#the Wakefield Doctrine. It Will Take the World by Rite of Hat

Greetings and Salutations! from GirlieOnTheEdge. I’m Girlie and I will be your guide today. I began a journey earlier today, one that I procrastinated taking. For no good reason. At all. The journey? Navigating, exploring and familiarizing myself with….my phone. Yuppers. I mean, what the hell?! I have never been this technologically “behind” in all my life! I’m embarrassed to say I’ve barely done anything more than take pictures and videos (and those not so good). Hm…excellent segue…

Yes, this was the same 24 hour trip and No! I can’t tell you how the angle changed lol. But I promise you this: I will stop being such a neophyte when it comes to my phone! Sheesh. You’d think I was old or something….Hey, now..this is the blog hop that Lizzi built. It is the Ten Things of Thankful. Who on the internet has not heard of this thing? That’s right. No one. So here goes…..

You watched/listened to the vid correct? Then you heard me lay claim, by Rite of Hat, for the Wakefield Doctrine, the City of Virginia Beach. Is this a real thing? Why yes!, Yes it is a real thing. It began years ago when the first Wakefield Doctrine hats and t-shirts were mailed about the globe. As a result, there are, among the archives of the Wakefield Doctrine, posts depicting various people (FOTDs or Friends of the Doctrine) claiming cities (mostly) and sites (historical and otherwise) by Rite of Hat. Ask Clark about this.

My birthday last Tuesday. Waking up was a good start. I was ambivlalent about it being my birthday. Certainly, I was grateful to have walked the planet for another 365 days but I didn’t know what to expect of the day. Of myself. And so I simply decided, it didn’t much matter as long as I went to Safeway after work to buy my 2nd annual giant birthday cupcake. You know the kind – so big it would feed 10 kids (or me) with mounds of icing that only last week I read was, well, less than good for you. (hmph. what do scientists really know lol). You know what? I had a great day! I had so many well wishers on the FB. To you guys – a HUGE thank you. When I got to the office, I found my desk area decorated with a red Happy Birthday banner, balloons…there was even some Happy Birthday confetti spread about my desk. *sigh*. No one had ever done that for me before. I have a very sweet co-worker who waited until I’d left the night before to work her magic πŸ™‚ Pulling my chair back, on the seat was a bag, gift inside, from another friend and co-worker. The same co-worker who, as yet unbeknownst to me, brought in a “birthday” coffee cake from Panera. My favorite! I received cards in the mail, unexpected gifts within; I talked on the phone with loved ones and rounding out the evening, I went to the gym πŸ˜€ Wanna know a secret? After working out, I couldn’t even think of eating and so…no annual, giant cupcake. The great thing was, I didn’t care. My day had been filled with so much caring and generosity I got all the goodness I needed.

OK. Let’s talk about this weekend. The one that went to hell in a handbasket and me along with it. Before I get into that I’d like to thank Kerry and her comment over at the Doctrine. I never noticed, but Kerry said she pretty much was the last to post her TToT. I replied to her that she would have company tonight πŸ™‚

Simply put, Saturday began with the best of intentions. But I soon found my “schedule” of things to do and hoped for accomplishments soon went by the roadside, tossed out the window of a speeding car, like a greasy bag of day old fast food. Spread out on the highway, I looked in the rear view mirror and thought, it’s not so bad. There’ll be some hungry birdsΒ vultures that will no doubt make a feast of my unrealized day. I kind of felt better. Decided I could/would salvage the day by resisting the tonal and find something good and redeeming about the day’s wreckage. What maya. lol

I’m damned thankful for….how to say this….today, of course. But not just the waking up part. I’m thankful that I made it to the gym and not only that! after a coupla iterations of “going to the gym” I truly had a good workout in the weight room. Baby dumb bells for me at the moment but I pushed myself. It’s only a matter of time. The getting to the gym sounds at first like a “what’s the big deal about that?“. However, it’s getting there, doing what I did under the assault of bad mood, indulgence in feeling bad, frustrated, the wanting to cry. In a nutshell, the tonal (agreed, a definition would be helpful) was at it again. Fucking with my head, drawing me into a vat of nastiness until I was at a point of abandoning/sacrificing the day to doing absolutely nothing! How self destructive of me. Realizing this, I walked my body to the car, got in and well, you know the rest.

Here I sit at 6:38 pm. No, I have yet to open the work laptop. No, I have not yet done laundry. Hell, I haven’t even taken a shower! (I don’t stink, promise) but what I did do today was worth 10 thankfuls in and of itself. And so, after posting, I will plod and persevere on. Cuz’ ya know, each day is the only day.




39 thoughts on “#the Wakefield Doctrine. It Will Take the World by Rite of Hat

  1. Glad you had a birthday full of goodness and enough to skip the icing, as good at icing can be.
    Thanks for the mention btw. I admit fully that I am often the last to post here, but this week in particular I had a bad day yesterday, one of the more unproductive Saturdays there ever were. Today I got behind on writing my post for 1000Speak and am just now finishing that up. This evening is reserved for my TToT. I always seem to get it in, under the wire, except for that one time when, like I always do, I waited until Sunday night. Unfortunately, I ended up with no Internet that time and missed the week, but otherwise I’ve always managed to get it in, since beginning last May.
    Also, for to get to the gym like you did is a thing to be proud of. Not many can do it. They say they will, but somehow never seem to get around to going. That would be me.
    Have a lovely week, first day of spring and all.

    1. You are more than welcome πŸ™‚
      So you too huh? Yesterday was the pits for sure. I’m sorry you had such a bad day 😦 Yesterday and today.
      Oh wow! No internet. It never goes out when you don’t care, right? lol
      It was huge for me today because that was one of the things I wanted to do yesterday but didn’t.
      Thank you Kerry. You have a wonderful first week of Spring too! πŸ™‚

  2. So glad I got to talk to y’all last night.
    And your vid made me giggle. Something about the sideways thing.
    And I’m typing this in my hotel room in Raleigh. Getting ready for the conference. Relishing my alone time. Enjoying my second (?) glass of wine. They let me bring it up to my room from the hotel bar. But that’s neither here nor there.
    Just wanted to stop by and enjoy your perspectives for a moment. Enjoy the vid. And your so-thoughful-and-I-don’t-know-how-you-so-awesomely-and-eloquently-string-words-together-so-that-they-make-brilliant-sense post. πŸ˜€
    Sending hugs. Hope your weekend has wound down with a nice, relaxing evening. xox

    1. I’m glad you did too!
      Surely, if I take enough videos I’ll get better? LOL
      Yes! You are away on conference and enjoying a little alone time. Excellent. Hope you have a room with a view!
      Thank you Cyndi. I take such encouragement from your kind words πŸ™‚
      Yes, the weekend, or at least today, has wound down in less dramatic fashion than it began.
      Many hugs back and good luck!! Hopefully, we’ll talk next week πŸ˜€

  3. Kristi

    You didn’t eat the cupcake on your birthday?! Wow! I won’t tell you about the (2!) cupcakes I ate yesterday–and it wasn’t my birthday! The gravity challenge might tattle on me, though.
    Good for you for plodding along. I honestly think it is the many little steps we take that impact us more than the occasional big step. Oh, and happy birthday!

    1. I did not! But I also didn’t share that I ate a somewhat large piece of coffee cake shortly before going to the gym lol
      Your secret is safe with me Kristi πŸ˜€ You know, sometimes you just can’t eat one!
      It was difficult and I totally agree – it is in all the little steps. I really believe that.
      Thank you πŸ™‚

  4. I am so glad your co-workers showered you with birthday surprises! I’m very impressed that you went to the gym instead of eating a cupcake, as I can’t say I have that kind of discipline at all, but go, you!

    1. While I too was impressed I didn’t drive directly to the Safeway, if you read my response to Kristi, you will see my admission of eating a piece of coffee cake before I left for the gym πŸ˜€
      But trust me Dyanne, my brain really wanted me to have that cupcake πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. I maybe got a speck of dust in my eye when you wrote about how wonderfully your co-workers celebrated you on your birthday, and how much thought and care and love there was in your surprise. I suspect I missed the whole thing by excuse of being rottenly ill. I don’t even know. My brain has disengaged from so much of this past couple of weeks I feel as though I’m here by a shred.

    But I am here. And I have now. And I want you to know that I think you’re an absolutely WONDERFUL, incredible person, whom I am so proud and pleased to know and call my friend. And I’m glad you had a birthday and SO glad it was beautifully celebrated and if I could have showered everything with glitter and silliness, I would have. But I will send you a book. Soon.

    Kudos on salvaging your bad day and doing the gym anyway. I need to get me some of that grit. You rock.

    1. Aw Lizzi πŸ™‚ Gee, I don’t know, ya think that maybe it’s OK to be slightly “disengaged” after oh, say ….unexpectedsurgerytheyhavetogiveyoumajordrugstokillthepainsoyoucanstandtobe conscious? Hmm? πŸ˜€

      Thank you Lizzi. I SO feel the same way about you. And I know, were you here to do it, I would have had a gallon of glitter dispersed everywhere! Hey! You should know this – do they make glow in the dark glitter?? Now that is a cool idea. I love glow in the dark shit. But I digress lol

      I don’t know what to say about the book except…..you are wonderful to think of sending it to me and I shall be as patient as a feline!!

      I did. But I can’t believe I haven’t been back yet this week! Is doing laundry a viable excuse for not gym’ing it tonight? lol
      Now ya got me thinking…Lizzi needs “gym grit”…..got to find Lizzi “gym grit”.

        1. Thanks. And no. Not liking it one bit. I wonder if my grit is in routine and seeing people and having a pattern which I understand, as opposed to this amorphous, tired life I’m leading at the moment. I dunno. Hugs help though, so thanks πŸ™‚

        2. Trial and error. I find for my own self, it’s good to shake up the routine(s) every once in while (everyday if you can!). And it doesn’t have to be much. Sometimes, the smallest adjustment(s) can reap much larger rewards. It’s a function of faith really. And being aware of oneself and being open to switching things up now and again πŸ™‚
          There is both reliability and safety in routine. And these are good things. But there also comes with it the allure of complacency.
          Yo! Before I get offa the soap box….too much routine leads to “blindness”.

        3. yeah. there’s that as well (WHERE are my capitals? nvm). but I’m pretty sure I’m still learning to be flexible within a routine and I’m working on ways to make the routine suit me better (mostly so I get more SLEEP, which is very necessary and I don’t get enough of) and and and…

          Well I went for a walk today, which helped. Not a big one. But it helped.

        4. Walks are helpful. I’m glad you took one πŸ™‚ And see? It didn’t have to be a big one. The most important step was stopping what you were doing, leaving, and going out for a walk.
          Ah…I’m still trying to find the right routine order that allows me more than sleep lol.

        5. I have a New Wonderful Plan for my routine (when I return to it), which involves eating a snack earlier in the afternoon, and so enabling myself to go to the gym directly I arrive home, rather than eating, waiting to digest, and giving up the will to do ANYTHING except sit (or sleep).

          Can you get a lunch-break nap? Those save my DAY.

        6. I was wrapping up my reply when weird shit happened…screen switching, not once but twice! and poof! no reply. So here goes again lol

          No naps. You are very lucky Lizzi, to have naps! There have been times I’ve sat at my desk, eyes closed willing a hold on consciousness πŸ˜€
          I do however, plan on taking regular lunches again and walking at least 30 minutes. Especially, now the weather is turning nice.

          Eating is important. What, when and how much. For sure.
          Oh, man. That is the lock on the door – getting home, sitting around too long and then telling yourself “I’ll go tomorrow”. Yeah, sure.
          You’re right. The trick is to get back out to the gym as quickly as possible! It’s such a discipline thing sometimes but well worth the effort.

        7. I’m planning to make that happen, really truly. Weird about your computer.

          Maybe a lunchtime walk would be better than a lunchtime nap, especially if I could get my nighttime sleeping patterns better organised. Hmmm

        8. OK. Let’s report back to each other! πŸ˜€ Yes, it was bizzaro!

          If you get the night time sleep thing down, then yeah, a walk at lunch, away from the “office” does a world of good.
          I’m an advocate of taking a little time in the day to separate from work πŸ™‚ It’s an opportunity to appreciate the “right here, right now”.

        9. I tend to dissolve into a book at lunchtimes, whilst I eat, then I nap. But yes – if I get the night sleep sorted out (by virtue of bringing my evening forward by better managing the afternoon snack) then maybe I’ll be better equipped to manage a walk instead of a nap, which would doubtless help me sleep more at night…it all seems such a lovely spiral upwards into goodness…I must have been getting it all wrong up til now. It’s that TimeZoned thing…. *sigh*

        10. It’s a struggle of choice for sure. I would love to read at lunch but the thought of remaining sitting drives me nuts lol
          It sounds as if you have a well mapped out strategy…check. Next: implementation! Oh, for sure the time thing has something to do with it:)
          I like the image “spiral upwards into goodness”. For some reason, when I hear/read “spiral” I think negative/bad/awful. What a clark I am. But wait! You’re a clark and you use it in a good and positive way. Thanks for that πŸ˜€

        11. Ha! Notes scribbled, I assume? πŸ˜‰

          I see no reason a downward spiral (such as the one I’ve been in) can’t be reversed. Step one – be healthy enough to return to work. In all honesty I doubt I’ll get to the gym this week as I’ll be too exhausted from returning to normal (if I get the clean bill of health from the doc) but maybe next week…

        12. πŸ™‚

          Agreed! I would imagine it might be a couple of weeks before you get to the gym. Surgery is major trauma to the body. I do so hope you get the cleanest of bills!! Not to pry, but was it appendicitis?

        13. It was that and endometriosis, which I think is still causing probs so I might need follow-up appointments. Oh JOY! *so* thrilled BUT…better to get it all checked out and sorted on THIS side of the pond than that, so…silver linings

        14. Oh man! Double whammy as they used to say. I hope you are no longer in pain and yes! to getting it taken care of there instead of here!
          I send mending, healing thoughts πŸ™‚
          P.S. Yeah, for sure hold off on the gym for a bit. Walk instead πŸ˜€

        15. Double whammy indeed! Methought I was going to be sent back to work but I (am relieved to say I) have a bill of ill health for a while yet, and need more healing time. Which is its own kettle of fish but I need to make the best of it.

          Onwards and Upwards.

        16. Relieved? Hm…I see. Extra time regardless of circumstance can be a gift.
          Let’s see what you come away with after stirring that “kettle of fish”, eh? πŸ˜€
          Get well Lizzi xo

          Psst…went to the gym last night. Go me πŸ˜€

        17. WHOOT! Well done you. I did some walking. Then some more walking. Then crashed. Terrible day yesterday, but better today (thank goodness). And there was sunshine, which always usually helps.

        18. HOORAY! Well done you! I’m pleased. I’m pleased. Today was better for me as well, in spite of not much sleep, I had some much-needed connection and FUN with friends, which was a tonic.

        19. No! That was for you! It wasn’t about me πŸ˜€ But I’m glad today was better for you!
          Fun with friends for sure…a tonic for sure. Go you πŸ™‚
          Fun, friends, hanging out, relaxing – does wonders and may supercede sleep as a recovery aid πŸ˜€
          Here’s to a good, if not great, weekend to both of us!!

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