It’s Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and another edition of Six Sentence Stories! How’s everyone feeling this week? Fired up?! Just cooling the jets until Thursday? Well, ya know… just ‘cuz you link a post Wednesday night to get a jump start or you get up early and link Thursday morning, doesn’t mean if you get inspired and write another Six, you can’t come back and link that one too! As long each story utilizes the prompt word, is 6 and precisely 6 sentences, it’s all good 😀 Write on and we’ll read you soon!

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Link the URL to your post via the blue “Click here to enter” button below.
Link live Wednesday through Saturday night late!
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers  😀


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Writers are the exorcists of their own demons.”
― Mario Vargas-Llosa

The Road Untaken. It’s a 6.

But it’s not my dream, that was just it. How many times, how many examples, how many well intentioned comments over the years, the digital billboard flashing inside his head, reinforcing the misnomer; the thumbnail image exploded to full size. Asking oneself a rhetorical question is the first sign something’s wrong; he chuckled at the irony.

What possibly could be the catalyst, after all the foregone “this is it!’s filling the screenplay logbook that was most of his adult life? Was he ready to acknowledge the burden of carrying around the trappings of the once life, the might have been, the could be, because bottom line, none of it mattered.

He’d used no road map, no GPS, simply packed a bag, filled the car, hit the highway and drove, for days, for weeks until he saw the flashing light 50′ in the air, the approaching billboard partially lit, “Welcome to He……………..


It’s Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Six Sentence Stories! Who’s fired up?! Who!? I invite everyone to join me, this week and every week, in writing a story for the best blog hop on the planet! If there was audio to accompany this post (check out Faith at Prairie Wind Press and her 6 from last week. She included an audio “transcript”.  Awesome.), you’d  hear the enthusiasm in my voice 😀 If you haven’t yet tried your hand at a Six Sentence Story, poem or 6 sentence excerpt from a work in progress (check out Clark’s “the Case of the Missing Starr), why not give it a shot. Guaranteed, you’ll be hooked. Happy writing my friends. Read you soon!

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Come back here Thursday through Tuesday, link your post…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 🙂


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“I watched the spinning stars, grateful, sad and proud, as only a man who has outlived his destiny and realizes he might yet forge himself another, can be.”
― Roger Zelazny, Isle of the Dead

Words in sepia. It’s a 6.

Image result for noir beach odessa

sky meets horizon, magic the union

ocean backdrop soothes all but the most hardened

hearts once inseparable, now lay splintered

shards of intimacy scattered upon the sands

 discarded like the wrapping on a long forgotten gift

two paths diverging, in final unison, a wave farewell




Let’s Dance, Shall We? It’s a 6.

Fear, having subdued Rationality, slipped past security. Uninvited, it crashed every life party oblivious to the admonitions of the STAND CLEAR!, DO NOT ENTER! HAZARD! signs.

A flash of gleaming white, daggers at the ready, it’s pointy, razor sharp teeth glisten with drool.  Fear spots me, then smiles wide in anticipation of a feeding frenzy as the scent of familiarity draws it nearer.

I feel the first clawing, clutch at my stomach as it begins twisting in knots as tight as the braiding on a rug; I force myself to breath deeply….again….again…and again.

Tonight, I smile back, as I feel my own teeth having gotten sharper, and throw out my arms for the embrace.

Image result for noir fear films



Officially Unofficial, it’s a TToT

The morning has dressed for Winter. Blue sky trimmed with bands of wrinkled white clouds their bellies lined grey, it is the first full day after the official beginning of Winter. That is where I beg to differ. The way I see it? This is the first unofficial first day of Winter’s end. That’s right, lol. Just go ask Clark. He’ll tell you unequivocally, Winter is over. Go ‘head. Dare you 😀

I woke this morning fairly early for a day I could sleep in. Not only Saturday, it’s the Saturday before Christmas and the beginning of a mini-vacation. I don’t have to return to work until next Wednesday. Sweet. A longtime believer in the body knows first, I was pouring my second mug of go-go juice, when I was accosted by a few creative “punks” taunting, “Gee, Denise, no pressure, why not sit and write a spell, huh?, huh?” Floating in a pressure free zone, they knew words tended to coalesce easier, you know, when they don’t have to appear. When they don’t need to perform.

Now what?! Seems I’ve scared them away. No nevermind. Cat’s out of the bag. I’m on alert now! (and no. won’t give in to the notion I’ve “wrecked it somehow”). Since I’m also one to not (intentionally) follow convention, not naturally blend in, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to some folks and to shout out to the Universe my appreciation in this official, unofficial TToT:

Kristi, creator of Thankful Me. Even though we be on holiday hiatus, thank you for bringing us all the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop.

Clark. For the Wakefield Doctrine and providing living proof that commitment and practice produces results.

Zoe. She handed me the baton and challenged me to lead the Six Sentence Story Blog Hop. I’m thankful she did!

Six Sentence Story current (and past and on hiatus) participating writers: Mimi, Paul, Reena, Clark, Deepa, Pat, Dark Netizen, Neel, Rene, D. Avery, Sa, Ira, Deborah Lee, Val, Lisa, Kristi, Dyanne…I know I’m leaving someone out – my apologies! Bottom line: I totally enjoy bringing everyone the writing challenge that is the SSS and so appreciate reading your work. It’s not only an entertaining endeavor, it’s an opportunity to learn, to discover, and to enjoy getting to know people I’d otherwise never know!

Cynthia aka Sageleaf of Intuitive and Spiritual. She is a bright, shining beacon for my people 🙂 Talented and creative, I’m lucky to call her friend.

The Internet/Techonology. See above!

Family. In all its iterations.

For a warm place to live, transportation to take me where I want/need to be.

Health, vitality, opportunity to increase both.

This day…This day, my gift…This day my opportunity…This day, my only day.

Thank you all for giving me a bigger world.





Ten million maybe more. A TToT.

Hey everyone, welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. As I began typing, the sun broke through just a little bit more. Step aside dark sky… Began, as in finish later. I’m beginning to insure the first thankful I list is, well, the most important one…Yesterday, my niece’s 2 boys had a soccer and baseball game, respectively. Older one, soccer. (“You coming to my game tomorrow, Aunt Denise?” I was asked Friday night. “Yes“, I replied). Except! the younger one’s baseball game was scheduled at the same time. 10:00 am. Damn. Went to 14 year old’s soccer game. Ended in a tie. “J” scored the only goal. Yay! Now it’s on to 9 year old’s baseball game, stat! Arrived for the last 10 or 15 minutes of his game. There was my little scott, on the pitcher’s mound. I was standing along side their dugout, excellent view of the field, pitcher’s mound in particular. I wasn’t there 5 minutes when “B”‘s dad, who’s the coach, called over to him to give him some pointers. “B” turned to look at his dad, then he spotted me. And smiled. Eyes infected with a close lipped smile so wide it made my heart ache. Perfect. His dad turned around and asked me, “Did he see you?”  “Yup” was my answer. He saw me. And absolutely made my day 🙂 Tell me how that can not be TToT #1.

TToT  YouTube. I began this morning looking for a particular song. Autoplay was on.  Viewing history be damned! How in the world did they know? Wicked Game??  I couldn’t have programmed a better playlist.

TToT  Nightwalking. The spelling? My homage to Nightswimming. The song that began my YouTube search this a.m. 🙂

TToT #4, #5, #6 – the whys for TToT #3

(what are they talking about?…)

TToT  Bread and butter. Simultaneously, a hypo-grat lol

TToT  The sound of the wind howling.

TToT  Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty”.

TToT  Today. This glorious sunny, windy fall day. It can’t get better than this very moment..


“If Dreams were Thunder”. It’s a TToT

Good morning and welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I’m Girlie, aka Denise. If you were around many years ago, you know that “Girlie” is not a new moniker. Once upon a time, a very dear friend began calling me Girlie, still calls me Girlie. When I decided to create a blog, it seemed rather obvious to me what to name it 🙂

Many new faces, new friends later I’m still “here”. Just exactly where and what is “here”, I’m still not sure of, lol. One thing I am sure of? The Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. Originally the brainchild of one Lizzie Lewis of Considerings fame, it is presently hosted by Kristie
(I dare you to put me behind the wheel of a car, I’m a road warrior extraordinaire) at Thankful Me. Sharing in thankfuls, in those moments we stop time and say “damn, that’s cool”, is an exercise that allows us to consider that perhaps life is pretty darned good even with the not so good. Hint: got a few of those not so goods? Put ’em on the list and call it a hypo-grat. (Whaa-at?! Ask Clark over ta the Doctrine..he’ll fill you in.)

Shall we?….

TToT  Reminders. No, not the one about picking up the dry cleaning…the other ones. Doesn’t matter when, where, how, they jump in front of us, just as long as we stop what we’re doing and pay attention.

TToT  tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines

TToT     Life outside an office window. Mine.


TToT  Lunchtime walks. See that hill up there? Leads to a park and a pleasant escape middle of the work day 🙂

TToT  So what was I thinking? I was thinking, yeah you have to walk up that hill! lol

TToT  the Wakefield Doctrine


TToT  Fall and geese and color blooming…


“Gimme somthin’ to write on”. Yes, it’s a TToT

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. While my intention was to publish a Six Sentence Story this morning, Ten Things of Thankful started obnoxiously banging on the door after only my second cup of go-go juice. The nerve! Fine.….

TToT  Old things..

TToT  Like laptops…

TToT  That are old friends…

TToT  Reminders appearing in unexpected places…

TToT  Energy available if there is will enough to grab…

TToT  The moment and the opportunity, seen and as yet unseen…

TToT  Vehicles for expression and catharsis….

TToT  Ability to share and be shared….

TToT  Tools for living and coping, tools for growth

TToT   Choice

How many? Let me count the TToTs.

Good Sunday morning and welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I’m feeling thankful posting this, this morning as I know there will be a mad rush this evening by some folks like myself, who have suddenly discovered the weekend is drawing to a close lol. I will always advocate for a 4 day weekend 😀

Kristi, of Thankful Me, posts a link every Friday giving us me plenty of time to share in my thankfuls for the week or heck, the thankfuls in general. It’s an exercise well worth the investment of time and more often than not, when I decide to put “pen” to paper, I’ve already forgotten half the thankfuls I’ve noted during the week. Not a bad dilemma to have though. So, let me see what I can retrieve from the memory banks…

TToT  Weather. This past week (with the exception of 1 day) right up until and including today. Gorgeous. Sun. Sun. Sun.

TToT  A great haircut yesterday.

TToT  Having the house to myself today. Nice.

TToT  I’m extremely grateful to be able to say I have established a walking routine/habit. It’s been 8 weeks of consistency now. While once upon a time I walked every day, I came to realize that over the last year, I gradually stopped being so consistent. Got to watch out for that kind of stuff 😀

TToT  As a continuation of #4, I am thankful that my brain is already prepping myself for a new routine/habit….going to the gym. Again! I somehow got out of the habit of going at least 2x a week lol. It’s now or never.

TToT  Music. Access to it. What in the world would life be like without those who make the music we listen to and love. How would we express ourselves.. comfort ourselves.. energize ourselves.. dance….

TToT  A reliable vehicle, a secure job.

TToT  As a continuation of #7, the opportunity given me by a co-worker’s absence. What’s that you say?! Every year, the woman that works at the desk next to mine goes on vacation for a month (good for her!) The thankful is, while I enjoy her company and conversation, it’s been really nice to have my own little “private” work corner.

TToT  Elvis. Yeah, Elvis. As a result of linking to him up there in #4, the ‘Tube is on auto play. So who doesn’t love Elvis, man? Like a river flows….

TToT  This moment. This day. For however long it lasts….

Hm…wherever did MTV get the idea lol