And out of the skies…It’s a 6.

Severed, tattered, torn asunder, the relationship lay abandoned on the life stained crumbling curb like last week’s leftover trash

Disparate in temperament, struggle bred contempt until neither saw resolution, no surrender save that to abandon

One, tethered by regret, the other, bound by grief, pilfered memories lay strewn about like confetti shot from a taser, numbered slivers, material for a tragic best seller

Book or film, song lyric or sonnet, all friend to heart’s hurt, spirit’s sorrow, long a comfort shared, now impotent, unable to give passage from the place of no return

(And) so they wallowed in the wake of one more setting sun, insouciant to the gesture of such grandeur

Until evening bled the sky black, a sidewalk supernova, this was their “last hurrah”

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