thankful to be able to enjoy this part of their childhood. There will come a day when hanging with adults won’t be cool.

10-4. I woke up again today. Definitely a good start.

**Thanks to the Eagles for the title to this Post. Be careful with the legal tender my friends. 

Of Coffee Making Machines and a GirlieOnTheEdge, It’s TToT Time

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. It’s been quite some time since I’ve complained, lamented or otherwise expressed angst over a coffee machine.…  Been a couple of years now since Mr. Coffee went bye bye. He had a good life. He had an extraordinarily long life thanks to one Man ‘O Mine who can fix just about anything presto chango. But  life has changed drastically since then. From a culinary perspective, the one thing that has not changed is my love of, need for coffee.

Raise your hands! Who cannot exit by front, side or any other door to their abodes each day without ingesting what I lovingly refer to as the “go-go juice”? Be honest :) Anyway, today proved that last week’s “incident” wasn’t a fluke. The coffee machine in question, a parting gift from my nephew (whole other story), is not old. I accept that I may have used it the most consistently from 2013 – 2015. But still… that’s only 2 years. What coffee machine begins malfunctioning after 2 years?!

Here’s the problem: halfway through the process, the water sits in the basket. That’s right! The life blood ceases to drip into the carafe. This has happened once before and is what happened this morning. Aagh! 1 mug a the juice…liquid only up to line 2! I need it up to line 4!. I wiggle the carafe hoping this jars the mechanism that stimulates the process (oh, man – I need someone to stimulate this writing process) of transforming water into coffee. (hey, it’s Sunday, isn’t it?!)

I pour myself the first mug and return upstairs to write this post. I don’t get very far when I realize it’s time to go down for the 2nd and last mug of a body’s best friend. BooHoo. No such luck. There’s a bunch of water still sitting in the basket refusing to leave. Now what? I look at the carafe. There’s still some caffeinated goodness left. But is there enough to fill my mug?…just barely. Thank all thats good. So here I am. It’s all gone. The juice is gone. Time to get down to business.

Ten Things of Thankful. The blog hop. I can do this….

  1. I’ve given thanks in the past for family in whatever form that takes. Today, I go literal. I’m thankful for my brother and sister in law. (see #2)
  2. A Kindle! Said brother and sister sent me a surprise last week. A Kindle! (did I already mention that? lol) I’ve been a hold out on these Kindle things. Me, of books to hold, smell, carry. Books that give bookscases a reason to be. (I love bookcases!)
  3. It’s funny, the day before I received my Kindle, I had gone to the library. *sigh* The books I signed out are sitting by the bed. Unread. (I will read them. I promise!)
  4. Have I mentioned yet I have a Kindle now? Here’s the thing. I really, really like it. I love it now that I can read in the dark! Yup. I can turn off the light, lay down in bed on my side and read. And not worry that I might bend the binding too much or worse yet roll over and damage the pages. Yeah, it has advantages.
  5. It is life altering. The Kindle. (Sure it can be!) It’s a little thing that impacts a major part of my life – reading.
  6. Weather. Living in the mid-Atlantic, we’re just that. In the middle. Which means we get a fall but not quite the New England fall of my childhood. This year, fall came in like a lamb as they say. The colors have been gradual, beautiful and not marred by too much rain. Fingers crossed, rain will be minimal during this, my favorite season.
  7. the Wakefield Doctrine. Really?  You need me to say more? That’s correct. Go there. Read. Then tell me that there is nothing there for you.
  8. Music and it’s availability because of the internet! Music. My life blood.
  9. The belief that “life will be better”.
  10. Another day. It’s another opportunity. It is a gift.

Keep Your Eye on The Edge – another 6 Sentence Story!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I don’t know what you call it after you’ve pulled a “hat trick” but I’m back for a 4th consecutive week with a Six Sentence Story.

You know, the blog hop that happens every Thursday, courtesy of one ivywalker of uncharted fame. Hey! What the hell happened? Look at my dashboard! (no, I know you can’t but that’s what I want to yell)

When I last left the dashboard this morning, all looked as it always has. When I returned this evening? Presto! Chango! My dashboard has been altered! No longer are there words in the far left column saying “Dashboard” or “Comments” or “Pages”. Now. Now, there are pictures. Little icons. Instead of words. Seems words and writing are giving way to icons and formulas.

Which is something I don’t have for these bloghops. Wish that I did. Let’s see what can be done with this week’s clue “tear”.


She could feel the rending of the now stretched to capacity, diaphanous fabric that carefully covered the armour. Armour that served as protection and haven from all that was out there

She stood silently, stoically still as disbelief deftly and without mercy paralyzed her.

There on the hardwood floor, in the middle of the room she called home, the room with comfy oversized chairs, her favorite period piece couch snagged at a ticket only estate sale, lay her manuscript scattered like spent confetti on a ballroom floor at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Turning away and with an abormal amount of self-control, she walked into the kitchen, returning moments later, a tear slowly descending each cheek, and bent down with dust pan and brush.


Girlie’s Hit the Trifecta

It’s Thursday and you know what that means…it’s 6 Sentence Story Day. Hey Val! What was that you said last week about a “hat trick?” :)

His voice kept chiming, like an incessant alarm whose “on” button was set to ring in perpetuity, “hurry the fuck up, you have to keep moving”.

A litany of words that could only, in dire circumstances, be interpreted one way – move forward or die – act or die – make a choice….or die right where you stand today.

And wasn’t that it? Making, no! taking, a stand. Right where I am, here, this day.

I want, no, insist, it be written, documented, put into the record, that in spite of having taken all the wrong roads, avenues, highways and byways, in the end I made the choice to move forward regardless, in spite of everything that was before.