Today. Yes, Yes it is a TToT.

Where do I begin? What is the starting point? Where is the starting point. Which one? My head holds a myriad of flash intros each screaming, vying to be headliner. How do/can/will I know which one is the right one for this…this version of reality? Even as I write these words, I doubt the font type currently appearing was the same font as when I opened this post. To borrow from Calderon, is everything but a dream….

Thanks to constant interrupted sleep last night, I awakened this morning at the sound of an incoming text. I’m thankful for that as I dare not think how long I may have slept. Already, the day had been re-arranged, re-ordered for me by my body. By the intermittent leg/foot pretzels that plagued me throughout the overnight. “I am an old woman, named after my mother, my old man is another child that’s grown old”. Even now, I wander the highway of multidimensional reality. Why the hell not πŸ™‚

I will, being sleep deprived (there can be very enjoyable special effects garnered from interrupted sleep), on the verge of getting sick? attempt to put some cohesive tape on this botch job of a post…it all began….last night, as I turned out the light thinking it was going to be a typical, lay in bed, go to sleep, sleep until morning kind of night, I lay, lights out listening to youtube. The last 2 songs I listened to were Don’t SpeakΒ and Someone Like You. Neither are new songs. Neither are played on the radio here (Don’t Speak I’ve heard once or twice but not in ages). At least the stations I listen to. Driving to work, I heard both these songs. Back to back. Now you might say, what’s so weird about that? Here’s what’s weird. The brief conversation I’d had with Clark pulling away from the house 20 minutes earlier. It culminated in his statement/observation that my previous (work) timeline was reclaiming it’s self proclaimed, rightful place here on this, my new timeline. What? Whatch you talkin’ bout Willis?? And so, the briefiest discussion of the re-emergence of pattern, habit, routine. Engrained like the groove in one’s favorite record. Impervious to the switch to digital media, habits and routine cannot be erased, cannot be altered sufficiently for them not to resurface to reclaim their rightful position, steering you to those places it would have you be because, after all, we’re all where we would have ourselves be. We are living in our perfect world. (go ahead Clark. I know I could never explain it. The words are not in my brain any longer lol)

This is a jumbletron of words. Like “sitting at my desk at work at 11:45 this morning, I was overcome with an incredibly strong feeling of deja vu.” The kind where you believe you know right at that moment the next thing you had done/will do. And so I thought, is this simply a facet of timeline replication? Is it the “feeling of having done this before” or was it simple resonation of familiarity of habit?

I think perhaps the lines were bleeding one into the other today. Blending, melding, criss crossing. In a way, I hope so. Otherwise, how is it I can ever discover anything “new”? How will I keep routine, habit at bay. How will I keep my body from playing in the worn rut left by the needle that has traversed the same song for 57 years.

TTOTimelines (yes! I’m stealing that from Clark! That clever Doctrine guy who plagues me, lectures me, yet manages to keep me sane). I am participating today. Somewhere. LOL

For the Wakefield Doctrine

For last weekend. Achieving goals, spending time with my favorite small humans. We had a wonderful “nature walk” on Sunday to round out the weekend.

For increasing knowledge, little by little in my new profession.

For only getting ,my face “burned” 3 times by my dermatologist.

For the sense that I will write, will complete Annaliese’s Dream, though it’s barely begun.

For the YouTube.

For my physical stamina. It’s pretty damn good.

For not totally, completely giving up participating in the virtual world. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have read Kristi Campbell’s very fine Finish the Sentence Friday post. Check it out. Her writing. It’s good. Like damn good.

For the BOSR/SBOR. No. Not quoting a rule. Just a general thanks for it’s existence πŸ™‚

For this, another opportunity. For this, both my first and my last day.

Do you know where you are? You sure?



  1. Clark Scottroger · September 17, 2016

    well, sure! (According to the Wakefield Doctrine) everyone lives in their own perfect world. Only two premiseses are necessary: a) you let loose of the chauvinistic belief that ‘perfect’ means is and must always convey it’s existence with a resultant pleasurable reaction/response and 2) that we all have a definition of the way the world is/should be/will be because, well, because it just is! (and for my part, I will match Denise attribution of a most wonderful idea with one of my own (attribution not idea) don Juan Mateus* tells us that we are, from the moment of our births taught the world, by everyone around us, the world in grand scale and tiny detail… and from that time (the moment we are born) we learn it (the description of the nature of the world) and it becomes the world…. fast forward to where you are today, the people you meet and the things you do, the feelings you have and the thoughts you think are those you’ve practiced since…. the moment you were born, updated, made current, mature-version, even sophisticated but they (these thoughts and how the world is for you today) are a reflection of the world you’ve been taught, a near perfect version of the world.

    *don Juan being the ‘fictional character and protagonist of many a tale written by Carlos Castaneda


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 18, 2016

      Thank you.

      All too often that is something I forget. That it is all a description learned, accepted from early on. The potential that is present each day I awaken (for a life well lived) is mine to uncover, discover. I do believe that all that I would need, want, is there, available to me. That’s the easy part! What is the daily challenge is how to acquire those skills, qualities, attributes…but wait! That’s the conundrum. I know that I hold within me all of those qualities. It is the expression, the use, the “walking the world of” that is the stumbling block.

      I think you should stop by more often. Good to engage in conversation that’s not just in my head lol


  2. zoe · September 17, 2016

    I am at a loss for words. Hows bout that Clark, huh? I read kristis piece too….yall can really write…maybe the three of you should collaborate? Lol?? No, really!


  3. Lizzi · September 18, 2016

    I hope you sleep better soon. IN spite of whatever special effects might be garnered and appreciated in the short term, in the long, more sleep is better, I think. I’m looking at the prospect of hibernation and hoping I could somehow pull it off. Not sure it’s meant for humans, but maybe if I get cold enough and find a way not to be needed for for to five months, then I could re-emerge in spring, ready to face the world again.


    Hooray for being able to listen to music the radio overlooks. And thank you for your constant reminders to live for THIS day *sigh* I need that more and more.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 18, 2016

      You dreamer you! If we could hibernate for that long, we’d all be better for it lol But I know what you’re saying. There are those periods in life that steer us to the thought that hibernation is the answer. And in the short term, sometimes it is. Hibernation for a day, a week…guess we’ll have to settle for the short term, eh?

      The sleep will come when I adhere to a workout schedule. In spite of knowing that working out to a particular degree of exhaustion assures me of a good night’s sleep, I still fight with my body’s lack of discipline to get me to the gym no matter what! Go figure. We know what we should do and why, but don’t.

      Yes that, but it was the weird, what are the odds of hearing those songs the next morning back to back moment that sets you off on a metaphysical journey only the sleep deprived enjoy πŸ™‚

      Hope your day has been a good one Lizzi. One where you are in/of/the moment. Because it’s yours. All yours. Right now.

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      • Lizzi · September 19, 2016

        I want to get back to the gym but also I want my mouth to be a bit more healed up first *sigh* Still. Here’s to doing what can be done with diet and cleanish living in the meantime.

        I’ve stayed up too late reading books the past couple of nights. It’s been delicious but I’m beginning to think I need a genuine early night!

        As to hibernation. I so needed it, I will need it again, and I just wish it were more productive somehow, than just licking one’s wounds.

        I’m opening my mind to other ways forward, now, and beginning to wonder whether the whole ‘scholarship 10 minutes from my best friend’s house’ really WAS too good to be true. Time will tell, and I’ve sure got that.

        Trying my best to own the moment. I hope you’ve managed that, today *HUGS*


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 19, 2016

          My only experience with tooth extraction – freshman year of college I had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed. In the hospital in the am, out by the pm but it was days before I felt better. It was the first time I had tylenol with codeine and gee, no one told me I shouldn’t be taking 2 every 4 hours πŸ˜€ Here’s to a quick recovery so you can get back to the gym! Hey, don’t forget walking. Not too much jarring of the teeth with that πŸ™‚

          I am envious of you for that. I haven’t stayed up late reading a book in FOR-EVER. In fact, I’m appalled at the total lack of reading in my day to day. When did it all stop?? And I even have a kindle now! No, you can’t burn the candle at both ends indefinitely. Treat yourself to an early night. Soon.

          There are times when it can be productive and needed and…restful. The key for me is always trying to stay ahead of the game, to head off, neutralize, find the source of what causes that reaction, the feeling of wanting to hibernate. Let me just say it for the both of us – it’s exhausting being a clark!! πŸ˜€

          That’s the challenge for sure. Being able to spot the other routes, the other “open doors”. I believe they’re there, just invisible. Agreed, sometimes things are too good to be true and sometimes it’s simply timing. Perhaps the β€˜scholarship 10 minutes from my best friend’s house’ is still there. Just not now.

          It’s a practice thing. Like writing πŸ™‚ You’ll have it down before you know it.
          Me? Today was a tired day. So tired I made a mistake I’ve been proud for not ever having made and in spite of knowing “everyone” at work has made the mistake I did, it killed me because it was all for being in a tired haze the whole, rainy day. And it’s not like I didn’t get a decent night’s sleep. It was OK
          In fact, I had a rather interesting dream. Brad Pitt was in it. We talked quite a bit, became friends. He appeared to be a comfort figure in the dream, a figure of support. Guess I stayed up too late talking to Brad lol

          *HUGS* for you my recuperating friend πŸ™‚

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        • Lizzi · September 20, 2016

          *HUGS* I’m sorry you made a mistake that you’ve been trying not to make, and I know – that ‘everyone’ has also made it, makes it worse in a way. Far better for a clark to make a unique balls-up of things, if a balls-up is to be made!

          Brad was in your dreams? ARE YOU THE OTHER WOMAN?!?! I liked what Jennifer had to say about the matter, to be honest. Got her head screwed on right, has that one.

          As to practice. Ugh. All I can do and I have a whole winter ahead to do it in. Remind me how clarks survive winter? I seem to forget every year!

          As to the gym…it will be some time before just being at work doesn’t drain me completely, though it did make me laugh to hear the amount of medication you took! I bet you were ZONKED! I wish I could take that and just zonk!

          I reckon what we both need to schedule is what (in my family) we call a ‘duvet day’ – food, books, movies, and not much movement. It’s lovely. Also often very impractical when considered in the light of The Rest of Life!

          I hope your tomorrow is a better day, my friend ❀


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 21, 2016

          Thank you πŸ™‚ It was one of those ones you make when you’re distracted or in my case tired and trying to come down with something. Thank God it wasn’t a “spectacular” or “balls-up” mistake lol.

          He was! LOL I don’t watch the entertainment shows, haven’t seen any interviews. What is Jennifer saying? She does appear to be a pretty together person πŸ™‚

          Don’t think about winter yet! We still have fall to enjoy, right? πŸ˜€ Winter is good for wearing big, comfy sweaters…have to look for the positives. They’re there, I know it!

          How frustrating! Oh, I was feeling very good. Got through the most painful days without any pain πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

          I agree. “Duvet days” are definitely better enjoyed on cold days. And rainy days! I haven’t had one of those in I can’t remember when. They are a nice indulgence every now and again. And I believe them to have restorative power. That’s a lovely moniker. Makes me think of giant fluffy, puffy, warm blankets….of which I am getting under in less than 10 minutes!

          Here’s to Indian Summer! I hope your tomorrow is a better day too Lizzi. (insert heart here since I am emojiistically challenged lol)

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        • Lizzi · September 22, 2016

          Ahhh I hope you slept well under your warm blankets. That IS one good thing about winter – I like being snuggly. Okay. There ARE a few good things.

          Jennifer was saying that she was so pissed because people were focussing on the divorce, while there are people out there being shot and dying, who are missing the headlines, and she said she thought it was disgraceful.

          Glad your mistake wasn’t a huge one, but STILL so annoying. Today my day was one of those long slogs. I’m keen for tomorrow (being Friday, it’s automatically that bit easier), and for it to all just be OVER for the week.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 23, 2016

          She’s so right. I can’t believe that Brad and Angie were are SUCH the news. I mean, they made the nightly, national news. Such a sad commentary on our culture isn’t it?
          Being the next day, your long slog is over and yes! Friday! Now, almost over for me. And you have crossed into the future…
          Fridays do seem to be a bit easier simply by virtue of being the day before the weekend πŸ˜€ Here’s to an excellent weekend for us!

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        • Lizzi · September 24, 2016

          DID THEY!??!?! Ohhhhmigoodness, that just shows how far off kilter the priorities are over there. BUT, I guess we know that, and the media has this awful agenda and they are their own revolting machine, telling people what they should want to hear.

          Friday really was a slog. Good grief it was hard work, but the event today went BRILLIANTLY well, and I really enjoyed it. It didn’t feel that much like work, which is always a plus πŸ™‚

          I hope you’re having a good Saturday πŸ™‚


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 25, 2016

          Yup. Why I stopped watching the news years ago. Luckily at the gym, when it’s on (how I knew they made the national news), the volume is off lol

          So sorry Friday was a slog but! isn’t it a wonderful feeling to have things go BRILLIANTLY? πŸ˜€ I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hey, when work doesn’t feel like work, what more can you ask? πŸ™‚

          Yesterday, was a day in bed 😦 Exhaustion from not good sleep caught up with me. Today, though, is beautiful and I hope to get to work soon so I can enjoy the rest of the afternoon πŸ™‚

          Goodness for you Lizzi, on your Sunday afternoon! (hope it’s not raining!!)

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        • Lizzi · September 26, 2016

          Ahhhh I hope that your rest was deeply refreshing and effective and that you feel invigorated for this week.

          It didn’t rain, that I remember, though it’s due to tomorrow but I’ll be under cover so I mind less.

          I was very thankful for the event going well but having a one-day weekend really does put the pressure on! I’m going to be taking it as easy as possible this week, too, I think.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 27, 2016

          It helped a lot. Can’t say that it was deeply refreshing but it kept me from crossing over to really miserable πŸ™‚

          We had our gloomy day yesterday, and rain last night. Here’s hoping yours also has come and gone!

          I know exactly what you mean about 1 day weekends. As long as they don’t become the norm, you’ll be alright πŸ˜€
          Funny though how “routines” find fertile ground to sprout lol. Guess I’m not talking about the “good” routines!

          Here’s to an excellent week for both of us!!

          (I really needed to write that here,. I always acknowledge certain facts each and every day. But days like today, I can tell – there’s going to be a lag time before my body gets with the program and carries me forward into the energy of the day) πŸ˜€

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        • Lizzi · September 27, 2016

          I had a good day in spite of the persistent misting drizzle the entire damn day, because my clinic was slow and I got to read a lot of my book, which was nice, BUT I’ve developed another bloomin’ headache and this time a nap and painkillers hasn’t shifted it and I’m oh so fed up of hurting. Just damn fed up. I wanted to go back to the gym today and all day I’d been psyching myself up for it and in the end just…couldn’t bear it.

          I’m so frustrated and SUCH a bad healer 😦

          I hope your assertion is working and that your day was much improved. I shall hope the latter part of the week becomes more manageable and holds some enjoyment!


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 27, 2016

          Good for you. In spite of yucky weather you still had a good day. Put that one in the plus column πŸ™‚
          What a nice perk – to be able to read when the clinic slows.
          Sinus headache maybe? Change in barometric pressure?
          You’ll get back to the gym. You will.
          Just say No! to being a bad healer!!

          Well, today was better than yesterday and while it wasn’t all that I set out for it to be, hopefully, I can try it again tomorrow:D
          Surely by the end of the week I can say “yes, I had a most excellent day” lol

          Hoping the pain subsides and you find yourself inside of that gym before too long!!

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        • Lizzi · September 28, 2016

          I hope you achieve your wish of being able to look back on an excellent day. I suppose it’s how you couch the ‘excellent’ that makes the difference, and in some ways I suppose it applies to every day.

          This day though, not. Not in my world.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 28, 2016

          Hm. Can’t say it was excellent but it was better than yesterday. My expectation then, is that tomorrow will be a tad better than today:)
          Some days there is more frequent self reminders – about perspective, self indulgence in thinking I will always have more time, indulging in my own sense of immortality.
          What in your world today obscured the “excellence” from coming through?

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        • Lizzi · September 30, 2016

          A headache I’ve had for several days, coupled with lack of visa and lack of way forward (though there’s now light on that front, which makes me hopeful) and just…the UGH of still healing, not gymming, not doing the eating right…all the things which make me feel like giving up.

          Did your week end excellently?


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 30, 2016

          See! I knew there would be light. Somewhere:) Is it the Kenya thing? Or still visa thing? I haven’t been on the FB in a couple of days. I saw your post about the possibilty of you going there (Kenya) doing clinic stuff? Sounds like an incredible opportunity. Tell me more!
          No giving up. Only “feeling” like giving up is allowed πŸ˜€

          Ah, no, it did not end excellently in the traditional sense. Thank you for asking.
          There were moments I suppose. But it’s alright. I know “excellent” is out there waiting for me πŸ™‚

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        • Lizzi · October 1, 2016

          ‘Excellent’ so often seems to be ‘out there’, which so often translates to ‘elsewhere’, but I must admit, apart from the tiredness, I’ve had a rather marvellous day today, so there’s that. I hope your day has gone well too.

          I have SO OFTEN felt like giving up, but then I remember WHY I want to make it all happen, and my resolve strengthens. I hope it doesn’t weaken to the point where I lose impetus entirely, even if I frequently lose hope.

          Kenya. STILL a possibility, and I’m getting jabs next week on the off-chance! I’m waiting to hear back about funding potential but from a conversation with the lead doctor, it sounds good, and having spoken via email with the doctors in Kenya, they are VERY enthusiastic that I visit and help with this project of setting up a retinal screening programme there.

          The visa thing is the bane of my life right now.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 1, 2016

          First, I’m glad you had a marvelous day!! As to translating to “elsewhere”, I’d say sometimes but not always.
          But in your case maybe!
          I think perhaps it’s in our nature to not be defeated. So while we have times of total not caring, it doesn’t last too very long and as you say, “resolve strengthens”.
          The Kenya thing sounds like it could be one of those exciting yet scary opportunities. One that, should a call come one day, you might find that while not convinced you should go, you might feel as if you can’t not go πŸ˜€
          The curiosity of clarks and “out there”.
          I know zilch about visas, how to get one and what prevents one from getting one. Sounds like a pain in the butt. Is it easier to obtain a work visa than a student visa?

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        • Lizzi · October 2, 2016

          It’s longer and less straightforward to obtain a work visa, with far more stringent considerations. The student visa would be by FAR the best fit for what I’m doing, and I hope so very much that the application moves forwards SOON! All the groundwork has been done, and we have assurances from someone who works in an American university IN their international student admissions department, that it should be fine. So there’s that.

          I am SO excited at the prospect of Kenya. I don’t feel even a little hesitation and I think I’m taking a rather scottian approach to it. Certainly the warnings about Somali pirates hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm! I very much hope it goes ahead.

          I hope it’s in our nature not to be defeated, in the end, but sometimes it’s very tempting to lie down and let life wash over us. I guess we do do that for a while, sometimes.

          How was your weekend?


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 2, 2016

          Then I do hope that whoever that someone is, is without doubt correct in their assessment and that the student visa is a matter of time (brief!)

          I’m glad. That would be my only concern. That region of the world is rather unstable and dangerous but kudos for your scottian aspect! No doubt she would carry you through any situation πŸ™‚ Amazing how no student visa when you wanted it turned into a possible to Kenya. Seems to me you need a third option to round things out….hm what could that be???

          It is very tempting sometimes to lie down and let life wash over us. I’ve been wanting to do that all day. Instead I’m going to try my hand at a post πŸ˜€

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        • Lizzi · October 3, 2016

          *hugs* Well done you. Sorry you’ve felt so low. I shall take a quick squizz at my reader and see if your intent to write manifested.

          A third option would be fun! I hope the Kenya thing can go ahead. We learned today there are Big Changes Afoot at work, and though I’m guaranteed my job (for now), I can’t bank on Kenya going ahead in its supposed form 😦 Here’s to the student visa coming through quicker than ever!


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 3, 2016

          Thanks:) No manifestation…I did not write 😦

          Well, you never know! Big changes, eh? The workplace atmosphere seems to take on an air of unease whenever “corporate” starts re-organizing. I hope your job remains intact.
          All energy aimed now on your student visa πŸ˜€

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        • Lizzi · October 4, 2016

          Absolutely! Even my Kenya trip and project is now in jeopardy, I guess. Sooner I’m over there, the better!



        • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 4, 2016

          Oh, man. But you know, for just a moment it was a possibility, right?:)
          That will be very exciting!! Fingers crossed πŸ˜€
          Thank you for the *HUGS* πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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        • Lizzi · October 5, 2016

          True, true, and the possibility was amazing.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 5, 2016

          So, feeling better? Teeth not so painful? Do I ask if you are close to going to the gym?

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        • Lizzi · October 7, 2016

          Teeth getting there, now getting a cold. Gym is a no. LIFE is a no. I need sleep, I think. UGH! How are you?


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 7, 2016

          Extra vitamin C and gargle with warm salt water, stat!:) and SLEEP.
          Moi? Last night, interrupted sleep, was exhausted today but looking forward to a long, holiday weekend:D
          ….and maybe, just maybe I’ll….

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        • Lizzi · October 10, 2016

          Did you?

          I slept and sat ALL DAY yesterday. I’ve come home from work dead on my feet and definitely need to rest again. UGH!

          How are you? How’s the long weekend?


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 10, 2016

          Why yes, Lizzi, I did. Thank you for checking πŸ™‚
          Yes ugh, but sometimes necessary. Either for rest (in which case it’s important to listen to your body) or as the kick in the butt to recommit to movement and participation (in which case listen to your mind).

          Saturday not so good. Gray, rainy, self indulgent sadness. I wrote, as it turns out unintentionally, a little bit more for my story. I wonder though that it will ever get written. When I came up with the idea it was a thunderburst – I wrote the outline for the entire story immediately. Then I wrote a truncated intro. And now….it lays dormant all these months. I think I’ve figured out that I’m totally intimidated by the people I read, you among them! I know shit about writing!
          Yesterday, the weather was beautiful and I was out in it. Today, weather beautiful and well, I’ll get back out into it shortly πŸ™‚
          Bought 4 cds at the used record store minutes before they closed yesterday and I’m looking forward to getting back out and on the road today with my new, old music:D

          Let me know how your day went today?

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        • Lizzi · October 11, 2016

          Oooooh new old music? That sounds awesome. I hope you got out in the beautiful weather πŸ™‚

          There’s a saying somewhere about first drafts all being shit that you just pile in, and then when you start editing, THAT’S when things get better. No-one writes a good first draft but to get a book at the end, you DO gotta write a first draft. I’d say go for it. I ain’t writing a book any time soon!

          My day. Forgettable. And I think worth forgetting.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 11, 2016

          Oh yeah…Ramones Mania. If you buy no other CD, buy this one. Excellent! Old Chilis, Audioslave and Screaming Trees and yes, I was out in the beautiful weather πŸ™‚

          I know. I know. I’ve never written a story before and back in the day, most of my poetry was all first drafts. I’m a spoiled brat lol
          You’re right. I have to start somewhere. I need to face the fear. Of totally sucking πŸ˜€

          Your day. I’m sorry it was one of those. Consider it a check on the blotter and forgotten. Tomorrow. You got another chance at it πŸ™‚

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  4. Cynthia · September 18, 2016

    Whenever you post a link to a video, I always like to listen to it while I read your posts. You have a magical way of selecting a song that seems to always echo the sentiments of your content here. πŸ™‚
    Hope your Saturday of work wasn’t too bad. Working at my home office yesterday…eep – I don’t recommend it if you can help it: I lost an hour of work – my “numbers” program saved over my excel spreadsheet and erased the newest version – an hour of work lost in an instant…which then caused a terrible headache that lasted into the evening…sheesh.
    Not even going to THINK about work today….
    Thankful for another post by YOU! πŸ™‚
    And I really like that Adele song. I know it was “popular” and I usually balk at those, but this one…it was always really good…that seductive voice and accompanying melody…so good! πŸ™‚


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 18, 2016

      A clark after my own heart you are Cyndi πŸ™‚ Thank you. I too enjoy playing a video while I read a person’s post. It completes the experience.
      My work went quickly however, my state of mind was not sufficiently cogent to handle the complexities, so while the intent was there, I got a lot less done that I had hoped!
      Oh no! Your at home work experience sounds awful awful! That would infuriate me to know end the saving over, erasing debacle. Damn! It’s bad enough when you’ve written something you think is really excellent only to hit the wrong button and it’s gone but work stuff? Whole other ball game. Something of the same thing occurred last week. Had written a long ass exception that was to be put into a letter and I clicked on something that made it go away. Couldn’t quite replicate it. 😦
      I hope that today finds you rested and enjoying a day of whatever you want to do πŸ˜€
      Yeah, she’s got such an excellent voice. Glad you liked the selections πŸ˜€


  5. herheadache · September 18, 2016

    I am totally with you on the YouTube. It’s brilliant and I go to it to listen to so many things, all the time.
    Someone Like You helped me through a bad breakup. So did Don’t Speak. Excellent choices to highlight here.
    The FTSF is one of my favourite blog hops and Kristi is amazing. Always learn so much from reading her posts.
    Well done in assembling all these thankfuls.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 18, 2016

      What would we do without it?! πŸ˜€
      Thank you. Yeah, talk about indulgence songs, huh? No one can do without good breakup songs! I love both those songs.
      It is a great hop. I used to participate years ago. I’m glad I ran across Kristi’s FTSF. Her writing has always blown me away.
      Thank you for stopping by Kerry. Have a good week!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Josie Two Shoes · September 18, 2016

    A really good list of thankfuls here! Papa Bear has to do the dermotologist “face burn” thing routinely too, and it’s not fun, but necessary. Physical stamina counts for about ten in itself! Some very interesting philosophy for me to ponder too, hmmm.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 19, 2016

      No, not fun lol. But that is a thankful right there! That I have insurance and a good derm. πŸ™‚
      Physical stamina becomes so much more present in my mind as I age. I want to be as strong as possible for as long as possible!
      I’m glad I could provide some food for thought πŸ™‚
      Have an excellent week!


  7. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me · September 19, 2016

    Both tunes you mention here are good ones and YES for You Tube – I often dig up old goodies there. I like checking out your videos while I read as well. Mulholland Drive…now there’s one I haven’t heard mentioned in forever. Saw that a long long time ago. May have to re-view that one.
    Hope your sleep is plentiful and uninterrupted this week!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 19, 2016

      It’s only the BEST “invention” eva! πŸ˜€
      Right?! The state of my reality on Saturday had me totally thinking David Lynch lol. So naturally, I went to Mullolland Drive.
      Yeah, been ages since I’ve seen it too.
      Thank you Lisa. Me too!
      Glad you stopped by πŸ™‚


  8. Kristi · September 20, 2016

    I hope you aren’t getting sick; a change in my sleep often precedes illness for me–and yet I always seem caught off-guard when it happens.

    Nature walks are rejuvenating, particularly when seen through the eyes of the young.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 20, 2016

      You know what Kristi? My body is trying to get sick. (think I’m in denial lol). That’s interesting. I never put those 2 things together but it makes sense. Aren’t we all in denial when it comes to getting a cold or the flu? No one wants to be sick!

      They are. We had such a creative, adventurous time. I so love that when we get to the playground we still ward off sharks, fly through space, survive explosions and walk over canyons of fire πŸ™‚


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